Former Pussycat Dolls singer shares her COVID jab injury story

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pussycat-dolls-singer-suffers-covid-jab-injury(NaturalHealth365)  The girl pop group and dance crew Pussycat Dolls have racked up 15 million album sales.  The burlesque-style troupe also has an impressive 40 million singles sold.  These numbers alone make it clear that the group consists of talented members.  But, one member has a very sad story to tell.

Jessica Lynn Sutta, with the stage name J Sutta, is the latest victim of profit-hungry Big Pharma.  The singer recently returned to the spotlight to tell her tragic COVID jab story.  Sutta is no longer with the group, yet she still holds sway on social media, especially with the younger crowd.  Though the mainstream media hasn’t put the former pop star in the spotlight, alternative news websites have pounced on her story to demonstrate the dangers of the jab.

A girl group pop star suffers debilitating COVID shot injury

Jessica Sutta admitted she took the COVID jab and suffered gruesome injuries and illnesses.  Sutta gave several interviews and took to social media to explain how Moderna’s sequence of shots caused painful tremors and neuropathy, essentially admitting “following the science” nearly ended her life.

Sutta also stated that the tremors led to leg and head jerks over several nights.  It appears as though Moderna’s concoction caused an allergic response that nearly ended Sutta’s life.  The singer insists the troubles began only a few days after receiving her second injection, initially manifesting as a muscular spasm along her side that quickly worsened.  The pain felt similar to a broken rib.

Moderna’s COVID injections can trigger spasms and even prematurely end lives

Sutta’s symptoms worsened in the days, weeks, and months after that, eventually leading to neuropathy that spread across her entire body.  The singer awkwardly admitted that her blind faith in modern medicine rendered her immobile, sitting alone in a room, staring at a white ceiling and thinking she would soon take her last breaths.

Sutta is now on a public relations tour of sorts to spread the word about the dangers of Moderna’s shot.  “I know it’s brave for me to do this – which I think is crazy – but now I have the strength to do it. And that’s why I’m here,” she noted in the interview.

Sutta deserves commendation for admitting the error of her ways and highlighting how Big Pharma takes advantage of naive young adults who’ve spent most of their lives believing whatever their parents and mainstream media tell them is the truth.  We can only hope her willingness to tell the truth will inspire other COVID jab victims to share their stories.

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