Boost your body’s natural resistance to cancer with curcumin

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curcumin-fights-cancer(NaturalHealth365)  More than 4,500 published studies have created a powerful body of evidence showing curcumin – a yellow pigment found primarily in turmeric – has strong anti-cancer effects.  Research shows that it starves tumor cells until they die.

But how is this powerful, multi-functional polyphenol exert its cancer-protective effects? Let’s take a look at the research.

Curcumin starves cancer cells, deprives them of energy

Studies found that curcumin protects against cancer in various ways.  One method is through the targeting of tumor cells and only tumor cells.  By starving tumor cells to death, it deprives them of the ability to produce and utilize adenosine triphosphate, also called ATP.

ATP is the energy currency stored and used at the cellular level.  Its function is to keep energy for reactions that will occur in the future or will be withdrawn to provide power when a cell needs it.  For instance, when food is broken down in humans or animals, that energy is stored as ATP.  Plants also use ATP, capturing and storing the energy in ATP molecules they get during photosynthesis.

The generation of ATP in cancer cells differs from how healthy cells generate it, which allows curcumin to selectively target and kill the tumor cells by preventing them from creating and utilizing the ATP.  This starves the cancer cells but leaves the healthy tissue and cells intact.

Mounting evidence proves curcumin’s ability to protect against cancer

Studies are promising even when battling aggressive cancer types.  For example, in one study, live mice were injected with active melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer.  Half of the mice received treatment with curcumin.  In 2 days, the mice treated with curcumin showed significantly slowing tumor growth.  In fact, that slowed growth remained that way throughout the entire study.

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Another study found that curcumin can radically lower the number of aberrant crypt foci – clusters of abnormal tube-like glands in the lining of the colon and rectum – which can produce malignant tumors.  This means that it is also effective cancer preventative.

The spice is showing great promise for those battling breast cancer, especially tumors that are estrogen receptor-negative.  These tumors do not respond well to chemotherapy, but curcumin seems to have a real effect on them.

How to take curcumin

You can take curcumin in several ways, such as in capsule form and as a tincture.  You can also add turmeric to foods, but avoid heating it too much because some of its beneficial properties can break down.  The best way to use it on food is to add it after the food has been cooked; then, you have a much less chance of degrading it.

You can also make tea, but again, don’t add it to boiling water.  Use warm water only.  To improve absorption, some experts recommend taking turmeric with a healthy fat or black pepper.

The abundance of scientific studies demonstrating curcumin’s cancer-fighting effects is truly incredible.  But before adding curcumin to your dietary supplement routine, consult your integrative healthcare provider.

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