NH365 032: Apollo olive oil – Unheard of facts and truths revealed

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the many health benefits of olive oil. But, here’s the problem – that most shoppers never hear from the mainstream media.

Many of the so-called olive oil brands – sold in stores today – are not really pure olive oil. In fact, many of the high-volume, non-certified olive oils actually contain canola oil, soybean oil, flavoring chemicals, and colors that give the illusion of real olive oil — but in reality, these oils are nothing but a fraud!

How do you know if you’re buying real olive oil or not?

This is a very important questions to ask. Plus, you may be wondering, what makes a high quality olive oil, what are the real health benefits of olive oil and how do you keep olive oil fresh – after you buy it?

Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we’ll answer these questions plus much more with our special guest – who happens to be one of the top rated olive oil producers in the entire world.

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1. For more information about our special guest Gianni Stefanini and his world-class olive oil company, Apollo Olive Oil – visit: ApolloOliveOil.com

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The unexpected ‘magic’ inside Apollo olive oil

Dr. Gary Beauchamp is making the rounds these days speaking about his discovery of the oleocanthal molecule that he found in olive oil a short ten years ago. The discovery, like many great discoveries, was an accident.

As a sensory chemist he was searching for a way to improve the taste of ibuprofen when he experienced an olive oil tasting. To his surprise he tasted something in the olive oil that had similarities to the taste of ibuprofen.

Research revealed he had discovered the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory molecule, oleocanthal. Naturally, this molecule in olive oil does not have the negative side effects associated with ibuprofen.

Beauchamp found that oleocanthal can help remove proteins that are the main component of amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer patients. This story reveals that we are still in the early stages of discovering all the great benefits of olive oil that, intuitively, the Mediterranean has known about for thousands of years.

Why does Apollo Olive Oil stay fresher longer?

Of course, Gianni and his family would like to see you enjoy his olive oil right away, but they are known for their long life. Apollo Olive Oil stays fresher longer than other extra virgin olive oils because they start with such healthy, high levels of antioxidants – giving them on-going protection against aging.

In the past, Gianni has retested his year-old oils, and the reduction of antioxidants over the months was only 5%!

Another confirmation comes from research Dr. Prokopios Magiatis conducted on the polyphenol levels of United States-made oils – published last year. The year-old oils he tested were bought off supermarket shelves. The total polyphenol content of Apollo Olive Oil was higher than every other oil in the experiment, and the results for some particular polyphenols were the highest he had ever recorded.

So, what exactly makes Apollo Olive Oil so special?

Founded in 1999, Apollo Olive Oil created its first commercial production of about 800 bottles two years later. Since then friends and family, who have known each other for decades, make up the backbone of Apollo Olive Oil, working together in a way that defines the company.

Gianni Stefanini is the miller and overviews all aspects of production. He learned his craft the old fashioned way on a traditional stone mill.

His skills were further refined by working with state-of-the-art machinery. Having trained intensively with Marco Mugelli both in Italy and here, he is one of the most progressive millers in America. Naturally, he is dedicated to the art of extracting the highest quality of flavors and nutrients that the olives contain.

From organic orchards featuring unique olive varieties.

Apollo Olive Oil is fortunate to farm three beautiful and unique orchards located in the high Sierra foothills. These orchards were planted decades ago with more than twenty different varieties, many of which are unique to California.

The different oils from these French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, and Tunisian varieties give Apollo Olive Oil its boad palette of flavors to work with for blending its Mistral and Sierra oils, and are selected for the ‘Gold Series’ of single varieties.

For more information or to order Apollo Olive Oil – visit: ApolloOliveOil.com

Editor’s note: NaturalHealth365.com receives NO compensation for this recommendation. As usual, we simply want to inform our readers about companies that have integrity and produce the highest quality products for health and wellbeing. Enjoy!

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