FDA buried COVID shot adverse events by calling side effects ‘adverse events of special interest’

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fda-buried-covid-shot-adverse-events(NaturalHealth365)  With a staggering annual budget of $8.4 billion, a notable 30% increase from the previous fiscal year, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stands as one of many bloated three-letter agencies in terms of budget and personnel.  However, the shocking revelation of the FDA concealing negative health outcomes adds another layer to their questionable practices.

The FDA called negative health outcomes “adverse events of special interests” to conceal them from the public.  The embarrassing admission was brought to light in a leaked presentation dished to the media from one of the agency’s insiders.

FDA’s leaked presentation shows agency expected many COVID jab-related adverse events and failed to disclose them

Those who’ve dissected the FDA presentation discovered some disturbing information.  For example, the document reveals the FDA anticipated that the COVID injection would lead to myocarditis and a  myriad of other potentially life-altering adverse effects.

The FDA also expected the shot would spur the formation of life-threatening blood clots.  However, this prescient information did not make it to the point of formal public disclosure before distributing the jabs on purpose.

Instead of telling the truth to the public, the FDA dubbed the anticipated negative health outcomes of the jabs “adverse events of special interest,” essentially playing a complex game of legalese to fool the public.  Electing to designate the negative health outcomes as special interest side effects ultimately empowered the three-letter agency to avoid revealing the truth about the jab to those who would later roll up their sleeves.

The negative health outcomes of the jab will continue to be revealed

It is becoming increasingly evident that the experimental shots, touted as a solution to the global health crisis, may have many negative health outcomes.  These unsettling repercussions include the development of myocarditis, an inflammatory condition affecting the heart, as well as anaphylactic allergic reactions, convulsions, and irregular menstrual cycles, among various other concerns.  Yet, astonishingly, many of these adverse effects have remained largely undisclosed by the mainstream media, raising concerns about the transparency surrounding shot safety.

Given the gravity of the situation, those entrusted with the task of investigative research must fulfill their duty of care to the public.  It is high time for them to step forward and courageously pose tough questions to the executives and spokespersons representing Big Pharma.

The need for rigorous scrutiny cannot be understated.  If the scientific community and investigative researchers rise to the occasion, armed with comprehensive data and thorough analysis, they can shed light on the true extent of the negative health outcomes associated with the jabs.  By delving into the depths of this complex issue, they have the power to uncover vital information that could have far-reaching implications for public health policies and the well-being of millions.

A time of moral reckoning is upon Big Pharma and the FDA

It is time for the victims of the jab experiment to step forward, speak truth to power and force Big Pharma to fully reveal the extent of the COVID shot’s anticipated adverse events.  If the truth is revealed in its entirety, we will undoubtedly find out that the recently leaked FDA presentation is only the tip of the iceberg.

Intellectually honest and moral physicians, pharmacists, and critical thinkers alike agree that the FDA and Big Pharma form a corrupt partnership, both of which have a financial interest in concealing the truth from the public.  Together, let us forge a path toward a future where comprehensive research, transparency, and the well-being of individuals guide our decisions regarding shot safety and public health.

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