Consumer alert: GMO apples and potatoes are a public health risk

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apples and potatoes(NaturalHealth365) It’s long been known that GMO produce can have unpredictable and often very undesirable side effects when consumed by living creatures. Now newly developed GMO apples and potatoes that do not brown are a new threat to the health of humans and animals everywhere. These apples and potatoes use double stranded RNA (dsRNA) to disable the browning genes inside their structure.

Shocking revelation: The Institute for Responsible Technology states that Brazilian researchers fed little bits of dsRNA to honey bees in their youth. The dsRNA used was taken from jellyfish and is not normally found in bees. While researchers didn’t expect anything interesting to happen, what they found was after eating just one meal with the foreign dsRNA, the honey bees became radically different in their health, their physiology, and their behavior.

If just one meal of foreign dsRNA can do this to bees, what will a regular diet of it in these new GMO potatoes and apples do to humans and higher animals?  By 2016, the human population may be exposed to a very toxic food – check out this video (below) for the scientific truth:

USDA using humans as guinea pigs without their consent

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved these GMO potatoes and apples to be sold as consumer goods in the United States. It is unclear whether the scientists at this organization read the report about the dramatic changes just a small amount of foreign dsRNA brought about in honey bees. If they did, it seems highly irresponsible of them to have approved these GMO products for human and animal consumption.

Human behavior and physiology can potentially be changed by these new GMO apples and potatoes.

Since the bees were so radically changed by the dsRNA, there is a very real chance that the same thing could happen to humans who consume the same dsRNA, which is included in the new GMO potatoes and apples. People who eat commercially made apple and potato products will be at risk for the GMO dangers associated with these plants. Of course, anything made with GMO potatoes and apples could be a public health threat, but (unfortunately) most people do not look to see if their produce is GMO free. That’s why it’s so important to share this information with family and friends.

The public needs to speak out against these dangerous new GMO products

We deserve easy access to GMO free products. However, as long as people willingly accept GMO produce without being aware of or caring about GMO dangers, products like these clearly dangerous apples and potatoes will be introduced to the market and no one will know the effect they will have on humans until people have been harmed by them.

GMO labeling is a must so people can choose responsibly and essential for consumer protection – especially considering what we know about the proven threats to human health by eating genetically manipulated foods.

We must speak out about GMO dangers and demand GMO labeling. Access to GMO free products ought to be an option for everyone – especially those opposed to becoming part of a human experiment by the government.

Take action today! Everyone is encouraged to sign the IRT petition – which opposes GMOs – and tells retailers NOT to sell food that has been genetically engineered.  Together, hopefully, we will stop this crazy idea from becoming a reality.


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  • Lewis Paige

    After watching the video I expect this will make warriors out of the audience. We recognize the injustice of the GMO industry. What is appropriate action-boycotting, signing the partition and taking to the streets in protest.

  • Charton Naggle

    If they get away with this the GMO industry grows. At this point they can’t reassure the public, it’s well beyond saying it’s safe. The only thing left for them is to force feed it to consumers.

  • vcragain

    I am beginning to believe that actually the powers-that-be are quite in favor of all this – they are in cohoots with ALL of BigAg, BigFood etc and if people get sick well so be it – they are then patients of BigPharma and BigHospital – and if we die so-be-it – now they are reducing the population, so that’s also good, and if everyone just becomes a little tiny-minded follower of BigAdvertising, that’s good too – they totally control us.
    So what do they lose – nothing, that is what the agenda IS people !! One thing I do bet – is that those in the know do NOT eat anything but organic, do NOT take the drugs BigPharma is pushing, and in any case have their own hide-out in the Caribbean or somewhere else pristine where they can hide-out amongst their cronies once they have made their own fortunes. What they are doing to the planet of course seems to totally escape their attention – I wish them the same fate as THE REST OF US –
    From something I was reading today ! – fell off my chair laughing !
    First – the dinosaurs –
    “Then, this great, flaming rock from hell smacked into the Earth and pushed them the rest of the way over the edge.Totally screwed up the planet, for lemurs came, then monkeys, then apes and finally a weird, nearly hairless and exceptionally violent species of chimpanzee split off and has spent most of its existence trying to f*** the planet up beyond recognition.”

  • Sally Seasalt

    It’s simple, really: Look for the “Non-GMO Project Verified” label. That’s one you can trust.

  • Tracy Treatywise

    Obama’s infernal treaty (TPP) will undermine the entire Constitution and give multinational corporations (but NOT local businesses) special powers to sue the government and demand special treatment. It will make the problem you note a thousand times worse. The Senate has already abdicated its Constitutional duty to review treaties and advise the President – so a LOT more noise must be raised in opposition, and QUICKLY, since Congress is allowing Obama to “fast-track” that monster treaty without ever revealing its contents to the American public!

  • Laurie

    I eat almost everything organic. I cannot bring myself to eat something that is either GMO or fed GMO’s. My one downfall is cream. Where I live I cannot buy organic cream. Rats! It is a crime against the consumer to put this poison on the grocery store shelves…without labeling it as genetically modified. Criminals!!

  • Joan C.

    And don’t forget that all GMO wheat! Don’t ya just love how they say your cereal or your bread is “all wheat”? And your saying…”ah, that sounds healthy”….NO, it’s not! I eat EVERYTHING organic! I lost 50pds giving up all milk and diary. Started either buying nut milks, or making my own (Look at youtube on how easy it is to make nut milks such as almond milk). And think your doing good buying all those vegetables and fruits? Nope, their covered in chemicals! Only buy organic fruits and vegetables. I am lucky, their are many places in my town to buy organic foods. My Harris Teeter has organics all through their store. Buy them online, or look in your phonebook under organics. Grow a garden! Many ways to look and feel better. Leave the chemical filled weight watchers, lean cousine, jenny craig foods alone! 98% if the food your buying at the grocery store is nothing but chemicals and GMO’s. Pay the price for organics, or pay a doctor. Your choice!

  • eyesandears

    The development of these two gmo products is a ridiculous waste of time and money; the current method to prevent the browning of potatoes is to simply soak them in ice water, for apples a soak in water and lemon juice – both methods used by home cooks and chefs for 100 years now! Gee, isn’t the use of technology preponderantly stupid in the quests to ‘improve’ our food!