Antibiotics cause peripheral neuropathy plus other damaging side effects

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antibiotic-pills(NaturalHealth365) A stunning 1 in 15 Americans – that’s 20 million people – have peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy refers to issues with the peripheral nervous system that leads to nerve damage and symptoms such as muscle tingling, numbness and muscle weakness.  Today, we issue a major health alert about the side effects of Cipro.

Sadly, in advance cases, this condition can lead to a persistent burning pain, muscle wasting, paralysis, organ and breathing issues, and even organ failure. And, to top it off, conventionally-trained physicians rarely provide a solution.

What are the causes of peripheral neuropathy?

While the causes of peripheral neuropathy are primary linked to diabetes, a recent article in the Journal Neurology reported that the risk of peripheral neuropathy doubles in anyone who takes fluoroquinolones. Fluoroquinolones are a class of antibiotics with a host of alarming side effects; one of the most prescribed has the brand name Cipro. While most of Western medicine doesn’t think much about this product, David Perlmutter, M.D. has many reservations and reveals the hazards of peripheral neuropathy and fluoroquinolones such as Cipro in this YouTube video below:

Those who are diabetic can take steps to change their diet and lifestyle to help minimize the risk of peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy caused by Cipro, however, is another matter; the risk factors and side effects of Cipro tend to be grossly understated.

In fact, despite the clear health risks, this drug continues to be prescribed in hospitals and clinics all around the United States.

The side effects of Cipro are horrible

Adverse reactions and side effects of Cipro in adult patients include diarrhea, nausea, migraines, abnormal liver function, vomiting, skin rash, abdominal pain, and pain in the extremities. Cardiovascular effects include palpitation, ventricular ectopy, atrial flutter, hypertension, angina, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, and cardiopulmonary arrest.

There are also an alarming number of central nervous system effects as well as gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, renal and respiratory risks, among others. The list of possible side effects of Cipro is truly staggering, and it is also a primary cause of peripheral neuropathy.

Warning: Fluoroquinolones can cause permanent disability

While just about every drug on the market has some potential side effects, most are transient and tend to cease when the person stops taking the drug. However, when it comes to Cipro, this is not the case; a great many of the side effects of Cipro can be permanent, causing lifelong disability. The maker of Cipro does not disclose this fact anywhere on the warning label.

All fluoroquinolones have a black box warning, and Cipro now has two of them. More than half of the fluoroquinolones that were on the market in the past have been pulled due to their dangers and horrific side effects; however, Cipro and others such as Avelox and Levaquin remain in use.

The slogan of the medical profession is “Above all, do no harm.” The continued prescribing of fluoroquinolones like the antibiotic Cipro despite its grave risks is completely unethical. Cipro’s status as one of the top causes of peripheral neuropathy should result in a permanent ban.

Simply put, the fact that this crap is still on the market – despite being linked to so many health problems – is truly criminal.


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  • Nurse Lori

    We see a lot of side effects from these antibiotics. The problem is that doctors I work with don’t recognize the cause. That is bad since they delay weaning the patient off the drug.

    The biggest problem is that side effects show up days to weeks after the patient stops taking them. There are times the delay of side effects means that the drug is not only still in the system, but it has altered some function.

    The over consumption and over prescribing of this class of drugs is an extreme example of the arrogance and ignorance of modern medicine. From the time I entered the medical profession as a nurse, I have seen a decline in patient care.

    • Laurie

      Nurse Lori, thanks for speaking out:) I would like to say this…the prescribing of these poisonous drugs is an example of the pharmaceutical companies having no conscience whatsoever selling their vicious, deadly substances to hapless victims. There is no such place as an underground hell. Hell is right here on earth, and can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

  • Dave Williams

    It takes two to poison the patient, it’s the partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the doctor. There is a loose criteria for a drug to be safe. Stringent regulations covers the stability of the final ingredient during shipping.

    The manufacturer of the ingredients as solvents, carriers and processing aids are checked. The ingredient statement and information on any allergens present and general product description are required.

