13 health dangers of cell phone radiation and other wireless devices

13 health dangers of cell phone radiation and other wireless devices
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(NaturalHealth365) With the number of global cell phone users currently at over 2.7 billion, humanity (and the environment) is being bombarded by unprecedented amounts of cell phone radiation.  In addition to emissions from cell phones, we are exposed to radiation from cell phone towers, wireless networks, laptops, routers and “smart” meters.

And, experts say that things are about to get even worse.  The imminent rollout of 5G wireless technology – which will involve a massive increase in the number of small cell towers in residential neighborhoods – will take radiation to a whole new level.

Natural health experts have long warned of the dangers to health of the electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) created by microwave radiation.  Today, we’ll highlight the facts with some tips on how to reduce your exposure.

Microwave radiation increases oxidative stress in cells, tissues and organs

Antioxidants, natural compounds found in fruits and vegetables, have been receiving a lot of positive attention from researchers for their ability to help neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

EMF radiation performs the exact opposite function, ramping up oxidative stress and setting the stage for disease. Oxidative stress triggers the development of cancer – among other serious diseases – because it damages the cell and its DNA through the production of peroxides and free radicals.

EMF radiation decreases sperm counts

Scientists at the renowned Cleveland Clinic have found that sperm from healthy men who have been exposed to cell phone radiation die three times more quickly – and develop three times more damage to mitochondrial DNA – than sperm from the same men when not exposed.

By the way, sperm counts of men in technologically-advanced countries have steadily decreased, in some cases dropping by a shocking 50 percent.  Some natural health experts maintain that cell phone radiation is largely to blame.

We will see an increase in incidence of electromagnetic hypersensitivity

To facilitate new 5G (fifth-generation) technology, thousands of satellites are projected to be launched into space in order to pepper the earth with a barrage of previously-unused and untested frequencies.

The first 60 satellites have already been launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Experts warn that this impending rollout of 5G will worsen the plight of people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EH.  Originally known as “microwave sickness,” EH occurs when vulnerable individuals are located in close proximity to cell phone towers, wireless networks, or other sources of EMF radiation.

EH can cause potentially debilitating symptoms of fatigue, nausea, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, memory loss, inability to concentrate, skin rashes and burning or tingling sensations.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization as a legitimate health condition – with some scientists maintaining that up to 10 percent of the population may suffer from it.  And, with the advent of 5G, this percentage will likely increase.

EMFs cause brain damage and behavioral and cognitive problems

Studies have documented that existing 4G technology (which is the status quo until 5G is initiates) emits radiation that affects brain neural activity and causes brain cell death.  In fact, animal studies have shown that prenatal exposure to cell phone radiation causes damage to the hippocampus and cerebellum – parts of the brain involved in thinking and impulse control.

In a study conducted by researchers at Yale University, the offspring of mice exposed to cell phone radiation demonstrated hyperactivity, decreased memory and altered brain development.  In addition, research on human volunteers has shown increased behavioral problems with high exposure to cell phone radiation.

Radiation exposure associated with higher rates of brain and breast cancer

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer recognized radiofrequency radiation from cell phones as a possible carcinogen.  Keep in mind, radiation can be absorbed by tissues close to where the cell phone is held.

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ Journal on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 20 to 80 percent of the radiation from a cell phone penetrates up to two inches into the adult brain – and even further in children’s brains.

A recent study published in British Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed that using a cell phone more than 15 hours a month can triple risk of gliomas and meningiomas – two types of brain cancer.

Increased rates of other cancers – such as melanoma – have been associated with cell phone radiation, as well.  And various case histories have shown that young women who habitually carried their cell phones in their bras developed unusual tumors of the breast.

Cell phone radiation causes genetic damage and alters DNA

There is evidence that microwave radiation is not only neurotoxic (damaging the brain) but genotoxic, causing damage to genes. Researchers have documented breaks in cell DNA after exposure.

Radiation interferes with restorative sleep

Exposure to EMFs has been associated with loss of melatonin, a hormone needed for restful sleep and stable mood. And research has shown that people who sleep with a cell phone near the bed experience poor REM sleep – which can cause problems with memory and learning.

Cell phone radiation may raise the risk of leukemia in adults and children alike

Several studies have revealed that adults exposed to high levels of EMFs for years at a time showed an increased risk of leukemia. And a European study has shown a connection between EMFs and leukemia in children.

Cell phone radiation sets the stage for a host of chronic diseases

Researcher Dr. Martin L. Pall has discovered that calcium channels in the cells open up inappropriately when the body’s electrical environment is disrupted by signals from WiFi and cell phones. This causes excessive calcium to enter the cells, and leads to production of a compound called peroxynitrite – which is truly “bad news” for the body.

Peroxynitrite degrades cell membranes, disrupts mitochondrial function and causes cell death. It has been linked with a host of chronic diseases – including Alzheimer’s disease, cardiac dysfunction, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, heart failure and cancer.

Study: Cell phone radiation increases risk of miscarriage

A study funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and involving 913 pregnant women found that EMFs from WiFi and cell phones are associated with a dramatic increase in miscarriage rate.

The team found that women exposed to the highest levels of radiation were a stunning 48 percent more likely to suffer miscarriages than women exposed to the lowest amounts. The study leaders urgently called for more research into radiation’s potential hazards to human health – including the health of pregnant women.

Radiation disrupts the endocrine system

Microwave radiation is an endocrine disruptor, and can impair the body’s chemical messenger system. The endocrine system includes the pancreas, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands – which in turn regulate the secretion of hormones that affect growth and development, mood, metabolism, sexual function and reproductive processes.

Microwave radiation sabotage the body’s natural electrical circuit

The earth – and the bodies of all humans and animals – has a normal electrical circuit, which flows through the earth, up to the sky, through the ionosphere and then back to earth, where it flows through our bodies.  Traditional Chinese Medicine traditionally refers to these currents as “qi”.

But, no doubt, the toxic frequencies of 5G and other wireless technologies will have a disturbing effect on our natural flow of energy.  Let’s face it: we’ve already seen problems with 2, 3 and 4G technology – 5G will be a whole new level of energetic problems.

Reduce your exposure with common-sense techniques

While it is almost impossible to avoid the use of wireless devices and cell phones, there are steps you can take to minimize your exposure.  Cell phones – which begin to emit harmful EMFs the minute they are turned on – should be turned off whenever practical or possible.

Avoid carrying phones close to the body (in a pocket or a bra), and communicate through texts rather than phone calls.  Many experts recommend setting the phone on speakerphone, or using another type of hands-free system, such as Bluetooth.

And, whenever possible, opt for using a hard-wired computer over a wireless laptop.

In addition, if you like, visit SpaceAppeal to add your signature to an International Appeal to stop 5G.

As famed geneticist Mae-Wan Ho so eloquently put it, we are now “living in a sea of microwave radiation.”  Hopefully, we will find islands of safety – and work to slow the rising tide.

Editor’s note: Click here to watch a video about a device my wife and I use in our home and office to protect us from the dangerous effects of wireless technology – including 5G.

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