Doctor reveals cause of “died suddenly” blood clots in countless people worldwide

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died-suddenly-blood-clots(NaturalHealth365)  With each passing day, it becomes more and more clear that those who die suddenly are victims of a nefarious social control scheme unleashed on humanity.

Doctors worldwide are now beginning to speak out, admitting that Big Pharma’s mRNA injections are the true cause of sudden deaths.  But what exactly makes the COVID mRNA injections so dangerous?

COVID vax causes blood clots, myocarditis, and more

Conduct an online search for “died suddenly” or “pharmaceutical injuries.”  You will be inundated with information about both strong and loose connections between the COVID injections and adverse health outcomes.  Though the mainstream media and the powers that be have been doing their best to cover up any such relationship between the shot and myocarditis, blood clots, and sudden death, the truth is gradually trickling out to the masses.

According to A Midwestern Doctor (“AMD”), the vax is a toxic blend of chemicals, some of which might consist of nanoparticles that have the potential to be triggered for activation in the future.  One of the worst possible outcomes of a series of nanoparticle-laced injections is latent activation years or even decades down the line that cause a “mind block” similar to that highlighted in the science fiction cult classic THX1138.

The medical community is already aware that the shot causes blood clots.  The clots are of the expansive fibrous variety and comparably small micro clots.  The recently released documentary titled Died Suddenly establishes a solid logical foundation that will hopefully motivate the masses to steer clear of booster injections in the future.

All risk, no benefit!  Spike proteins delivered by mRNA shots cause irregular fibrous clots to spiral out of control

Fast forward a few years into the future, and you might find hospital emergency rooms across the land filled with patients saddled by crippling fibrous clots.  Such fibrous structures likely do not develop within the blood but rather form after the injection of a foreign body in the form of Big Pharma’s COVID vax.

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Furthermore, there are even smaller regular clots, as highlighted in Died Suddenly, resulting from the vax spike protein.  The sad truth is such clots cannot be remedied through the body’s natural enzymes.

Making matters worse is that the usually effective anticoagulants do not impact the clots caused by the vax.  The little-known truth is Big Pharma’s clot shots were intentionally designed to remain within the body to generate spike proteins as time progresses, spurring an antibody response and potentially life-threatening toxicity.

Human body is incompatible with mRNA clot shots

The key takeaway from the medical analysis summarized above is that Big Pharma‘s mRNA injections are not compatible with human biology.  Though there is the slight chance that science can eventually develop a less toxic vax that proves effective against dis-ease, the current shots are simply not worth the risk.

Big Pharma’s vax causes spike proteins to generate fibrous blood clots that multiply and ultimately sabotage human health.  Removing this toxicity is no easy task, ultimately making these big pharma injections a massive profit center for the drug industry and quite dangerous for us..

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