    What is overlooked is the toxicity and effectiveness of the antibiotics. Belief it or not most of these drugs don’t work well for the condition they are prescribed for. The side effects are sweep under the rug. Regarding functional claims there is so much evidence that much is fabricated. The singular focus is profit.

  • Tyson

    Good article, I have had side effects from one of the antibiotics considered to be safe. Amoxicillin is not to be given anyone with low blood pressure. This is a fact hidden away and written in fine print. The side effect is extreme weakness and some other fun symptoms.

    After telling my health care provider about what happen his reply was did you finish the proscription. In his mind that was the most important issue.Of course, he never heard of this precaution.

    • Laurie

      Thanks Tyson. I did not know that amoxicillan could cause trouble for people with low blood pressure. I really avoid antibiotics as a rule, but, almost took it last month as I was bitten by a tick, which left a bull’s-eye rash.

      • Wendy Allen

        Yes…I got Lyme disease. There are herbals people can use instead of antibiotics. A L complex is good and Banderol/Samento/garlic/Oil of Oregano…Far Infrared Sauna etc. and no gluten etc. See my other comments. Best wishes.

    • Wendy Allen

      Bactrim hurt my heart. It is good you had sense enough to stop something hurting you. See my other comments. Best wishes.

  • victoriadelacy

    A doctor prescribed me that POISON a year ago for cellulitis and a single pill blew my legs up to 3 times the normal size, upon which they formed wounds to let some of the water out but my lymph glands and blood vessels in those legs continue to suffer the consequences and need for further healing to this day. You tube has videos on the dangers of fluoroquinolone drugs but I had no idea until that happened to me and to this day the wound care clinic that had my legs in wraps for 9 months would rather deny that is what caused the problem in the first placw. Patient beware – complacency could be deadly!

    • Wendy Allen

      Yes…as F blocks thyroid…legs may swell. My legs were 3-4X their size when doctors did not give me thyroid medicine in the hospital. They gave me diuretics instead of thyroid medicine. Cutting your legs…not good. Acupuncture/swimming help? Rebounding may help Lymph move.
      See my other comments. Best wishes.

  • Laurie

    Believe me, I know about these drugs. My mom took them at least 3 times and she suffered a great deal. In the end she lost her mind, could not swallow anything, and died. I also took these drugs and have had burning muscles ever since. My kidneys have lesions and do not filter properly. Also, my nerves are shot. Mt teeth deterriorated suddenly…despite my healthy diet. My vision suddenly got worse. My skin hangs like an old elephant. Many, many things have gone wrong.. Another friend of mine had a strange muscle wasting that occurred to her calf muscles. She died of brain cancer about 3 years later. Another young friend of mine had a total physical breakdown. Uncontrollable diabetes, muscle wasting over her whole body, horrible pain for the first couple of years, and unable to hold a steady job. Her life is ruined. My advice…RUN if they offer you this TOXIC CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC DRUG!!!! It is a topoisomerase interrupter! Always do a search online for any drug asking: has this drug caused harm or death? Look for testimonials. Even the black box warning on Cipro should be enough to scare you off the drug!! Levaquin and Avelox are no better! It goes to show you how uneducated our doctors generally are about drugs. They blindly give it to us because a sales rep gave it to them!!! Good grief!!

    • Wendy Allen

      B vitamins/alpha liopic acid may help nerves and Vit B12 methylcobalamin shot/spray/under the tongue kind. 4 Sight by Orthomolecular may help eyes. Osteoprocare may help bones/teeth. Far Infrared Sauna may help detox or Now brand- Detox support/Vit C, glutathione, organic sulfur, 600mg of cilantro and more may help detox. Vit C and Si may help skin. Hair tests may show mineral/heavy metal levels. Iodine/iodide with Se may help push F out of the body. Glutamine may help muscle wasting. Cancer can be due to Celiac and lower oxygen in the brain/body due to F/low thyroid. Diabetes can be due to Celiac..gluten may hurt glands. Yes….research/ask questions/stop any drug that hurts. Natural help may help instead of drugs. . See my other comments. Best wishes.

