Decrease your risk of breast cancer with THESE simple lifestyle changes

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decrease-breast-cancer-risk(NaturalHealth365)  Breast cancer is the leading cancer-related cause of disease burden for women.  The disease affects 1 in 20 globally and 1 in 8 in high-income countries.

For years breast cancer was thought of as a throw of the dice.  Even today, medical professionals still harbor that limited perspective.  Fortunately, thanks to media sources like NaturalHealth365, the old way of conventionally looking at cancer (including solutions) is changing for the better.

Despite decades of research, breast cancer incidence continues to rise

The conventional medical community at large has a limited vision of what causes any number of health issues.  The challenge today is to broaden the concept of what makes the human body run.  For example, for some time, body weight has been thought to have the strongest effect on the sex hormones that increase breast cancer in postmenopausal women.  This research was published in the British Journal of Cancer.

Alcohol, followed by cigarettes, are the next two factors that have a strong effect on hormone levels.  This comes from co-author Dr. Gillan Reeves from the University of Oxford in the UK and colleagues.  All are members of the Endogenous Hormones and Breast Cancer Collaborative Group.

Yet, believe it or not, these are limited visions of the causes of both breast cancer and other chronic conditions.

What does scientific research reveal about the link between diet and breast cancer?

Is your food making you sick?  Well, if you eat the “standard American diet,” you’re putting your life at risk.

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In reality, food is not just thought of as nourishment but as entertainment and a simple indulgence.  When you look at breast cancer as the problem, you may be missing the answers you need.  What makes the whole body work well will protect the breasts.

For instance, many of the main components of a healthy (organic) diet include, a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wild caught fish and/or 100% grass fed meats, depending on your current health condition.  A healthy diet ought to provide an abundance of cancer-fighting substances including, polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids, and natural fibers that reduce your risk of cancer.  Yet, most conventionally trained physicians say little about the value of good nutrition to their patients.

Simply put, when you think about avoiding a cancer diagnosis, think more about how you can modify your lifestyle habits to stay healthy, all the years of your life.  When we’re talking about balancing your hormone levels, this gets influenced by many lifestyle factors, including the way you eat, think and emotionally feel.

That last part is well worth mentioning again … your daily thoughts and feeling have a LOT to do with hormonal balance and your cancer risk.

Reduce your breast cancer risk naturally

Keep in mind: most conventionally trained doctors are only taught how to diagnose a disease condition and, then, tell you what medications to consume.  Of course, they are also limited by your health insurance coverage.  But, what does this have to do with telling you what you really need to know?

On the other hand, a good quality (integrative) healthcare provider and/or health coach can help to individualize a plan that significantly lowers your cancer risk by improving your immune system function and overall wellbeing.

For example, a good healthcare provider will tell women that exercising 3-5 times a week can lower the risk of breast cancer, significantly.  This is because exercise lowers the amount of excess estrogen in the body.  Of course, a good exercise routine will also greatly improve circulation and immune system function.

Chronic stress is a real risk factor for many conditions, including breast cancer.  Your reaction to stress is critical in the prevention of this and other conditions.  When working with a good health coach, you can find many ways to reduce your stress.  For example, spending more time in nature can greatly improve your outlook on life, a key factor in reducing your risk of cancer.

A low-carbohydrate (sugar) diet is very important.  Elevated insulin levels from a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates increase the risk of estrogen dominance by upping the amount of free estrogen, and it also stimulates the estrogen receptor.  Tumor cells over-express insulin receptors inviting more glucose to feed the tumor.

Women diagnosed with breast cancer who have high insulin levels have a greater risk of premature death.

In addition, partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats found in processed foods also increase the dangerous estrogen metabolites that stimulate breast cancer cells.  In fact, all of us should avoid the consumption of these toxic fats from our diet.

The bottom line: we, as individuals, have the ability to shape our health destiny through healthy thoughts and actions.  Develop a life of gratitude, forgiveness, healthy eating habits and avoid environmental toxins, as much as possible.

If your medical healthcare provider is not asking you the right questions to learn more about you … get rid of that doctor and find one that serves you better.  In life, there are many “unexpected” moments.  But, cancer, takes years to develop and we can greatly reduce our risk by making better health decisions.  Enjoy the journey!

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