Is your doctor confused about the latest in nutrition?

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(NaturalHealth365) Do you believe that doctors have your best interests in mind – when giving you advice? Or, are they just worried about lawsuits and getting paid by your insurance company? Many people believe that our “modern” healthcare system is built on lies by teaching us that only drugs will save our lives. Obviously, we aren’t being told everything.

Big Pharma distorts the science about whole food nutrition

Many of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars per year to influence the decisions you and your doctor make about health issues. Consumers are deceived through media advertising campaigns and drug reps lobby lawmakers in Washington, D.C. (and throughout the world) to support the false notion that drugs are better than a whole foods diet for disease prevention. And, the truth is, that’s nonsense!

The University of Minnesota Medical School researchers have collaborate with the School of Public Health and found an enzyme, which found at high levels and alongside low levels of HDL (good cholesterol) that dramatically reduces the risk of cardiovascular events.

Does western medicine even read its own journals?

The enzyme known as glutathione peroxidase or GPx3 is a natural antioxidant found in whole foods, which helps protect us from oxidative injury and at the same time heals the body naturally. In fact, it is one of the most important antioxidant enzymes for human beings. And, if doctors would just look it up in the literature – they would understand.

Jonathan L. Holtzman, M.D., Ph.D., professor of pharmacology and medicine within the University of Minnesota Medical School said: “In our study, we found that people with high levels of GPx3 enzyme were six times less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than people with low levels of both.” What this says is GPx3 mitigates the detrimental effect of low HDL levels.

Fire your doctor – if you’re NOT happy with your results

The combination of low HDL and low GPx3 affects about 50 million people, which is one in four adults in the United States alone. So, clearly, a poor diet and lifestyle is behind many of the fatal heart attacks and strokes in the western world. Don’t get me wrong – conventional medicine has its value in modern society – but in order to help more people – they will need to learn more about the benefits of whole food nutrition.

Glutathione peroxidase (GPX) is actually found in almost all fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, spinach, tomato, watermelon and avocado, it increases the body’s natural glutathione, an antioxidant and immune booster. If the truth be known – the list of vegetables would read like a novel and also include acorn squash, cantaloupes, orka, oranges, peaches, potatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, Kale and parsley. And, of course, organic (locally-grown) is always a better choice over conventional produce.

Is a raw food diet necessary?

One of the arguments for a raw food diet is that cooking destroys a good portion of the glutathione. Steaming and raw are the way to keep the glutathione intact, also, eating foods high in glutamine, such as lean grass fed meats, eggs, wheat germ and whole grains, can also stimulate the liver to produce more glutathione. Have you ever asked your doctor about their diet?

Why outsource our health to drug companies, when we can significantly reduce our chances of ill health by implementing a whole food diet. What are your favorite (super) foods for disease prevention? Post your comments below.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.



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  • Richard Wissler

    I was diagnosed,at age 64 at a big serious professional medical center , with poly myalgia rheumatica in 2010 and started down the path of prednisone, large doses of ibuprofen etc….Long story short – i lost 2 years of my life to pain weakness and discouragement. Since i said – ta heck with that – and went to a naturopath, I’m taking correct amounts of vitamin D3 , B12 , some probiotics , BCQ , fish oil, NO pharmaceuticals and I FEEL GREAT AGAIN ! Good energy , no chronic pain , i can DO STUFF again! Modern western medicine is, for my money, a sell-out to HELL. I go to an MD if i slice myself open , poke a big hole in me or break a limb. Otherwise I stay the heck away from those big-pharma sell-out voodoo-mysters. They don’t know DIDDLY about nutrition.

  • JJ

    The basic charge for an office visit is going the way of the Dodo bird. Our family doctor now charges by how many areas of the body you discuss with him. The more areas discussed, the higher the charge for the office visit. The basis is that the doctor has had to spend more time with the patient and perform more services. However, even when more time is not actually spent with the patient or additional health care services are not performed the doctor can use this type of system to justify a more costly office visit charge. I understand it has a name such as “level care” and this method is used by doctors for the sole purpose of bringing in more money for an office visit. It’s disgusting and the insurance companies are not balking at this type of accounting and it’s catching on like a wild fire. With the popularity of this method catching on in the health care field, just changing doctors will not provide the patient relief from this system. Even if a doctor has to provide some type of documentation to the insurance company that they actually spent more time and performed more services, it must only take the word of the doctor because the charges we’ve seen using this system have not provided us with more time with the doctor or a higher level of service being performed by him. It’s just a sham, a slight of hand, nothing more.

  • Jaci

    It is so easy to be hurting, take the prescribed pills, and then see your health and well being go south. I endured years of pain due to a medical group that had cost cutting procedures that took the slow way to get things done. Somehow I didn’t get what was happening until six incorrect doctors failed to see a gallbladder infection spread rampantly by a drug landed me in the hospital on death’s door. I have had three major surgeries in less than a year because of these clowns.

    Needless to say my hope is a totally changed diet, free of processed foods, white flour, sugar, artificial sweetner, corn syrup, etc. I have gone off seven drugs. I wish I could say I was feeling much better but it is a long process to wellness and I am thankful I saw te light with the medical profession, big pharmacy, and big agriculture!

  • Levada

    Because I had no health insurance for years, I had no regular doctor. Once I got insurance again, I needed a “primary care” doc. Oh, my gosh, I picked a doc cozy with Big Pharma who pushed TONS of tests and TONS of meds at me, and wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say… I couldn’t drop her fast enough!

    Then I found a doc just the opposite. She is willing to listen to what I want, and work with me. That dissolves my stubborn streak and makes me want to work with what she wants. I am really happy I found her!

    BTW the things I use to stay healthy are:
    * MMS – miracle mineral solution
    * Diatomaceous Earth
    * Mega doses of Vitamin C
    * Eat a good diet sans sugar and junk food
    * Exercise

    I think the first step on the road to health is to take responsibility for your OWN HEALTH. No doctor will ever live inside your body. There are good docs out there, just look until you find one.

  • Susan

    Bravo to everyone who commented and thank you Jonathan for your very important writing and messages about how to stay well …
    It makes me feel good to see the smart comments of people who get these principles, that we each are in charge of our our wellness. More importantly, when we go to see mainstream doctors, we are giving our power away because they honestly don’t know what’s best for us and only want to pump us fill of useless pills.
    This ignorance is utter evil.
    I’m hoping that those who still see mainstream medical as gods, wake up to the truth and make the switch to seeing a real doctor (Naturopath, homeopathy, etc.) and start taking personal responsibility for what they eat. It’s a bit scary at first when that’s all you’ve known, but the rewards are enormous.

    Richard, I couldn’t agree more with your comments about nitwit doctors

  • Nicole-Australia

    I have also lost about 4 years of my life. I got severe Vertigo,then lead to anxiety eneded up on antidepresents as doctors found nothing wrong. I now have ulcerative proctitis & digestive tract problems. cut it short, did my own research, getting amalgam fillings out, changed diet & found a naturopath, hopefully on the road to recovery – NATURALLY & HOLISTICLY. I Took test results from my naturopath to the doctor – he did not understand them & dismissed them.
    I do not blame conventional doctors to a degree as they truely believe what they are doing is right & nothing else is “medically proven” – they have not been taught nutritional medicine.
    Anyway, we can only change ourselves.

  • Tracy

    Nicole-how are you doing? Sounds like you and I are on the same path! Would love to talk about your amalagam removal.