COVID shot recipients MORE likely to catch COVID, data shows

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covid-shot(NaturalHealth365)  As time passes, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the mainstream media pushes false narratives to maintain the status quo.  Though some still believe whatever comes from the mouths of TV talking heads, those who cherish freedom of thought are now questioning the accepted narrative.  In particular, the masses are beginning to perform some much-needed introspection regarding the mRNA coronavirus shot.

Free-thinkers naturally pivot to alternative media sources in the never-ending search for truth.  But do your “homework,” and you’ll find new data that makes it crystal clear that those receiving the COVID shot against the coronavirus are more likely to get infected by it.

In fact, recent scientific research reveals those who rolled up their sleeve to take one or more of the mRNA shots are more than twice as likely to become infected than those who refuse the shot.

Alleged protection from the COVID shot is an oxymoron

The data referenced above reveals that those who take the jab are more than twice as likely to suffer an infection with coronavirus than those who had a previous infection.  In other words, the research proves the shot is more likely to cause the spread of the virus than the mainstream media is willing to admit.  Yet, the vast majority of mainstream media outlets insist those who receive the shot are “helping” to halt the spread of the virus.

Sort through the data while sidestepping the myths and lies about COVID injections.  You’ll find the truth: federal and state governments are in cahoots with Big Pharma to spread the false narrative that the repeated injections prevent the spread of coronavirus.  In reality, there is no need for the shots.  Nor is there a logical need for COVID shot passports or other forms of proof of injection to participate in society.

The sweet irony of the ongoing pandemic is that it is not a crisis of the “unvaccinated;” instead, the data shows it is a pandemic perpetuated by those that accepted these COVID injections.

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When in doubt, look at the data

If you believed everything Big Media, Big Government, and Big Pharma told you, you would be in complete lockstep with the American Public Health Association.  This group falsely claims mRNA shots halt the spread of coronavirus.  Instead, shift your attention to the research highlighted above.

Read through the data, and you’ll find that six months after the date of the index, the incidence of coronavirus infection was exorbitantly higher in COVID shot recipients than those who had been previously infected.  More specifically, the incidence of infection was 6.7% in those who received the COVID shot compared to a paltry 2.9% in those who were previously infected.

Why is your protection BETTER without a COVID shot?

As always, the “why” of the issue matters the most.  Those who suffered a previous coronavirus infection are better protected than those who were not infected yet received the COVID shot for one simple reason: the power of antibodies.

The protection provided by antibodies created through a COVID infection is superior to that of artificial man-made mRNA clot shots.  Factor in the potential for Big Pharma’s jabs to cause lifelong health problems ranging from myocarditis to irregular menstrual cycles, and there is even more reason to proudly move forward without the need for a COVID shot.

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