Brain cancer caused by Wi-Fi is putting our family’s health in danger

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doctor-with-cellphone(NaturalHealth365) Could modern advances in technology – like Wi-Fi – increase our risk of brain cancer? The science is clear, but (sadly) this information is being suppressed.

Wi-Fi has become a fact of life for many families today. And, while most parents would be understandably concerned if they learned their children were being exposed to harmful substances such as lead paint, dangerous pesticides or toxic fumes, few realize they are exposing their children to carcinogens through the use of electronics devices.

About 290 agents are classified as Class 2B carcinogens, meaning they possibly cause cancer in humans, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a part of the World Health Organization (WHO). Many entries come as no surprise – chloroform, DDT, engine exhaust and lead. But, you may be shocked to learn that on the list of possible carcinogens is radiofrequency electromagnetic fields or RF/EMF.

Children at greater risk of developing brain cancer from cellphones

The primary sources of this cancer-causing technology are everyday objects of convenience, like cell phones, televisions, and microwave ovens, along with Wi-Fi and other forms of wireless technology. In a comprehensive analysis of peer-reviewed studies published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure, the authors conclude that infants, children and even teens are at a higher risk for cancer from devices that radiate microwaves than are adults, although the latter remain at a significant risk as well. Some experts estimate that children are as much as four times more likely to develop brain cancer due to RF/EMF exposure compared with an adult’s risk.

Children typically have smaller bodies and thinner skulls. The brain tissue of children is also more absorbent than that of a male adult. Fetuses are the most susceptible of all, raising concerns over pregnant women unwittingly exposing their unborn children to harmful amounts of microwave radiation.

Don’t ignore the dark side of wireless technology

The authors cite numerous studies that found a link between electromagnetic force and brain cancer and salivary gland cancer. They also identify several associations between RF/EMF and health concerns, such as ADHD and low sperm count. A link to breast cancer was discovered among girls who kept cellphones in their bras.

Worse yet, as technologies become stronger and more powerful, the risk of cancer-causing exposure increases. Today’s Wi-Fi has a data rate that’s 55 times faster than found in a typical laptop computer manufactured just a few years ago, making for even higher than normal RF/EMF exposure rates. Regardless of how a person was exposed, evidence of the cancer often does not appear for about three decades.

While government warnings have been issued, most are ignored. Cell phone operation manuals readily identify an issue with overexposure. Therefore, wireless devices should not be treated as toys and devices specifically designed to appeal to young children should be avoided – at all costs.

Protect your health: How to reduce exposure to microwave radiation

Wi-Fi and wireless devices are extremely, and increasingly, common in today’s society. Parents may find it a nearly impossible task to eliminate their children’s exposure to harmful RF/EMF. But while exposure cannot be eliminated, it can be limited. Here are a few recommendations for reducing the risk of developing cancer and other health disorders due to exposure to Wi-Fi and electronic devices:

1. Adolescent girls and women should not place cellphones in their bras. Likewise, both genders should avoid placing cellphones inside any type of head covering.

2. Keep cell phone calls to an absolute minimum, especially where children are involved. Disable wireless connections if you are not using your phone.

3. Your bedroom and the bedrooms of your children should be safe havens, free of electronic devices. Unplug or disable all electronic equipment for a more restful, healthier sleep.

4. While you may not be able to eliminate all exposure to Wi-Fi, you can limit it in your home. Remove all forms of wireless, including cordless phones and Wi-Fi. Replace these with a hard-wired computer and a corded phone.

5. High levels of RF/EMF microwave radiation found in school classrooms can result in hazardous environments for students as well as teachers. Such circumstances not only threaten physical health, but are known to impede learning. Push your school to turn away from a classroom equipped with wireless laptop computers for every student. Instead, Send all that internet traffic through wires.


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  • HisPurpose

    People will not give up their high tech, no matter what you tell them. They are stuck, they love their toys. Just pray for them.

  • Highland26

    I have 3 landline phones and a hard wired internet connection!

  • jean74

    I have a couple of plug in anti-Wi-Fi gadgets in my high Wi-Fi areas. I can’t remember what they are called.

  • Molly

    Need advise on how to turn school away from wireless devises? All students use iPads. Help!

    • Bob

      Hi Molly. What I did was start with the teachers to educate them on wireless. I was able to get into the school policy manual to turn off the tablets when not in use by doing this. What I found out is that the principal layer and up is all in on it together so the only return on investment of time is with the teachers. Most of them care about their students and just have no idea that this is dangerous. Going further, if you are in the states you can talk with your local Sheriff about the common law that they are sworn to uphold to organize a common law court to for your school principal and any other officials. Wireless radiation is a criminal assault causing bodily harm. You have to use the common law since the other corporation court can decide not to move forward with the case or suppress evidence.

      • Maria

        I have cordless phones in my home, Alexa, and other Wi-Fi gadgets. I can’t remove them all. However I read that if I cover all these devices with aluminum foil, I prevent the bombarding waves from EMF. So all my cordless phones, Alexa and other gadgets have a lid made of aluminum foil. Alexa would not operate if the aluminum lid is on. That is something to consider!

  • RedBatman

    There hasn’t been anything proven yet that Wifi causes an increase in brian tumors or cancer. Do proper research before giving misinformation.