International scientists appeal to UN to protect the public from wireless technology and other EMF exposures

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cell tower(NaturalHealth365) A few weeks ago 190 scientists from 39 nations filed an appeal to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations, UN member states requesting an urgent review of the current guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and wireless technology.

Their goal is that appropriate protective measures be introduced to protect the global human population and wildlife from EMF exposures that are spiraling out of control.

Wireless technology warning: Current EMF exposure guidelines offer no protection

Acute exposures to harmful levels of EMFs may be immediately realized as burns. But the health effects due to chronic or occupational exposure may not manifest effects for months or years.

The scientists appeal states, “ICNIRP (The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) guidelines set exposure standards for high-intensity, short-term, tissue-heating thresholds. These do not protect us from the low-intensity, chronic exposures common today.”

They ask the Secretary General and UN associated bodies, Dr. Margaret Chan, the Director General of WHO and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to:

  • Encourage precautionary measures
  • Limit EMF exposures
  • Educate the public about health risks, particularly to children and pregnant women

A strange difference of opinion places lives at risk

The appeal highlights the WHO’s conflicting positions about EMF exposures. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the WHO, classified radiofrequency radiation as a Group 2B “possible carcinogen” in 2011, and extremely low frequency magnetic fields in 2001.

Despite this, the WHO continues to ignore its own agency’s recommendations and favors guidelines recommended by ICNIRP. The ICNIRP guidelines were developed by a self-selected group of industry insiders and have long been criticized as offering no protection.

The appeal calls on the UN to resolve this inconsistency. Under the auspices of its environment program, the appeal asks that the UN to strengthen its advisories on EMF risk for humans and to assess the potential impact on wildlife and other living organisms, in line with the science demonstrating risk.

Proof: 2,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers reveal danger

The scientists came up with the appeal after cooperatively filing some 2,000 peer-reviewed studies on the biological and health effects of non-ionizing radiation on human bodies. This is the data that lead the scientists to declare that EMF exposures are posing a widespread threat to human health and have developed into a significant environmental pollutant for the planet.

Dr. Martin Blank, a scientist with over 30 years experience in EMF research and member of the Appeals developing committee, says:

“International exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields must be strengthened to reflect the reality of their impact on our bodies, especially on our DNA. The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. We must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines.”

Joel Moskowitz, PhD, of University of California, Berkeley, says, “ICNIRP guidelines set exposure standards for high-intensity, short-term, tissue-heating thresholds. These do not protect us from the low-intensity, chronic exposures common today. Scientists signing the Appeal request that the UN and member nations protect the global human population and wildlife from EMF exposures.”

How to protect yourself from cell phone radiation

In the absence of sufficiently protective EMF standards and legislation, you need to act now to protect yourself. A good starting point is to practice safe cell phone use. This includes:

  • Limiting calls to those that are absolutely necessary.
  • Using a speaker phone or air tube headset whenever possible.
  • Keeping your cell phone in airplane mode when not in use
  • Text instead of talk

Click here for more cell phone radiation tips.

There are many sources of EMFs in our lives. Here are some more simple things you can do to reduce your exposure:

1. Replace cordless phones with corded versions.
2. Replace your WiFi modem with a wired model.
3. Remove as many electrical devices from the bedroom as you can and make sure everything is unplugged when you sleep at night.
4. Replace CFL light bulbs with incandescent bulbs in rooms where you spend time. Choose low wattage incandescent bulbs wherever possible.

If you’ve not yet taken any action to reduce your EMF exposures don’t delay any longer. Start today by making small changes. The rewards will be worth the effort.

About the author: Lloyd Burrell is the founder of His website offers solutions to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies. Download his free EMF Health Report today!


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  • Lee

    Excellent article. I recommend the author’s site: electricsense. com, because Lloyd Burrell is very knowledgeable about electrosensitivity issues. The same is true for many of his readers who post comments. That site has been my primary resource in safely adjusting to the unseen soup of electromagnetic radiation, a soup so dense around us that if it were visible, we’d surely go into shock.

  • Bob

    Thank you for publishing this important information. In British Columbia Canada, a electoral district has placed a moratorium on Smart Meter installations following the precautionary principal. Finally an elected person is protecting the people that have placed their trust in them. The electrical company is of course citing that the outdated safety code 6 says this is safe. Safety code 6 ignores the long term exposure of microwave radiation and cannot be used for any modern safety guidelines. We need to look to international standard in the safety vacuum of Canada. More and more communities are blocking new cell tower installations and the upgrading of existing ones. Soon the paid off government agencies and corporations will have no choice but to admit that wireless technology using microwave radiation causes cancer and start to protect the people. Even the medical association of Canada is getting involved now. The real information has now resonated in the societal pack mind and has a life of its own. I thank all pioneers in the information campaign all over the planet when they went through the demonization phase.

  • Diane

    What type of light bulbs do you suggest since our stores don’t carry incandescent any more. I understand they’re not gong to be made anymore.

  • Harvey Matuka

    Great article, great comments. Now what? The suggestions are good, but can we stop the growing number of electronic devices that are taking over our life. The industry is exploding and the market is expanding. It,s no stretch to imagine the future as a time where the planet is bathed in electromagnetic currents.

    • Marvin Klien

      With hand-held devices, wearable technology and connected apps what should we expect. Now, there is a way to monitor one’s health and wellness with digital devices. The name “Wired and Well: Connected Health.”

  • Joseph Penford

    The only clear-cut solution is to stop using virtually all non-essential electronic devices. These devices promised to revolutionize our life, according to this article they are in an unplanned way.

  • Mark

    A lot of talk about all the things that emit EMF radiation, but no links at all to these ‘2000 peer reviewed papers’.

    And the WHO has classified RF radiation a a possible carcinogen, not because there is any proof of this, but just as a precautionary measure. This is despite man-made wireless radiation being around for almost 100 years now and no ill-effects from low levels of non-ionizing radiation being observed in any reputable studies.

    • Sue

      For newbies the bioinitiative report is a good place to start
      authored by 29 independent scientists and health experts in 2012.

  • Sue

    If you feel a bit helpless here is a petition that was sent to me. It is quite comprehensive
    https://olgasheean. com/who-harm/
    VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE for WHO and its EMF Project, headed by industry-biased Emilie van Deventer—an electrical engineer (with no medical or health credentials), who has publicized her support for the wireless telecommunications industry and has a major conflict of interest, given her industry-funded research aimed at promoting and advancing wireless communication technology.