Suppressed vitamin therapy cures depression

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Depression Cure(NaturalHealth365) For over 60 years, the conventional psychiatric industry has systematically ignored the mental health benefits of niacin (vitamin B3) – as a natural way – to treat depression plus many other psychiatric disorders. This ‘mega-vitamin therapy’ eliminates the need for toxic anti-anxiety medications. In fact, along with antioxidants like, vitamin C, E beta-carotene and selenium, niacin provides the ultimate protection against disease-causing free radicals.

Depression is not caused by a pharmaceutical drug deficiency. In truth, we already know that vitamin B3 therapy is a simple, safe, and highly-effective way of improving your mental (and physical) health without the need for toxic chemicals. Learn more about this amazing therapy on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour.

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Vitamin B3 therapy cures alcoholism, anxiety, tension and, even, schizophrenia

Back in 1960, ‘Bill W.’, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, (Bill Wilson) met Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. – who introduced Bill to the amazing healing potential of mega vitamin therapy. Dr. Hoffer had lots of success treating schizophrenic patients – who also suffered from alcohol addiction and depression. Naturally, Bill W. was very curious – to say the least – and started to take 3,000 mg. of vitamin B3 per day.

After a few weeks, the fatigue and depression that plagued Bill W., for years, was gone. To make a long story short, Bill W. gave 30 of his close friends in Alcoholics Anonymous the same therapy and, within 6 months, he was convinced vitamin B3 would be very helpful for alcoholics. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you could guess by now, many of his appointed ‘medical experts’ did not like his excitement over a vitamin therapy to treat health problems and, to this date, vitamin B3 therapy remains a ‘secret’ to millions of needy individuals.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, depression or any other chronic stress-related health issue – don’t miss the next NaturalNews Talk Hour with Jonathan Landsman and Andrew Saul, Ph.D. – an expert in vitamin B3 therapy and natural healthcare pioneer.

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3 warning signs of a vitamin B3 deficiency

If you suffer from high cholesterol – you probably have a vitamin B3 deficiency. After all, vitamin B3 is responsible for maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol in the body. And, remember, if your cholesterol gets too high and your blood gets ‘sticky’ – lots of health problems are created like, fatigue, depression, clogged arteries, heart attacks and death.

Skin lesions, throughout the body, are a clear indication of a vitamin B3 deficiency. Obviously, along with an improved diet of fresh, unprocessed foods loaded with organic fruits and vegetables – vitamin B3 supplementation will dramatically improve the health of your skin.

Diarrhea, mental confusion and insomnia are virtually eliminated by consuming sufficient amounts of vitamin B3 – along with many other antioxidant-rich foods and a reduction in stressful living habits.

This week’s guest: Andrew Saul, Ph.D., natural healthcare pioneer and nutritional therapy expert

Learn how to eliminate depression, anxiety and stress-related diseases naturally – Sun. Nov. 3

Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. taught nutrition, addiction recovery, health science, and cell biology for a total of nine years for the State University of New York, and clinical nutrition for New York Chiropractic College. Since 2005, Dr. Saul has served as Editor-In-Chief of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service for over 140 issues.

In 2006, Psychology Today named Dr. Saul as one of seven natural health pioneers. He has won the Citizens for Health Outstanding Health Freedom Activist Award, is an Honorary Director of the Gerson Institute, and is featured in the documentary Dying to Have Known: The Evidence Behind Natural Healing and the very popular FoodMatters movie. The author or co-author of many books – his expertise on the topic of nutritional therapies for disease are second to none.

Stop depression, heart disease plus much more! On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Andrew Saul, Ph.D. talk about how to naturally reduce emotional (and oxidative) stress – naturally with mega-vitamin B3 nutritional protocols. Don’t miss our life-saving program – Sunday, Nov. 3rd.

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Jonathan LandsmanAbout the author: Jonathan Landsman is the host of, the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show and the NaturalNews Inner Circle – a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.

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  • Thanks this is something useful for me, I totally need this.

    • Renee

      I suffer from anxiety /depression and taking effexor xr would it help me to take some Vitamin B3?
      Can some of you please help.
      Thank you.

      • Julia

        Vitamin B3 deficiency can cause depression (see german wikipedia), so its worth a try…. but also vitamin D deficiency, please check your vitamin D levels cause at least 50 % of people are deficient in vitamin D and a lack of vitamin D can cause all kinds of troubles inclusive depression. I have taken antidepressants for 13 years, many different kinds, NONE of them really helped but I gained tons of weight, so now I am taking Vitamin B3, Vitamin D, and lithium orotate and omega 3s and I am doing much better and I am getting off of risperidion right now. the doctor doesnt support it, but I do not trust the doctors any more. there was a time I “believed” in everything they said, but after 13 years I ve recognized they dont really have a clue, they have some theories (“brain is imbalanced”) and they believe everything the pharma preaches, but in reality they dont have a clue. I am shocked by myself how I was so dumm to trust them… but I have a friend who takes an antidepressant against her anxiety and she is very happy with it and doesnt have any side effects, so there are always different reactions to pharma. From my experience, it didnt help at all. So if it doesnt help, why taking it? But it is a lonely decision, you will always have people who think they know whats good for you (the doctors), but in the end you have to decide for yourself…

  • Star

    What time is the show? I’m signed up, but can’t find the info.

  • Linda

    Star – when I signed up for the newsletter – I got a ‘Welcome Letter’ with show times and access to the show.

  • Julia

    I had mini psychotic episodes and depressive episodes and the last time I had psychotic symptoms I took a lot of Vitamin B3 and in 24 hours all the symptoms disappeared and I had no signs of it since then (I am taking 1000 mg B3 daily, Dr. Hoffer recommands 3000 mg daily (at least) in his book), and I am taking lithium orotate against being manic depressive and since then I have no signs of manic depression and I am getting off of all drugs now. I am so glad.

    • slr

      Where do you find/buy lithium orotate??

      • Randy

        Probably a Vitamin Shoppe or health food store in your neighborhood but also online.

        I like

        I strongly recommend becoming a member as they are dedicated to being science based and all their articles are written for the layman. I think their monthly magazine is priceless.

      • Julia

        I am living in germany, we dont have vitamin shops (not allowed), so I had to order it via amazon, I got Dr. best Lithium orotate and I am taking 2 daily and I am having no episode since then, but I am taking them only since 2 months, so you cant really say I am better, but I have the feeling it makes me more balanced, but time will show….

  • Thea

    Great ideas and natural approaches as per usual. What time is the show?

  • Elizabeth King

    There’s an excellent DVD called FOOD MATTERS that describes how the medical community has ignored the role of orthomolecular medicine and specifically Niacin in treating depression. Orthomolecular medicine is a form of complementary and alternative medicine aimed at maintaining health through nutritional supplementation and based on the assertion that there is an optimum nutritional environment in the body and that diseases reflect deficiencies in this
    environment (see Wiki). The US National Library of Medicine refuses to even index scientific peer reviewed articles from The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (established in 1967 by Dr. Abram Hoffer)

    Another resource is the book: “Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure. The Proven Orthomolecular Treatment and 101 Program” by Genita Petralli and a foreword by Dr. Abram Hoffer which is available online or through libraries.