Dirty electricity in the home threatens human health

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home electricity(NaturalHealth365) What if electromagnetic pollution wasn’t strictly a wireless technology problem? What if it was a much broader issue? Wouldn’t you want to know if the electrical supply that powers your home was a major source of electrical pollution and the cause of health issues?

The standard electrical frequency that is in North American homes and offices is 60 hertz. This is what’s used to operate our TVs, cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, and lights.

But, increasingly so, there are a large number of other electrical frequencies that can be found on our wiring. These frequencies are known as ‘High Frequency Voltage Transients.’ The problem is these high frequencies are believed to cause a number of serious health problems. This has earned them the name ‘dirty electricity’.

Where can I find dirty electricity inside the home?

A major source of dirty electricity is the electronic devices that are in our homes and in the homes of our neighbors.

Dave Stetzer, a leading expert on dirty electricity, and other scientists, have found that these high frequency voltages come from our computers, printers, copiers, TVs, game consoles, tube fluorescent lights, compact florescent light bulbs, dimmer light switches, variable speed motors, treadmills, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, wind turbines, solar energy inverters, smart meters, and other electronic devices. Many modern electronic devices add high frequency transients to our home electrical wiring.

Dirty electricity can also be caused by arcing on power lines during storms when lines touch trees. It can also be created from unfiltered cell phone and broadcast frequencies from nearby antennas.

The rarely spoken truth about premature aging and death

Leading epidemiologist Dr. Samuel Milham, who has studied this subject in detail and even wrote a book on it, believes that these exposures coupled with the proliferation of wireless technology mean that “we may be facing a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality”.

Dirty electricity in electrical wiring has been linked to many serious diseases and health conditions, including:

  • Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Elevated blood sugar
  • Obesity
  • Migraine headaches
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Asthma
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Miscarriages
  • Infertility
  • Depression and suicide

How is dirty electricity created inside the homes?

Most modern electronic devices now use Direct Current (DC) power. These devices are equipped with switch-mode power supply (SMPS) converters that convert the alternating electrical current (AC) from the wall outlets into DC current.

These SMPS converters can create dirty electricity – which are then added to our electrical wires. These converters can often be found in rectangular boxes in surge protector strips or on larger electronic devices. And, they may be built into the equipment.

Let’s talk about the worst offenders.

Compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs are believed to be among the worst contributors to dirty electricity. They use ‘pulsed electronic technology.’

These new bulbs, unlike the old incandescent variety, switch on and off some 20,000 times per second. It’s this switching activity, which breaks up the normal 60-hertz sine wave of electrical power into fragments, returns the unused electrical fragments to the electrical system and thereby creates dirty electricity.

Compact florescent light bulbs add pollution to house and office wiring in the 50 to 100 KHZ range. One CFL bulb can contaminate the electrical system of an entire house when it’s in use.

The mainstream media continue to ignore the ‘biological effects’ of dirty electricity

Dr. Magda Havas, of Trent University, in Canada has been studying the biological effects of high frequency voltage transients and similar forms of electromagnetic pollution since the early 1990s. She says:

“Most of the research on the biological effects of nonionizing radiation is done at one of two frequency ranges: extremely low frequency associated with electricity (50/60 Hz) and radio frequency associated with wireless telecommunication devices (800 MHz to 2.5 GHz range).

An intermediate frequency range [high frequency voltage transients], at the low end of the RF spectrum (kHz), flows along and radiates from wires and thus has characteristics of the two major types of electromagnetic pollution mentioned above.

Scientists doing research on the biological effects of power line frequencies seldom measure this frequency range and thus ignore the effects it might have on health.”

How can electricity in a wire be a health risk?

First, there is the issue of ground current. According to Dave Stetzer ground current has become a major problem in the U.S. since 1992 when the electric utility companies started using the earth, the ground we walk on, as if it was an electric wire. Previously utility companies used a neutral wire to return unused electricity to their substations.

Since 1992, energy companies have decided to just run wires down the side of electrical poles into the ground.

In North America ground current is now practically everywhere. These dangers are compounded by the presence of large amounts of dirty electricity – which flow through the ground and our electrical wiring.

Dirty electricity does not stay in your wiring. It manifests the skin effect. It travels on the outer skin of the wire and can easily radiate through walls into our living spaces and our bodies.