  • Bob

    An antibiotic kills both good and bad. An antibiotic as like any drug should be a last resort (also research it for any hidden issues) and remember to take a probiotic right after from any health store. Someone there can assist you to choose the correct REFRIGERATED one. Ensure the product is refrigerated (active) or you are wasting your money. A probiotic replaces the good bacteria that was also removed by the antibiotic.

  • Ken Conrad

    Fluoroquinolones are nasty business.
    I know of two individuals who suffered ruptured Achilles tendons as a result of being on this class of antibiotic.

    I was prescribed fluoroquinolone eye drops along with steroid drops following eye surgery and within two hours I began to experience considerable pain in the tendons of my neck. As soon as I got home I went online in order to figure out what these drops were and when I discovered they were fluoroquinolones I stopped taking them.

    The problem with eye drops is that they end up draining down into your throat at which point you swallow them.

    • George Johnson

      I had the same thing happen. Was prescribed Levoquin for a severe stubborn respiratory infection and it cleared up the cough but then I tried to do a run on my treadmill after I felt better and blew out my achilles tendon and was unable to run for a year after that. Only later did the side effects and warnings get updated for this drug to warn against possible hardening of ligaments from this drug. Good thing it didn’t harden the ligaments and muscles of my heart. Very scary drug. I think I would rather have the cough or a medicine which actually heals instead of doing more collateral damage than it helps.

  • Buggs

    I am so glad that this is being exposed. I was prescribed Cipro for a possible UTI infection. After I had been on the medication for a couple of days, I realized I was severely depressed which is not like me. It was very unusual and I couldn’t grasp why I felt so depressed. Then suddenly, the idea came to me to check out the side effects of Cipro. After investigating all the potential side effects, I discovered that severe depression can occur from Cipro. I contacted my doctor’s office and was told to discontinue it until I could see my doctor. When I visited with him in a followup appointment, he didn’t believe that the effects were from the medication… until I encouraged him to look it up in his PDR which he did. Lo and behold, there it was in black and white print: severe depression. After I stopped the Cipro, the depression lifted. I will never touch this or Levaquin again if I have any say in the matter. It is upsetting to think that these drugs are used and prescribed for even questionable infections of which mine was. The Urgent Care doctor was going on symptoms rather than concrete results of a urine analysis. Yet, a heavy antibiotic was still prescribed.

    • eyesandears

      I find it amazingly incomprehensible how individuals trained in medical ‘science’ can exhibit such a profound lack of reliance on something as simple as consulting the PDR, instead favoring the rhetoric of a drug company rep. I’ve had many arguments with physicians concerning their inappropriate use of fluoroquinolones to treat UTI when macrodantin is highly more effective without all of the devastating and well-documented organ-damaging effects (Levaquin tops the list with the most reported ‘incidents’ to the FDA). Even this fact doesn’t change the canned response of ‘it is the most widely used full-spectrum antibiotic.’ Talk about monkey-see-monkey-do…makes me wonder if physicians are effectively brain dead.

      Coal tar and fluoride do not belong in the human body. Fluoride facilitates the uptake up aluminum into the brain (and via the same mechanism atrophies the pineal gland); it’s been well known for decades that the brain ‘bundles’ unique to Altheimer’s disease form around aluminum in the brain.

      The reality is that physicians actually comprehend very little about physiological processes (they function 20 years behind cutting-edge research); or if they do, they simply don’t care until they find themselves or their families in a position of being recipients of the same shenanigans they dole out to others.

      Replacing one’s buy-in to the existing medical paradigm with an alternative, safer and more effective construct requires much research and a propensity to fully exercise self-responsibility. Most are too fearful to move in such an independent direction ‘against the grain.’

