10 AMAZING benefits of coconut oil, some of which may surprise you

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coconut-oil-offers-amazing-health-benefits(NaturalHealth365)  It’s a household staple for many, and as such, coconut oil may not get the hype it truly deserves.  Yet this amazing substance – actually a solid fat rather than an oil, as it is stable at room temperature – can up your health game in almost every way.

Recent meta-studies show a surprising number of potential benefits, both in their number and variability.  While many of the possible perks require more research, other evidence has been shown through Ayurvedic and other natural medical traditions for thousands of years.  So if you’re wondering whether you should get more coconut oil in your diet, here are 10 reasons to do so today.

Here are 10 ways coconut oil can improve your health

1.  It soothes skin conditions

Almost everyone has trouble with their skin at some point in life, from dryness to redness, to itching to pimples.  This oil can soothe most skin conditions, as it is a natural emollient that protects skin and keeps water in, so feel free to apply it several times a week.

2.  It aids in wound healing and infection prevention

Coconut oil contains a great deal of the fatty acid monolaurin, a natural microbial that can assist in keeping wounds clean and infection-free while they heal.

3.  Oil pulling helps to prevent cavities and improve oral health

Oil pulling, or swishing for 15-20 minutes with coconut oil, can help improve oral health.  Studies indicate it may reduce plaque formation and reduce bad breath.

4.  Fungal infections respond to coconut oil

Fungus can infect many places on the body, from feet to the backs of knees to nether regions, but coconut oil can help with its antimicrobial properties.  Simply smear on small amounts to the affected area.

5.  It can help keep hair healthy

Coconut oil’s natural moisture-retention and emollient characteristics smooth hair, help reduce breakage and increase shine.

6.  Coconut works well in tandem with essential oils

Not only does it bring its own benefits, but coconut oil is also a gentle carrier for essential oils.  Applied by themselves, many of these oils will irritate or even burn skin, but coconut oil dilutes them so they can provide benefits without pain.

7.  You can boost energy with it

Coconut oil is a major energy booster.  Some people eat it by the spoonful to immediately recharge and hit the ground running after a workout or kick their energy up a notch on a tiring day.

8.  It might assist in weight loss

Some studies demonstrate that it may be effective in helping you shed pounds, especially in the belly area.

9.  It is a ready lice cure

Don’t use toxic lice treatments until you’ve tried this!  Simply smother the head in coconut oil, cover with a shower cap and leave on for several hours.  This will suffocate the lice and allow you to wash them out along with nits.  You may need to repeat this several times.

10.  It is an excellent addition to a raw lifestyle

Raw coconut oil is hands-down better than its heat-processed cousins.  Okay, so perhaps this fact is not so surprising, given the wide-ranging health perks of raw, plant-based foods.  It hardly bears saying that everyone can get behind such benefits, so don’t wait to add coconut to your life today!

What’s the bottom line?  Unique chemical compounds make coconut oil an incredibly versatile food that deserves a spot in everyone’s kitchen.  Whether it is smooth skin, shiny hair, or a boost of energy that you are looking for, this oil may have just what you need.

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