Pharma-controlled medical science is dangerous to health, new study shows

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pharma-controlled-science-is-dangerous(NaturalHealth365)  Can science be bought?  That’s a loaded question.  While we are led to believe that science is pure and without bias, history tells a different story.  For example, in the 1950s, science sold out to the tobacco industry as researchers and scientists promoted the message that tobacco was “safe.”  We all know how that turned out.

Throughout the years, we have seen specific industries maintain a chokehold on science, manipulating the outcomes of clinical studies, committing scientific fraud, or worse.  And this manipulation has found its way into the pharmaceutical industry.  It isn’t like the public doesn’t know it, or at least suspect it, and the powers that be know the score.  But the power of the almighty dollar ultimately wins, and science has become as corrupt and convoluted as the U.S. political system.

Big Pharma manipulates science with bought-and-paid-for scientific studies

If you think the extent of manipulation is simply skewing the results of clinical trials or hiding unfavorable outcome data from curious eyes, think again, as the situation is far worse than that.  Pharmaceutical companies are manipulating science to promote their own shady agendas, causing the deaths and suffering of untold numbers of people as a direct result.

Big Pharma has science in its back pocket, running the medical-scientific community with little to no consideration of harm to people’s life.  So, what do they gain?  Two things – money and power.  They want to clamp down on the consumer’s ability to make choices about their health while dominating that arena.  It’s a tug of war where the winner has been predetermined – and it is not the consumer.

Today, pharmaceutical companies pay doctors, journals, patient organizations, universities, politicians, and more for them to lend their influence to promote whatever the drug flavor of the week may be.  It is nothing short of a bribe that so many professionals happily accept.

The shareholders are immune to any sanctions that may come as a result of the illegal practices of the companies they back.  Only the corporations are held liable, and it doesn’t seem that anyone is really paying attention.

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The corruption is deep and wide

Despite what many people believe, even the most reputable medical journals have been found to have ties to Big Pharma.  Pharmaceutical companies control many health and medical journals.  These companies hold their power over the heads of the journals and can threaten to pull articles that have peer reviews that come to unfavorable conclusions.

Essentially, they strong-arm the journal into backing off on the peer reviews, and the result is watered-down findings and reporting.  One way or another, Big Pharma has full control over making sure study authors come up with the “right” results and draw the correct conclusions.

COVID-19 further proves the incredible control pharma has over science and medicine

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic was based on a gigantic lie.  And naturally, the COVID shot makers played a big part in the scam.

Considering that many COVID shot manufacturers have been the recipients of hefty fines over the years for various criminal activities, it is not a surprise that they took part in perpetuating the COVID lie.  For instance, Pfizer has a lengthy criminal history and has been accused of illegal marketing, concealing information about the dangers of certain drugs, and misrepresenting experimental results.

Despite the billions of dollars in fines and severe sanctions, these companies regularly engage in illegal business practices.  Pfizer is one of the bigger players, but many pharmaceutical companies have had their hands slapped for suppressing unfavorable trial results and bribing doctors.  But instead of going to trial, they quietly negotiate a settlement that makes it all go away, and the public is none the wiser.

Let’s not forget: people are getting hurt (even dying) because of these toxic drug products.  The quality of life of so many is being compromised because pharmaceutical companies want to make billions, and when they get busted, they pay for their problems to go away.  The myriad of inconsistencies and conflicting information surrounding the COVID-19 injections are another example of fraud – but this time, the intentions may be more nefarious than many are prepared to accept.

So the question is: can you afford to trust science?  Can you really know for sure that Big Pharma’s latest blockbuster drugs have solid science to back them or if someone was paid off to say that they work?

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