  • Linda G

    This is a good article. I have taken Cipro in the past for severe sinus infection which resulted in horrible ear infection. In fact, this has just happened again and my first thought was to go to the doctor and ask for Cipro! I had no idea there are so many terrible side effects possible. I am allergic to erythromycin and it’s derivatives and amoxicillin makes me vomit. What you haven’t offered in this article are ALTERNATIVES. Essential oils basil and melaleuca eventually offer relief from the recurring sharp pain in the ear canal… but it keeps returning. So, WHAT are the alternatives to Cipro?

    • pam r

      Hi Linda – first thing to do is to figure out why you are getting sinus and now ear infections. Both of these are usually related to Dairy, Sugar, and flour. You can google natural remedies for ear infections plus there are homeopathic remedies.

    • Rosalie Stratton

      Many of these type infections are yeast related think Candida. Antibiotics are not only powerless against Candida, but feed it.

  • JES

    I also wish to thank you for exposing Cipro for what it really is!! DANGEROUS and life-threatening!!! I was prescribed Cipro about 3 1/2 years ago and after only 3 pills, my kidneys were screaming and felt like they would explode!! I ended up looking up the side effects in the 2012 Nursing Drug Handbook and discovered that Cipro causes little sharp, needle-like formations to show up in your urinary track and damage the urinary tubules!!! Then, I went to see a Doc who does muscle testing at a Masters’ Degree level (from college training) and he diagnosed me with the exact same thing (needle-like stones in urine) as what it said in the Nursing Handbook without me saying anything about that!!! My husband also saw how badly I suffered, so now we tell EVERYONE DO NOT TAKE CIPRO FOR ANY REASON!! We saw an artilce in the NY Times 1 week later about Cipro causing sudden heart attacks and death after only a few pills. As a Certified Natural Health Professional, I do NOT believe in ingesting anything that is made from Flouride, anyway. No way!

    • Laurie

      Good heavens JES! And these drugs are doled out for urinary tract infections!! I am speechless! Run, everyone, run! Go to a qualified Naturopath or integrative doctor if you are sick. Research as much as you can on the internet. The doctors do NOT KNOW what these fluoroquinalone drugs are capable of, despite all of the black box warnings. What has mainstream medicine come to?? Check out the FQ Wall of Pain to see what this garbage has done to people. I communicate with a 107-year old lady from there who was damaged by these drugs. It breaks my heart that someone so special and long-lived had to be damaged by this poison. The poor dear soul. This is pure evil.

  • Jodi Goulding

    I was given cipro for a recurring uti. 200 over a 2 year period. i was an athlete that lifted weights and ran for 28 years. after cipro both of my knees went on me, my thighs are in massive pain,my knees my calves my feet, i cant stand at all my feet are now brittle and have issues of their own. i cant move i get rashes , i have gotten this hashinoto thyroid autoimmune disease with a nodule on my throat. Nobody in my family has this. its is all from the cipro. 19 months now i can only sit. my backs out i cry so bad when i get up and slide to the bathrom with the walker. it hurts my knees and thighs so BAD to roll/ walk, my homes falling apart around me. I cant care for my pets. I am always scared if i take one wrong step with my walker i will just die, i was given 2 surgrerys i didnt need on the left knee and it is 100 times worse then the right knee that is totally fked up. cipro has destroyed me. I want to die. This is not living.To find out the FDA has known for 10 years yet a dr gave it to me for 2 years makes me very mad. i am 52 and pray i die every day and i have no medical insurance to boot., I will never walk again i am told pain mngmt. sorry i dont take narcotics for a chronic problem .. FU cipro

    • Mimi Burnham

      This could be me talking – I SO FEEL YOUR PAIN! Won’t God, or SOMEBODY, please bless all of us!

  • Leilani

    THE DAMAGE that Cipro and other fluoroquinolones cause is just plain savagery. I am a survivor, and profoundly grateful for the recovery I have gained. But it took 3 years, and I have many residual & significant health issues. BUT there are 100 of thousands of us globally….and the FDA allows this to continue becuase they are a Treasonous organization. Knowingly allowing and participating in this crime is EQUAL to the war crimes of NAZI Germany, SADDAM Hussein. Corporate America behaving like Oligarchs, or PUTIN…..etc.

