Cardiologist-recommended solutions for once rare, now common myocarditis

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natural-solutions-for-myocarditis(NaturalHealth365)  As major news outlets report on the alarming rise in excess deaths recorded in 2022 – and yet continue to insist that there is “no” known link between these deaths and the global COVID shot experiment – many experts are warning that potentially deadly and previously rare heart problems like myocarditis are becoming increasingly commonplace.

One such expert is cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD.  We are pleased and humbled to note that over the years, Dr. Levy has contributed greatly to the NaturalHealth365 Programs created by NaturalHealth365 founder Jonathan Landsman.  As a featured writer on this website, Dr. Levy has discussed a wide variety of natural solutions for a range of health issues.

Now, in a January 5, 2023 article, Dr. Levy details his experience as a heart doctor in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic … and offers remedy after remedy for myocarditis.

Truth be told: Dr. Levy says, “today, the active clinical cardiologist is seeing myocarditis patients on a regular basis”

Dr. Levy writes that while “once rare,” myocarditis – a form of heart inflammation – has become “genuinely common” thanks to both COVID-19 illness and COVID-19 vaccines administered to the public at large beginning in late 2020.

Citing numerous research studies, Dr. Levy explains that spike proteins, induced in the body by either a natural infection with the novel coronavirus or by an mRNA COVID shot like those made by Pfizer or Moderna – are capable of triggering an inflammatory reaction in heart muscle tissue.  This is due to the way the spike proteins bind to specialized receptors on heart and blood vessel cells known as ACE2 receptors.

Once bound to these ACE2 receptors, the spike proteins can enter the cells and trigger damaging inflammation and even blood clotting in some individuals.  It should be noted that ACE2 receptors are found on a “wide variety of tissues and organs” throughout the body, including the lungs, which may explain the widespread effects seen in some people post-vax and/or post-COVID infection.

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Interestingly, it appears that myocarditis cases occurring now are clinically distinct from pre-pandemic cases (that is, those not related to spike protein exposure).  Dr. Levy explains that pre-pandemic myocarditis “generally did not involve any predisposition to blood clotting in addition to the inflammation of the affected heart muscle cells.”  He adds that a common test used to indicate increased clotting in the blood is known as a D-dimer test and that data suggests D-dimer levels have been found to be elevated in both infected and vaxxed patients.

By the way:

Remember when the mainstream media immediately downplayed the rise in myocarditis cases, particularly among post-vaxxed teen boys and young men – by saying that myocarditis is generally mild and resolves quickly?  The problem, Dr. Levy warns, is that “there are many individuals who continue to have low-grade myocardial inflammation [even] after a return to clinical normalcy.”

This low-grade and “persistent inflammation” of the heart can be detected in a common test used in medicine known as the troponin test.  Troponin is a type of protein that isn’t normally found in the bloodstream, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.  However, troponin is detectable in the blood when heart tissue becomes damaged due to issues like heart attacks or – you guessed it – myocarditis.

This means that even “mild” or “resolved” cases of post-COVID or post-COVID shot myocarditis could still lead to persistent, low-grade heart damage, which Dr. Levy warns “makes such individuals ticking time-bombs ready to develop a serious worsening of their underlying pathology when a booster shot is received, or a recontraction of COVID or one of its variants occurs … This sets the stage for a sudden and dramatic decline in health when more spike protein is administered or allowed to be replicated in the body.”

Looking for a remedy for myocarditis?  Dr. Levy offers numerous promising solutions

As concerning as Dr. Levy’s observations and scientific citations are, there is reason to hope.

If you’re concerned about heart inflammation symptoms related to a COVID infection or prior COVID shot, please know that there are natural solutions available to you.  Dr. Levy offers several possible natural solutions that individuals can discuss with a trusted and licensed healthcare provider.

These remedies, which may help lower both blood clotting and inflammation (as indicated by decreased D-dimer and troponin levels), include:

  • Ozonated blood or ozonated saline infusions
  • Ultraviolet irradiation treatments of the blood
  • Intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide
  • Hyperbaric oxygen treatments

We appreciate healthcare providers like Dr. Levy, who, in an effort to save lives and help people claim more control over their health, has made significant contributions to science, medicine, and humanity. Be sure to check out Dr. Levy’s full review of his professional observations and recommendations about heart problems like myocarditis in the post-pandemic world.

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