Great tips on protecting your health

Here are some simple ways to reduce your exposure to dirty electricity:

1. Eliminate/minimize the use of these devices in your home.
2. Replace dimmer switches with on/off switches.
3. Replace CFLs with traditional light bulbs.
4. Replace smart (utility) meter with an analog meter.
5. Eliminate/minimize use of any device susceptible to be equipped with a SMPS converter.

To deal with this issue effectively you need to measure the dirty electricity levels in your home and install dirty electricity filters if the readings are above 50 GS units. GS units are measured with a Graham micro-surge meter. For more tips on reducing your dirty electricity exposures – learn how to use a GS filter.

What is the correlation between electricity and disease?

Dr. Samuel Milham studied U.S. vital statistics and census records for 1920–1960. He found that urban death rates were much higher than rural rates for a number of diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and suicide. He believes that many of these diseases could be prevented today if appropriate steps were taken to reduce the harmful effects of ground current, dirty electricity and radiation from cell phones, cell towers and the like.

Governmental agencies, utility companies and corporations who create electrical products continue to underestimate and often downplay the potential harm of electromagnetic fields.

Get smart before it’s too late. Act now to take steps to protect your health from dirty electricity and other EMF exposures.

About the author: Lloyd Burrell is the founder of ElectricSense.com. His website offers solutions to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies. Download his free EMF Health Report today!

Magda Havas, PhD; “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Biological Effects of Dirty Electricity with Emphasis on Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis,” Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 2006, ISSN 1536-8378, DOI: 10.1080/15368370601044192.

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    “…high frequencies are believed to cause a number of serious health problems.”
    Who are the people who ‘believe’ such absolute nonsense, and what is the scientific evidence for that belief? Is anything being done to address their mental health needs?

    • 4CRPG

      OH SO SAYS YOU? Are we to be impressed? WHY? Where is your proof?
      Smart Meter (utility companies)
      https://www.medtronic. com/patient-services/cardiac-emc-guide/communications-office-equipment/index.htm

    • 4CRPG

      https://www.cancer. org/cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/athome/smart-meters
      Could smart meters cause health problems in cancer survivors?

      While RF exposure might not cause cancer directly, concern has been voiced
      that cells in the body that have been damaged by exposure to some
      other substance might somehow be more likely to become cancerous when
      exposed to RF waves. In theory, this might be a concern for cancer
      patients being treated with ionizing radiation and/or medicines that
      might cause cancer themselves.

    • Lee

      With all due respect, this sounds like a post from someone defending the industries which utilize high frequencies in their products and services.

      Contributors to this site are here because they are interested in sustaining good health naturally, and so tend to be curious about issues which may negatively impact their health. Conversely, the author of this post didn’t take two seconds to Google the dangers of dirty electricity, and to then review the many responses.

      Such posters are called trolls. They usually stick out like sore thumbs.


        I care nothing about the industries involved – looking only at the evidence-based science. After following the issue for several years I found there is no issue. There is no credible science to suggest there are any adverse health effects from high frequency voltage transients.
        Anecdotal stories and hypotheses do not count as credible science.

        • pam r

          Maybe you are not looking in the right places -because there is much evidence https://www.sammilham. com/
          https://www.sammilham. com/links.shtm

          Samuel Milham M.D. is one source only- tons of studies and credentials and easy to find on google.

          I agree with you Lee – Easy to spot a troll


            I said ‘credible’ evidence! Meaning peer reviewed rigorous studies published in respected journals – independently replicated – and confirmed by expert panel reviews. That’s how established science works.
            And Sam does not make the cut.

  • 4CRPG

    Simple questions wimpt. Anyone who doesn’t work for the power company can answer it.
    #1 What is the distance to compliance for an AMI7 transmitter?
    #2 What is the Do Not Install Distance for an AMI7 transmitter?

  • Bob

    Great article. Thank you for presenting this issue. Dirty electricity is building up more and more as different gadgets are plugged in. After installing dirty electricity filters the calm that presents is amazing. The cellular body relaxes assisting to manifest a deeper sleep so the body can self repair even easier. If there is a radio tuned to an AM station the audible buzz greatly lessens or can completely disappear.

