New research: Olive oil compound destroys cancer cells in 30 minutes

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olive oil bottle(NaturalHealth365)  Is it really possible to kill cancer cells with certain foods?

Oleocanthal, a polyphenolic, therapeutic compound found in olive oil is the subject of a new anti-cancer study performed by nutritional science and cancer biology researchers with The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers and Hunter’s College in New York City.

Programmed cell death, known as apoptosis takes approximately 16-24 hours. Dynamic new research just published in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Oncology blew scientists away – when exposed to oleocanthal, a polyphenol compound found in olive oil, cancerous cells died within 30 minutes to an hour. While researchers previously understood that compounds in olive oil were capable of killing cancer cells, until now, such short apoptosis had not been observed.

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How can olive oil kill cancer cells?

Even more fascinating was when the team looked closely to surmise why apoptosis was occurring under such swift circumstances – they discovered that cancer cells were being killed by their own enzymes. And, not only one isolated type of cancerous cell, but all of the cancerous cells they were examining.

Lysosomes, or vesicles are larger in cancerous cells than in healthy cells. Lysosomes serve as a recycling center for a cells waste – with cancer cells, the “waste-center” is much larger than that of the average cell. Oleocanthal was said to “puncture” the lysosome vesicles causing the cancerous cell’s own enzymes to kill it.

Oleocanthal kills cancer without harming healthy cells

Unlike chemotherapeutic pharmaceuticals that devastate healthy cellular activity, the therapeutic polyphenolic compound found in olive oil kills cancer while maintaining vitality among healthy cells. As Paul Breslin, one of the study’s authors at Rutgers noted, while cancerous cells died, healthy cells were not harmed, but rather the oleocanthal “put them to sleep.” The lifecycle of healthy cells was only temporarily affected in this way, without any negative observations and in approximately 24 hours, the healthy cells resumed their life cycle.

David Foster, the study’s senior editor said in a Rutgers’ news release, “we also need to understand why it is that cancerous cells are more sensitive to oleocanthal than non-cancerous cells.” New research aims to discover this nuance.

The amazing health benefits of olive oil

Olive oil, known as the “Queen of oils” fits perfectly into your epigenetic landscape. Along with anti-cancer benefits of olive oil, the phenolic compounds in the traditional food have been observed to improve longevity related health such as improving immunological conditions, protecting against osteoperosis, improving cardiovascular wellness, enhancing neurological health, combats diabetes, and even helping fight against the effects of air pollution.

And, good news for your skin just in time for summer – diets associated with higher concentrations of monounsaturated fats from olive oil help decrease photosensitivity; protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Remember, be sure to store olive oil away from heat and light in a cool, dark area to prevent oxidative damage.

About the author: Christine M. Dionese L.Ac, MSTOM is an integrative health expert, medical journalist and food writer. She’s dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health. Christine practices, writes and speaks on environmental functional medicine, personalized medicine and epigenetics, food science and sustainable living.


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  • AvidReader

    Great News, but not very helpful to us cancer patients, unless you can tell us how to buy olive oil and isolate this compound in order to kill or cancer cells ourselves…. Short of that, it’s just a hype “news” article which, like most, leads to a site to purchase a product.

    • pam r

      It’s never hype news to let people know how the latest research shows how good quality food , spices, oils ,herbs , fruits and veggies all have anti-cancer properties. Adding good quality Olive oil to your diet can only be helpful – You don’t need to isolate this compound since their are many other factors in Olive Oil that work together even though they may yet be undiscovered.. As a cancer patient I would find this good news in supporting all the cancer killing properties of whole foods that are now backed by science.
      To cure cancer you need to make a lot of healthy changes not just take one thing only.

      • kathleen

        Agree! Just common sense

    • pam r

      I also appreciate all the information and product recommendations because a lot of times I am not sure which supplement companies to buy from and so far Jonathan has not let me down.

  • kathleen

    To get real olive oil just google California olive oil council.

  • Rob

    I agree that what the article doesn’t provide is what the best way to use olive oil is to get the results as stated. Such as- how much olive oil needs to be consumed to get cancer cells to die off in the 30-60 minutes? Does it require consuming a “dosage” amount daily? Or??

  • Jeannie

    Would eating the whole olive be even better?

  • AvidReader

    I agree that knowledge of a possible new therapy is useful. However, my point was that as a cancer patient also, I would like to know the protocol for using the therapy. If it can kill cancer cells in 30-60 minutes, I’m all for giving it a try. But in order to do so, I need the instructions and dosages.
    I even went so far as to email the company cited, and even they would not provide this information. The company’s response was:


    Basically the article says it all. It is a brand new study and it does

    not claim extra virgin olive oil can cure cancer. It simply claims under

    lab conditions oleocanthal has been seen to kill cancer cells.

    Oleocanthal is only found in real extra virgin olive oil with very high

    antioxidant levels. We have tested our oils and they have some of the

    highest antioxidant levels tested in olive oil so presumably they have

    high levels of oleocanthal, however, we have not tested the level of

    just this one antioxidant and I do not know the level of oleocanthal

    that was being used in the study. So there is no ‘how to’. The

    implication is that an increase in the intake of an extra virgin olive

    oil high in antioxidants can help with preventing cancer. To my

    knowledge there has been no documented case where extra virgin olive oil

    has cured cancer except the studies that show that people on the

    Mediterranean diet have better health outcomes.

    Take care

    Steve McCulley

    Apollo Olive Oil

    • pam r

      One supplement or therapy alone is not going to reverse cancer in most situations. People are much more complex than cells in a petri dish. Everyone has different levels of toxicity that need to be addressed – If a person is loaded with mercury or lead which makes cancer more aggressive – olive oil alone cannot reverse this- you would need to detox heavy metals so natural treatments could work better. I f you have root canals or oral infections in your jaw bone supplements will not turn this around – you need to see a biological dentist to fix this. Article’s and studies like this just show that organic whole foods provided by nature are what we need to prevent disease and to be used to reverse disease(possibly along with other therapies to detox chemicals and and work on stress levels, emotional and spritual wellness.