How chronic fatigue is caused by unhealthy liver function

How chronic fatigue is caused by unhealthy liver function
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(NaturalHealth365) A major part of the liver’s job is to help your body digest all the food that you consume. This includes the coffee you drink, the sodas you may occasionally sneak in, and any pharmaceutical drugs you take, in addition to your usual diet.  But, if you’re struggling with chronic fatigue, you’ll want to understand much more about the importance of the liver.

One of the largely unknown toxins that can make us feel tired is something found in our very own tap water system, for the majority of U.S. citizens and in other parts of the world.  And, you probably guessed it: it’s fluoride.  In fact, this toxic substance can cause many more problems than so-called health “experts” care to admit.

Of course, let’s not forget the many other environmental toxins our liver gets exposed to – on a daily basis – such as, glyphosate, plastics and indoor/outdoor air pollutants.

What’s actually clogging your liver and causing you harm

Many doctors claim that the liver is more than sufficient to metabolize everything you consume throughout your lifetime without ever needing outside help to do its job. However, while the liver is very robust, it can become overwhelmed. A congested liver can hinder energy levels drastically by allowing mucus to build up in the body.

On average, adults can only excrete fluoride at a rate of 60 percent, via their kidneys, which are the liver’s partner in detoxifying the body.

We know that fatigue is a common symptom in people with liver disease and that one of the most effective treatments for chronic fatigue is gentle exercise.  For example, an increased breathing rate – during gentle exercise – can help to remove mucus from all parts of the body.

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Of course, for serious issues with fatigue, you’ll need to do more like, improving hydration, avoid toxins with a better diet and removing unwanted stress from your life.  In addition, you’ll want to minimize your exposure to EMF pollution and getting a better night’s sleep.

Actions steps required for better energy levels

Chronic fatigue can accompany a wide range of other illnesses, making it a complicated disease overall. However, drinking high-quality water from a purification system that can remove fluoride is an excellent choice alongside your doctor’s recommendations for your specific needs.

Removing the fluoride gives your liver an excellent shot at tackling any of the other mysterious causes of your fatigue, including mucus and liver congestion.  By drinking fluoride-free water, your liver will have more time to focus on getting rid of other toxins from the body without the burden of metabolizing the added chemicals in your tap’s drinking water.

Another vital aid to your health and energy levels is eating enough fiber. It is nearly impossible to get enough fiber in your diet without supplementation unless you are on a completely whole foods diet.  As just one example: psyllium husk is an easy and effective fiber solution.

Fiber carries out excess mucus and other waste products from the body, lessening the load on the liver overall.  Keep in mind, a congested liver can also lead to allergies and food intolerances. One of the most common in America is conventionally-produced dairy products.  Simple put, stay away from these foods – they can easily clog you up.

Dairy is another culprit for low energy levels in many people. It is estimated that 65% of adults struggle to digest milk in some way. Whether the reaction is in the form of a full-blown allergy or a mild intolerance, mucus is sure to be your body’s reaction.

It is entirely possible to have an issue with dairy without knowing it. If you do not know if you have a dairy intolerance, you can have an allergy test performed by your doctor or simply cut back on your dairy consumption to see if your energy improves.

Ultimately, it’s up to us to take better care of our liver through healthy lifestyle decisions to avoid chronic fatigue issues.  After all, it’s truly one of the most important components to optimal health.

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