  • hisrascal

    In 2009, the electric company offered to place a new thermostat in my home and boasted it would reduce electrical costs (it did not) for me as the thermostat could be regulated (the electric company did the regulating) during the summer months to turn the air-conditioner on and off. Sounded like a good thing to me! That was long before I learned about EMFs. I only learned about electromagnetic frequencies and how they can affect living things last year in April. Along with the thermostat they installed something in my furnace.

    I started keeping a daily journal of what I’ve been experiencing and along with EMFs, I believe that atmospheric conditions can be attributable to EMS symptoms. I say that because it used to be just before it would rain my symptoms would ramp up until it was almost unbearable. Anyway, this could get to be a lengthy comment, so I’ll stop with that much! (:

    I may be way off base here but could the thermostat be a contributing factor to my EMF symptoms?

    • Lee

      Hisrascal, the thermostats you described send signals continually to the electric company (just like Smart Meters do). If you haven’t searched the web for reports of the ill effects of Smart Meters, you may wish to do so, because thermostat’s like both of yours could foster similar health disturbances. Take a look at the Smart Meter symptoms people describe, and compare them to yours.

      Personally, I wouldn’t wish to attribute any symptoms to atmospheric conditions alone UNTIL after I’d had those meters removed. For the sake of my health, I would not voluntarily add two transmitting stations into my home (and if they did happen to get added earlier, then I’d ask to have them removed ASAP).

      My sense is that those thermostat’s were added for one reason only: for the convenience of the utility to be able to manage the demand of the entire customer base. For them, on high load days, it is a benefit to be able to cut a customer’s power draw temporarily to better apportion the total amount of energy available. There wouldn’t be much objectionable about that, of course, IF their devices didn’t also pulse electromagnetic signals, 24/7.

      An excellent site focused on protecting one’s self from electromagnetic radiation is electricsense. com I’m a site subscriber. It’s definitely worth checking out.

    • mooney7

      I would think that atmospheric conditions could be a factor.
      On moist days there would be more conductivity in the air and more moisture on your skin giving smoother passage for the signals.
      On dry days it could be less.

  • Garth

    Most modern power lines in the house are twisted and shielded (in the conduit) anyway. Two-conductor cords on lamps and a lot of smaller things are not twisted, but the two conductors are so close together, with equal current running in opposite directions simultaneously so their fields cancel out, that their fields hardly extend more than a few inches. Running a pocket AM radio around things as a quick, non-objective test, I get the most noise right near the desktop computer’s power supply (but it’s quiet at the front of the computer), and in front of the monitor. I get a little noise right near fluorescent tubes but not near the cords going to them.

  • Garth

    This is an area that does interest me and concerns me a bit, but as an electronics engineer who has designed SMPSs (the switch-mode power supply circuits mentioned) and UHF circuits (like for wireless devices) and other types of circuits, I can say that the article has several inaccuracies. Ground current and skin effect are not to be feared, and SMPSs always have at least _some_ filtering at their inputs and output (perhaps not adequate for health in some applications).

    I believe the biggest problem is all the wireless devices we hold or keep near our bodies. (Cell towers are too far away to be a problem, compared to a cell phone that’s up against your brain or kept on your body.) See https://articles.mercola. com/sites/articles/archive/2012/06/16/emf-safety-tips.aspx .

  • pam r

    there is much evidence https://www.sammilham. com/
    https://www.sammilham. com/links.shtm

    Samuel Milham M.D. is one source only- tons of studies and credentials and easy to find on google.

  • 4CRPG

    How come you will not defend BC Hydro forcing the British Columbia Center for Disease Control and the falsified June 9th, 2011 report, Derek Ward. Placing a WRONG test set on a BC Hydro smart mete and getting NO radiation readings.
    Is that real pseudo science back up by 3 layers of peer proof?

  • Garth

    I worked in applications engineering at a company that made UHF/VHF power transistors in the mid-1980’s, but I don’t have easy access to that equipment anymore (spectrum analyzers, etc.). It would be interesting to get some measurements.

  • brian

    Please do an article on wearable electronics such as head lamps and helmet lights. Some use a DC to DC converter. Are there concerns when they use 1 MHz especially when they’re inches from our brains? It might be better to use a linear low dropout converter when so close to our head.