Pfizer willing to cause unimaginable harm to make billions in profit

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pfizer-causes-unimaginable-harm(NaturalHealth365)  Pfizer had a $171 billion market cap in the spring of 2020.  At this point, the powers that be declared social distancing and COVID injections would “stop the spread” in a mere 15 days.  Though this aggressive timetable for a return to normal never came to fruition, Pfizer’s stock certainly outperformed expectations.  Fast forward to December of 2021, and Pfizer’s market cap jumped to $330 billion.

In fact, if you remember, actor Woody Harrelson made waves about the profits recently when appearing on Saturday Night Live.  The actor criticized Pfizer and Big Pharma as a whole, insisting that this dark wing of corporate America misled the public in the never-ending quest for exponential profit.

The undeniable truth: Pfizer has lost the public trust

Take a deep dive into Pfizer’s track record of success and failures with a critical eye, hold firm to objectivity, and you’ll walk away from the research convinced this Big Pharma giant is nefarious.  Though time will tell if the shot-taking public receives any financial compensation for negative health outcomes caused by the COVID injections, the company has a long history of payouts to those harmed by its pharmaceutical concoctions.

For example, Pfizer paid a whopping $2.4 billion to those injured by its Bextra pharmaceutical drug.  The United States Justice Department found the company guilty of felony violations.  Bextra caused heart problems and even fatal skin problems after use.

In aggregate, Pfizer paid $7.8 billion to unsuspecting patients in its top-5 costliest lawsuits.  However, Pfizer raked in revenue of $81 billion in 2021 alone.

Famous actor exposes Big Pharma’s nefarious “playbook” used during the COVID-19 pandemic

Woody Harrelson, famous for roles in Planet of the Apes and Kingpin, surprised the Saturday Night Live viewing audience by speaking the truth about Big Pharma’s power.  Though Harrelson is known for his conspiracy theories, he went completely off script to denounce the draconian safety measures implemented during COVID lockdowns, shining a spotlight directly on the COVID shot.

Listen to Harrelson’s monologue, and you’ll find he makes no secret of the fact that the Big Pharma “cartel,” as he describes it, is essentially forcing the public to do drugs to participate in the workforce and maintain the perception of altruistic cosmopolitanism.

Listen closely to the monologue, and you’ll find Harrelson accuses Big Pharma of manufacturing public consent through mass media indoctrination, forcing the masses to remain on lockdown, out of the workforce, and reliant on the government for survival.  The actor even went as far as comparing our reality from the past three years to a nonsensical Hollywood script that he would immediately trash after an initial read.

Will Pfizer ever face a backlash?

Harrelson’s controversial performance has garnered mainstream media attention, yet it might not be enough to turn the tables against Pfizer.  However, Twitter truthers who regularly go on the offensive against Big Pharma were quick to chime in with their support for the actor.   In particular, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, complimented Harrelson for his “spot on” Big Pharma takes.

It is possible that Harrelson’s routine will steer more people toward the truth about Pfizer’s sordid history of negligence, massive financial payouts after litigation losses, and also the dirty details of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s gain of function research.  Though Harrelson alone won’t light the metaphorical match that burns down the house of Big Pharma, he is certainly building momentum toward a better world characterized by respect for personal liberty and bodily autonomy.

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