Do mRNA COVID jabs alter human consciousness?

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human-consciousness(NaturalHealth365)  There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic – and to be more exact, pandemic mitigation measures like coercive injections, “physical distancing” (a fancy term for “social isolation”), and massive lockdowns – has had a tremendously negative impact on the public’s mental health.

But at least one doctor of psychology has been asking a very different type of question: could these COVID shots actually alter the way we think and perceive reality?

Consciousness is an expression of cell function – so if gene-based therapy like mRNA technology interrupts cell function, could this lead to altered human consciousness?

Dr. Guy Hatchard, Ph.D. is a researcher and psychologist, previously associated with the Maharishi International University of Iowa as well as a global food testing and safety company.

“Could it be the case,” Dr. Hatchard asks in an article he wrote for The Exposé on April 16, 2023, “that the genetic processes induced by COVID vaccination have curtailed rational thought and promoted indifference to risk?”

Could this partially explain, in other words, why so many people seem to blindly “follow the science” even when “the science” isn’t proven or unchangeable?  (For example, the World Health Organization recently updated their recommendations and now advises AGAINST giving healthy kids COVID shots!  A little infuriating, isn’t it, since this is exactly the stance that would get you in trouble about a year ago!)

Pointing to prior research done on the influence of trauma, mental illness, and epigenetics, Dr. Hatchard insists that, far from trivial, his concern highlights the fact that “the relationship between consciousness and genetic function has been largely ignored in considerations of gene editing safety.”

“In the rush to develop biotechnology,” he continues, “there has been a fundamental misapprehension that consciousness can be safely left out of the equation.  It can’t.”

Dr. Hatchard argues that an important characteristic of cells is to network together in order to support a single projection of consciousness for the organism as a whole.  He warns that gene therapy, like mRNA technology, could lead to widespread cellular dysfunction that may interrupt this collective networking, possibly with dire consequences.

Dr. Hatchard acknowledges that his proposals “may take us out of the intellectual comfort zone of reductionist science” but warns that biotechnology has “deliberately [ignored] the connection between consciousness and genetics” and that this “may be the ultimate driver of the unfolding pandemic disaster.”

“Once we begin to explore its potential effects on consciousness,” he adds, “the biotech agenda takes on a distinctly transhuman character.”

Beyond consciousness: “Devastating” adverse neurological effects following COVID shots are impossible to ignore, “continuously pouring [into] the current scientific literature”

Whatever may be said and still unknown about the impact of COVID-19 shots on a person’s consciousness, what we do know is that there have been thousands, if not millions, of individuals who have suffered serious, disabling, and in some cases, fatal complications from the mRNA jabs.

A 2022 paper published by Neurological Sciences outlines some of the most “devastating” adverse effects impacting the human nervous system that we know of so far, with the authors noting that in the post-authorization reality, “a wide spectrum of neurological complications is continuously being reported following COVID-19 vaccination.”

These complications include:

  • Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, which the study authors note is “frequently reported in females of childbearing age”
  • Acute transverse myelitis
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Reactivation of herpes zoster
  • Acute encephalitis
  • Status epilepticus (seizures)
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • First manifestation of multiple sclerosis
  • Optic neuritis
  • Delirium
  • Cerebrovascular accident (better known as stroke)

Interestingly, the study authors are quick to downplay the tragedy of these adverse outcomes.  They state: “Considering the enormity of [the] recent COVID-19-vaccinated population, the number of serious neurological events is minuscule.”  You’ll notice, of course, that the authors ignore a few critical points while making this assertion:

First, it is well established that post-jab adverse events are historically severely underreported.  In all likelihood, far more people out there are suffering from adverse effects post-COVID jab than the current literature can even capture.

Second, such a blithe statement completely ignores the life-changing and traumatic impact these shots have had on the lives of the individuals (and their loved ones) who have been harmed, disabled, and/or killed as a result of this experimental gene-based therapy!  Yes, we know people have been harmed, disabled, and/or killed due to complications of COVID-19 infections, as well.  But that doesn’t negate the fact that shots can and do cause harm to some people.  To downplay such harm is insensitive at best and manipulative at worst.

The truth is, in the real world, there is no guarantee of safety either way – whether a person chooses to take an injection or not.  And what this leaves us with is a simple matter of risk vs reward: a ratio that each individual must be free to weigh and decide upon for their own bodies and the bodies of their children – not while under coercion or threat of social ostracization and financial hardship.  Anything other than freedom of medical choice completely flies in the face of true informed consent.

One last point:

The authors of the study also add that “collaborative prospective studies are needed to prove or disprove causal association between vaccine and neurological adverse events occurring vaccination.”  As the world continues to move on from the pandemic (and global elite leaders continue to hint at “the next” pandemic), we can only hope such studies will be given their due diligence.

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