    I had to use my own stem cells so that I could walk and stand again. Get out of a wheelchair…..and walk again, on cement too! praise God for that. 3 tablets of CiPRO set off an auto immune response, stabbing pains in my arms, muscle wasting so I could not fill out the pant legs of my trousers, excruciating peripheral neuropathy in my leg, and face. Cranial pressure….gum loss, hair loss, eye infections, vision problems…..tortuous pain….loss of my home, my ability to work. Crawling on the floor with knee pads, swelling hands, and deformed leg.

    May the people of this nation, and all our brothers and sisters around the world be delivered from this treachery that has plagued our lives, and used us for their profit. May we be restored to our birthright of freedom to live abundantly, with all the provisions that God has bestowed on us. The food, the water, the plants, and herbs, and spices, and fresh clean air, and every sea, river, and oceans. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • momenoughtonot

      I was wondering about the using your own stem cells, I was concerned that the cells in the fat (that’s where the stem cells were derived from, right?) might be damaged as well. Can you tell me more about your recovery with your stem cells?

  • Laurie

    Thanks for the info Wendy. It is a lot of work to recover. We cannot give up. I will copy and paste your info. I am doing a lot of these things myself. It is hard detoxing. I get so depressed. It doesn’t help living with a person who is volatile, either.

    • Wendy Allen

      You are welcome! Yes…rebuilding the body can be done. The Celiac diet may help volatile people also. Anger…liver may need detoxing. Lithium orotate, EDTA IV chelations may unclog blood vessels. Zinc and B vitamins may help stress. Hair tests may help.

      Lesions in kidneys..maybe Serrapeptase may help…may eat up scars and more. Milk thistle helped my kidneys. There are kidney formulas on Amazon. Mercola site/blog may also help. Best wishes.

  • Dana Fowler

    The American Medical association reported a number of prescription drugs cause acute liver failure, it is the number one cause of prescription drugs being pulled off the market.

  • Cindy Baxter

    Antibiotics are now found in our river, lakes and food supply. This is a distressing problem and it has a profound effect on the population’s health. It has been shown before diseases develop there is almost always a history of heavy antibiotic use.

  • Joanne

    Thank you for this article! Those of us who have been permanently maimed by these drugs wish only for two things. One is that we wish we had never taken fluoroquinolones. (I took 12 low dose pills of Cipro and those tiny pills destroyed my body.) The second thing we wish for is that no one else in the world would have to suffer minute by minute the way we do. This class of antibiotics should only be used as life or limb drugs. I sacrificed not only my limbs but virtually my entire body to these drugs for a minor infection that could have been addressed by much safer medications. There is no reason any one else should suffer. Thank you for your words of warning!

  • Simo

    All of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics are dangerous – Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox, Floxin…. The FDA and the drug manufacturers have known this for decades. These antibiotics have two BLACK BOX warnings and two additional strong warnings were added by the FDA in 2013. An antibiotic that can cause permanent nerve damage – really? Yes really. An antibiotic that can destroy your tendon and ligaments body wide – really? Yes really and permanently too. This one I know first hand. No more sports or anything fun for me, just an inactive life filled with one surgery after another after another to fix torn tendons and joints that don’t work properly because of no tendon/ligament support. Thirteen years and counting thanks to Cipro – and I am young. Educate yourself because doctors either don’t know about these warnings or minimize them – ie. tendon damage just in the elderly. Well, I am far from elderly. These antibiotics are super strong and are only needed in life or death situations not UTIs, ear infections etc. The majority of the time a milder and safer antibiotic like amoxicillin will do the trick. And, these reactions aren’t “rare” and the FDA knows this too. There are thousands of MedWatch reports on these antibiotics. All of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics will RUIN your life. Cipro absolutely destroyed mine. Please be careful and make sure your children never receive one of these antibiotics as well. Know the risks – there are many, they aren’t rare, they affect all ages and they will change your life.

