Florida Surgeon General warns: COVID shots have “terrible safety profile”

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covid-jabs-have-terrible-safety-profile(NaturalHealth365)  It isn’t often that those in positions of power speak the truth to their colleagues and workplace superiors.  Florida’s Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, is doing just that.  Ladapo is undeniably a profile in courage, demonstrating irreverence for convention and groupthink with his willingness to speak out against Big Pharma’s COVID jabs that have spurred potentially millions of adverse health events.

While mainstream media outlets remains silent about the deaths and destruction caused by the shots, Ladapo recently issued a dire warning and exposed the falsehood of the “safe and effective” narrative.

Florida’s top doctor warns of the COVID shot’s ALARMING safety profile

Ladapo recently received several letters from the federal government’s “three-letter health agencies” accusing the Sunshine State’s top doctor of misleading the public on the side effects of COVID jabs.  Such correspondence appears concerning on the surface to a layman, yet critical thinkers construe such correspondence as an affirmation that Ladapo’s stance on the jab is justified.  After all, Florida residents suffered a 1,700% spike in adverse events after coronavirus jabs.

According to Ladapo, the COVID jabs have a “terrible safety profile” that endangers the human condition.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded to the doctor’s controversial statement by publishing a joint letter sent to Ladapo’s office.  The agencies stressed that Ladapo over-focuses on supposed negative health outcomes of the jab that allegedly have no causal relationship to Big Pharma’s chemical concoction injected into the arms of Floridians and other hardworking Americans.

The letters went on to argue that Ladapo should have touched on the injections’ supposed benefits to public health.  However, it is worth noting that the letters touched on the fact that the shots cause negative health outcomes.  The admission was qualified by stating other shots, and medical interventions also cause similar adverse effects.

The letters ended by noting how severe negative health outcomes from the shot are rare.  However, those willing to venture beyond CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream media channels and news websites are becoming increasingly aware that potentially millions of people have been victimized by Big Pharma’s experimental jabs.

An inside look at Ladapo’s controversial jab statements

In the spring of 2022, Ladapo recommended that specific portions of the population avoid the shot due to an increased incidence of potential side effects.  Though Ladapo admitted that the shots might provide some benefits, the risks of the injections outweighed the potential benefits.  Furthermore, the Florida Department of Health found a nearly 85% hike in cardiac-related fatalities among men between the ages of 18 and 39 in the four weeks following injection.

The FDA and CDC refuted Ladapo’s statement in their letters to the Surgeon General.  The agency heads insist Ladapo is mistaking unrelated health problems with the shots’ effects on the human body.  The question is whether the negative health outcomes that occur post-shot are a direct or partial result of the jab or caused by something other than the jab.

Florida throws a counterpunch after FDA and CDC criticism

Florida public health officials wasted no time in responding to the letters sent by the CDC and FDA.  These officials issued a statement directly to Fox News, noting how the federal government incessantly repeats the tautology of the COVID jabs’ supposed safety and effectiveness, ultimately gaslighting the taxpayers of the United States for nefarious purposes.

Nikki Whiting, the Florida Department of Health Communications Director, insisted that three questions still loom ominously.  Whiting would like to know:

1. Why the FDA and CDC have not been fully transparent with their bosses and financiers (that would be us, the American taxpaying public)

2. Why insufficient attention has been paid to the risks of the shot

3. Why the federal government has impeded access to uncensored data at the patient level for transparent research

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