Devastating post-jab kidney injuries are on the rise

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post-jab(NaturalHealth365) Kidney disease and internal organ injuries are becoming increasingly common as a result of the spike in diabetes, alcoholism, and hypertension.  Kidney dialysis patients have a mortality rate of about 15% after a year of treatment.  Around two million people are saddled by kidney failure throughout the entirety of the world.  Unfortunately, this figure increases at a clip of around 5% per year.

Recent reports indicate the COVID jab has emerged as a cause of kidney problems.  Though Pfizer executives refuse to admit the jab causes kidney damage, the truth is the number of devastating kidney injuries after the initial injection has increased in the initial three months after the pharmaceutical company’s injections.

The unsettling truth about kidney damage from Pfizer’s experimental shot

Sort through the data pertaining to Pfizer’s mRNA shots and resulting kidney problems, and you will find some startling truths.  In total, within the study referenced above, around 50% of the severe renal failure cases were reported within half a week from the date of injection.

It is also interesting to note that more than two-thirds of kidney adverse events occurred in women.  Nearly one-third of the patients plagued by kidney problems passed away.  We would be remiss not to mention that the adverse events referenced above were limited to a three-month period beginning on December 1st, 2020.  Extrapolate the data outward, and the public health picture becomes even gloomier.

Pfizer executives refuse to admit there is a problem with COVID shots

When presented with the findings detailed above, Pfizer’s public relations specialists and leaders refused to admit that the company’s injections were the culprit.  In fact, the company’s representatives stated that its injections do not cause a new safety issue.  Pfizer’s internal adverse events reports filter for only the most significant damage while overlooking what it considers to be important yet less significant damage, oftentimes to internal organs such as the kidneys.

It is safe to assume that the company’s acknowledgment of adverse events to internal organs such as the kidneys is underreported or even neglected in favor of a more comfortable truth that is actually nothing more than a bald-faced lie.  Though Pfizer representatives acknowledged they will continue surveillance, the company has not yet provided additional surveillance information as of the time of this publication.

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It is time for patients to step forward and tell their jab stories

Sort through the medical reports that establish a causal relationship between the jab and kidney problems as well as other internal organ issues, and you’ll find no shortage of information.  As an example, consider the case of an otherwise healthy 42-year-old woman who reported internal pain to her doctor.  She was diagnosed with gross hematuria and proteinuria though she had no family history of organ failure or kidney problems.  The patient reported her symptoms soon after receiving a double dose of the mRNA shot.

The symptoms began merely one day after the second injection.  This patient is still saddled by post-jab kidney problems, serving as one of the thousands or even potentially tens of thousands of examples of how Big Pharma’s experimental injection program has sacrificed the public’s health at the altar of corporate greed spearheaded by a totalitarian agenda.

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