  • Sherry Reiver

    PLEASE note that although the FDAs August 2013 warning on PN and FQs, EXCLUDES topicals, such as ear and eye drops, they are as destructive as ANY other form of this poison. I, along with many others in our FB groups, have been very harmed by the topicals. When I read this report back in 2013, I was so angry that I called the FDA to find out why it clearly EXCLUDES it in their report. The man said it’s because not enough research was done nor not enough people called Medwatch so they couldn’t INCLUDE them, only EXCLUDE them. DO NOT listen to your doctors that they aren’t absorbed the same as pills or IV forms. They certainly are.

  • Rachel Brummert

    Quinolone Vigilance Foundation wishes
    to thank you for raising awareness about the link between peripheral neuropathy and the use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Cipro, Levaquin, and Avelox.

    Current warnings on fluoroquinolones are not sufficient.
    Either the warnings are vague, hidden under confusing language or it
    is non-existent.

    A comprehensive list of adverse reactions
    and the names of brand name and generic fluroquinolones can be found
    on our website http://www.SaferPills. org.

    There are countless people around the world who went to their
    doctor or hospital, were given an antibiotic to help them feel
    better, and ended up injured, disabled, and even worse,

    Fluoroquinolones are meant for the treatment of life
    threatening infections such as the plague and anthrax. Instead, they
    are given as a first line of defense for routine infections for which
    safer and less potent antibiotics are appropriate. Prescribing these
    incredibly powerful antibiotics can lead to preventable harm and
    these effects can be permanent.

  • Karen Long Matthews

    1 IV of levaquin a lifetime of misery.

  • Kim L

    I took levaquin 2 1/2 yrs ago and today I still suffer from painful tendinitis and burning neuropathy in my feet. I wish someone would have told me of these side effects before I took it and let ME judge whether to take the gamble that I wouldn’t get these things. Too late for me, so SAVE YOURSELF and ask for something else.

    • pam r

      sorry for your suffering – thanks for letting us know

  • actualizeT

    in 2005 I was rushed to the ER with a 12 hour tachycardia event.. the EMT thought I was going to die in transit due to the heart attack symptoms I was expressing. Diagnosed as SVT and a lifetime of these debilitating tachy events. No one connected the recent 10 days of Cipro to this sudden onset of SVT in a 45 yr old healthy person. Fast forward to Levaquin, and I am now bedridden, no muscle left, cognitive damage, severe fatigue, and NO HELP. There is no help to cure any of these ADR’s from FQ’s. NONE.

    • Edsdaughter

      I have been reading books by Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D. “Detoxify or Die” “The Chloresterol Hoax” “Is your cardiologist Killing you?” She tells readers not to accept the diagnosis from conventional doctors that there is no cure. She herself cured 28 diseases she had that were labeled “Incurable” by the medical establishment. Your body can heal itself. You just give it the right nutrients and many symptoms can be reversed. Propaganda we are fed by conventional doctors line the pockets of Big Pharma. It is a “for profit” pharmaceutical industry. There is a lot we are not told about the “disease management” system that does not want you to get well. The medical industry would lose money if we knew the truth.

      • momenoughtonot

        What the docs mean by “there is no cure” is that they don’t have a pharmaceutical that will cure you 🙁 Medical doctors are not taught to heal, but to treat symptoms, even if the treatment may create other disease symptoms.

