A holistic treatment that eliminates allergies

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Natural Cure for Allergies(NaturalHealth365) Allergic reactions can cause a range of symptoms, from irritating ones like itchy eyes to dangerous ones like anaphylaxis, explains the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Your body can have these reactions to many different stimuli, including food, animals, pollen and mold.

The problem is that many medical treatments for allergies do not solve the issue.  For example, taking allergy medication only calms the allergic symptoms for a while and then you experience the symptoms again – once the medication is out of your system.

Instead of medications, you can seek natural remedies for allergies. One of these natural allergy remedies known as Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) can actually eliminate your allergies.

Can NAET eliminate all types of allergies?

Yes. NAET can help many different types of allergies. When you go through NAET sessions, the practitioner will test you for some basic allergens.

Then, you will be treated for specific allergens that your body responds to. You can use NAET for a variety of allergies, including food allergies, environmental allergies, body product allergies and other types.

O.K., I’m interested – how does NAET work?

First, the practitioner will test you for specific allergies through kinesiological, computer and medical testing. Then, you will receive treatment based on some basic allergens and the ones you specifically reacted to.

During the treatment, the practitioner will expose you to the allergen and use acupressure to change the way your brain reacts to the allergen. It does this by communicating with the central nervous system.

The NAET website explains that between 80 to 90 percent of people who received NAET have not reacted the same way to allergens after being treated. Some people need to be treated a few times for the treatment to be effective, and follow-up treatments are sometimes needed over time.

Will it really help my allergies?

Many people are leery of NAET at first, possibly because many traditional allergy treatments are not effective. Also, allergic reactions can be life-threatening, so it is scary to test them. One study on NAET found that it improved peanut allergies – which can be quite severe.

This study was shared at the 2011 National Conference on Undergraduate Research. The participants were people who had previously experienced allergic reactions to peanuts with symptoms like nausea, hives and anaphylaxis. After NAET treatments, these participants experienced only minor to moderate reactions and explained that the severity of their symptoms had lessened.

Where can I get NAET treatments?

Many natural health professionals are trained to offer NAET treatments. These include chiropractors, acupuncturists, allopathic doctors and some other medical practitioners. You can find a trained practitioner through the “Find a Practitioner” tool on the NAET website.

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  • Neil

    I have used NAET and can say for sure it works, It is not like taking a pill for symptom relief. This method may take more than a few sessions, but it is a permanent solution.