EMF dangers revealed: California hid ‘health guidelines’ document on safe cell phone use since 2010

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EMF-pollution(NaturalHealth365) It has come to light that a key document containing important guidelines regarding safe cell phone use has been kept from the public – especially the threat of EMF pollution.  The California health department has potentially put millions of people at increased risk of cancer by hiding this document.

The guidelines were meant to enlighten the public about the risks of cell phone radiation and EMF exposure. The document contains best practices for avoiding harm and staying safe while using a cell phone.

Minimizing EMF exposure crucial to safe cell phone use

The document indicates that long-term cell phone use could increase the risk of brain cancer and other health issues. Some of the best practice recommendations include keeping cell phones as far away from the body as possible, using the speaker phone and hands-free devices, and keeping calls as short as possible.

These important guidelines were only released after a Sacramento Superior Court judge ordered their disclosure ahead of a news story set to be released by The Chronicle.

Lawyers for the California health department said the state believed releasing these guidelines would cause unnecessary public panic. They also said the two-page document hadn’t been formally approved by the agency and thus could not be made public.

At least 10 studies show tumor risk from cell phone radiation

Another excuse given by the California public health department for the delay in disclosure was that the CDC had said “more research was required” before verifying its claims. They believed they were not required to warn the public since the risks of EMF and cell phone radiation had “not been proven.”

However, numerous studies have established risks. At least 10 peer-reviewed research projects have found a link between long-term cell phone use and an increased risk of brain tumors. Cell phone radiation has also been connected with reproductive health problems in both women and men.

Public health researchers like Joel Moskowitz of UC Berkeley believe the release of this document when it was originally drafted – seven years ago – could have saved cell phone users numerous health complications and even saved lives. Moskowitz sued the California public health department in 2016 after his repeated requests for these guidelines in 2014 were stonewalled.

EMF exposure potentially devastating to the health of children

The guidelines detail the dangers of EMF, or electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones. Just about everything electronic gives off EMFs, from wrist watches and X-ray machines to televisions and microwaves. While the EMF waves from cell phones aren’t any higher than what is emitted by a microwave, the fact that we keep them so close to our bodies for extended periods of time increases the risk.

Cell phone radiation affects the tissues of the body at a cellular level, weakening health and increasing cancer risk. EMF waves affect children and unborn babies even worse since their brains and tissues are still developing.

Releasing this document when it became available seven years ago could have reduced many of these risks. Not doing so amounts to a criminal act by the state of California.

Click here to read a copy of the 2010 California safe cell phone use guidelines.





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  • Brenda

    Just make sure your landline isn’t a cordless phone…

    • Brigitte Klein

      yes, very very bad

  • GoldenAutumn

    “Lawyers for the California health department said the state believed
    releasing these guidelines would cause unnecessary public panic.” Seriously?! That’s a pathetic excuse that shows what they really think of us — the public–a bunch of ignoramuses who will “panic” like the movies. Best not tell them or else. Another classic case of “government” deciding what we will and won’t know — totalitarian government. So GLAD this is surfacing. I think Laurie is right: convenience triumphs safety-concerns. It is why people I know continue to use cell phones even though they know the facts. Convenience throws all caution to the wind… until one gets sick. My dream is to see the wifi industry completely exposed for the danger and corruption it really is. And since this is a governmental matter — I hold Congress responsible as they continue to shove this under the rug.

    I have come to really appreciate Dr. Barrie Trower and his brilliant knowledge on this topic. He has tried to speak to Congress but with little success. Interviews of him can be viewed on YouTube. Most notable is a lengthy one entitled “The Cooking of Humanity.” It is very chilling but well worth the effort and time.

    • Brenda

      I totally agree. Barrie Trower is a must see for everyone.

    • Brigitte Klein

      I hope nobody here thinks the epa is here to HELP YOU hahaha . . we were poisoned from the sprayfoam insulation gas – no help from the epa “yes we know about that she said, but it’s getting better”. didn’t even recommend a doctor

  • Martha Hyde

    One thing missing from the research done on cell phones is determining how many people have the cell phone hooked up to a charger at the same time they use it without a headset. The long-term cell phone user may be doing this more than the short-termer does and the higher EMF exposure would come from being hooked up to the charger at the same time. That might explain why so many studies (except for a few) find little link between brain cancer and cell phone use (NOTE that there are no random controlled experimental trial data in humans at all, where you could conclude causality, and that all studies that have been done are purely observations, the first step in the scientific method). Finding a link doesn’t tell us much because all of the possible causes have not been controlled. One of those causes might be in higher EMF exposure during battery recharge.

  • EMFs

    Wireless technology is spiritual warfare. The last nail in the coffin of Global Communism.

  • Faye R

    We turn off the cell phone when we are home. We turn our cell phones on
    ONLY when we are out of the house.

  • Paul PK

    I don’t know if this would work. But what if you don’t use a cell phone number. That is you give the number to no one and I mean no one. Everyone must call you on your landline even a call to you in your car. When you leave your house you set your landline to call forwarding to your cell phone and disconnect the forwarding when you get home. Would that work for you?
    My other question for you is why is your cell phone turned on when you’re home, if you don’t wish to talk on it?

  • Dr sandra smith

    Electro Magnetic Radiation Meter DT 1180 by GMM Teshnoworld Pte Ltd Hong Kong gives digital reading of EMR exposure from cell phones. The EMR Disk developed by vedic research and innovations brings down the EMR within permissible limits.

  • GoldenAutumn

    Thank you for sharing your story, Steve. I wish you the best and hope that you can use your story to educate many others.

  • Brigitte Klein