Coronavirus poll: Only 42% of Americans say they will take the vaccine, a new low

Coronavirus poll: Only 42% of Americans say they will take the vaccine, a new low
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(NaturalHealth365) If you were to take the mainstream media (MSM) at face value, you might assume a COVID-19 vaccine is the “magic bullet” needed to stop the current coronavirus pandemic.  Nevermind that there have already been inexpensive and effective COVID-19 treatment options discovered, and that the vast majority of people who contract SARS-CoV-2 have only mild symptoms.  The MSM wants you to forget all of that and focus on mass vaccinations instead.

The thing is, far more people are wary about vaccines and a vaccine mandate than the media wants to admit. Just consider the results of a recent poll from Yahoo! News and YouGov.

The answer is “NO!’  More Americans than ever plan on NOT getting the upcoming COVID-19 “solution”

Media outlets and professional organizations regularly poll Americans about their opinions on a COVID-19 vaccine. We’re glad to hear it, since the majority of what we’re seeing are just the “exciting” new advances in potential vaccine trials. Where is the necessary criticism and balanced coverage?

In other words: what do Americans really think about a new and hastily made vaccine being foisted upon their loved ones?

Yahoo! News, in conjunction with YouGov, is a perfect example of the changing trends in public opinion. On August 4, they announced the latest results of their poll, which asks readers the following question:

“If and when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available, will you get vaccinated?”

According to their results, only 42 percent of Americans said YES to this question.  This is a HUGE drop from just two months earlier, when 55 percent of Americans polled said they would get a vaccine.  Additionally, this decrease in vaccine willingness was found among respondents who identified as Republican AND Democrat.

This is good news. It tells us that no matter where the party line falls, people are still willing to think critically about this important issue.

It’s not political – it’s common sense and ethical.  And the more people are educated about the potential dangers about the coronavirus vaccine push, the more people will be willing to say no…making it all that much harder to push yet another vaccine mandate on our country.

Why are much safer solutions for viral infections being censored?

It’s understandable and important for people from all walks of life to question the narrative that a COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine mandate are the only answers to stopping this global pandemic. It’s time we normalize a rational response to fear-mongering.

Because here’s the reality:

Experts who push the “herd immunity” theory say that at least 60 to 80 percent of the American population would have to get vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 in order for a vaccine to actually WORK (that is, stop the pandemic).

Clearly, we are not at a point where 60 to 80 percent of Americans are willing to get injected with a rapidly developed and under-tested drug. We likely will never be.

So, what can we do instead?

Maybe it’s time the media finally gives integrative doctors and functional medicine practitioners the platform they deserve!

Holistic healthcare providers have been censored and hushed for months. MSM has tried to make them look like snake oil salesmen, like people we shoudn’t take seriously.

As we’ve reported before, there have even been raids from the FBI implemented against clinics providing natural COVID-19 treatment like vitamin C therapy- despite the fact that vitamin C therapy has decades of research supporting its use as a powerful antiviral agent.

When will the insanity stop?

Let’s not ignore the issue at hand:

By not allowing integrative healthcare providers to get their message to the public (e.g., messages about immune-boosting protocols and holistic lifestyle interventions that can save lives and keep people healthy), media and health officials are able to keep people afraid, in the hopes of getting more people to willingly line up for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Thankfully, it seems as if the age-old fear-based tactics aren’t working as well as they might have hoped.  Stay tuned, as we at NaturalHealth365 continue to monitor developments.

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