  • Dana Seykora O’Keefe

    Thank you so much for writing this article. America is finally getting educated about how devastating these drugs are, thanks to these informative articles and interviews. My life changed dramatically 18 mos ago after being on only a few doses. Pls stay on this topic and keep the pressure on the FDA

  • Corinna Bloess

    Fluoroquinolones damaged my health more than 10years ago. This drug is a silent killer, the perfect murder. Sideeffects often pop up months, even years after taking it. Whoever invented it…was a genius…

  • pam r

    This is an outrage – All these people have been harmed and not one mention in the news or anywhere – these people and there injuries have been silenced

  • linda

    I was also poisoned by cipro in September 2014. I had surgery to remove a 27 pound tumor. The surgery went good, and I went home. A few days later, my husband rushed me to the er with a temperature of 95. I had developed a hematoma from the surgery. My kidneys and bowels were falling. I was put in a medical induced coma, and given a 10% chance of survival. Long story……so I finally went home after 3 weeks. Took ciprofloxacin for 10 days. Two weeks later, the hallucinations started. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, nor did I know my husband of 15 years. Don’t want to bore with a lot of details. My husband didn’t know what to do, he was dealing with an out of control child now. All I wanted was sugar, sugar, and more sugar. This was crazy for my husband because I am a very healthy eater. He turned to the internet, entered my symptoms, and found lots of articles about cipro poisoning. Based on information on Dr Mercola’s website, he was able to detox me in 11 days. I now tell everyone the dangers of fluoroquinolones.

    • Peter L

      Thanks what was the detox?

  • Sharon

    I recently was put on Cipro for 10 days for a bladder infection. Five days after the last pill it came back so I was given Bactrim for 10 days. I ended up with a dry type of blistering on both palms that completely peeled off the top layer of skin over the entire surface and a tendon problem in my left shoulder. Both have healed thankfully but when I asked the Dr. why they prescribe these medications he told me there are only 2 antibiotics that get rid of bladder infections and these were it and that’s all. Scary. But the Dr do what they can to help people the only way they know how. I now take D-mannose with cranactin & a probiotic included from a health food store. Works GREAT.

  • Jodi Goulding

    im suffering terribly thank you for your comment i am looking into so many things my head spins .. i am alive i am not living

  • dan

    Hopefully Dr. Perlmutter is looking into ways to turn around what this article is saying cannot be turned around. There must be a way for the body to heal from this too.

    • Ricard Siagian

      Like regrowing Central Nervous System damage by heavy doze of this poison ? Hmm, I am not sure about it.

    • momenoughtonot

      Fluoroquinolones cause damage to mitochondria, so when the damaged cell replicates, it does not produce a healthy cell. Some people do fully recover, but may experience worse relapses by doing something as simple as taking an ibuprofen or tylenol. There is at this time no CURE.

  • Joseph Fanning

    I read your blog post about how antibiotics cause peripheral neuropathy and other negative side effects. You stated that one in fifteen Americans have peripheral neuropathy. The chance of getting this disease doubles when taking fluoroquinolones Diabetes is the other major known link to peripheral neuropathy written in your post.

  • Mimi Burnham

    I’m sorry, but none of this helps. It’s a wild goose chase. You need to go deeply iinto just what this antibiotic does to the human body. Its devastation is irreversable. Save your money – you’re going to need it.

  • ISTlife

    I’ve had neuropathy in my feet for over a year and went to a neurologist that kept asking me about Cipro and Flagyl. I finally asked why and he told me that when he sees neuropathy such as mine (“young person” in the prime of life with no evidence of diabetes) those two drugs seem to be a common theme.
    I didn’t give it much thought until a recent bout of diverticulitis and since “standard” care is use of both of them, thats what I was prescribed. Within a DAY of taking both, my feet were prickly and becoming even more numb. I went to the ER and the doctors said there that those side effects were “rare”. Not so rare when you’re the one having them!

    I was switched to another one that helped me through the div, but some days I have difficulty walking, I have NO feeling in my big toes and my feet feel like I’ve had novocaine shot into them – thats how badly I’ve been affected by these two drugs.

    I mentioned this to the pharmacist when I took it all back to drop off there and her “oh, I’ve never heard of that… it must be RARE” comment makes me wonder whether the people prescribing these things actually read the warnings. A simple Google of Cipro (or Flagyl) side effects and/or neuropathy brings up hundreds, or more of examples of people affected.

  • Richard A Zagami

    skull and xbones