German study reveals how COVID shots perpetuate a never-ending pandemic

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covid-shots-perpetuate-endless-pandemic(NaturalHealth365)  Though most Americans will never know it, a recent German study has revealed COVID injections are prolonging an endless pandemic.  The study’s findings directly contrast with the narrative pushed by Big Pharma, Big Government, and the mainstream media.

The paper published in Science Immunology had tremendous implications, yet the mainstream media sources remained silent.  So let’s break the silence, shall we?

Pfizer’s mRNA COVID shots create an endless feedback loop of viral immune escape, study finds

Authors of the above-referenced German study found that the COVID shots have altered the human body to generate antibodies that have an increased tolerance to pathogens across posterity.  In plain terms, successive COVID injections are changing the human body to tolerate coronavirus and possibly set the stage for ongoing mutations that prolong the pandemic, potentially indefinitely.

If the German researchers are correct, mRNA shots made by Pfizer and Moderna force the immune system to malfunction, spurring an infinite loop in which the virus not only lingers and spreads but also mutates to new variations that wreak havoc on the global populace.  As a result, there is the potential for the virus to continue spreading, potentially for years, decades, or even centuries.

The pressing question is whether mRNA shots will cause COVID to morph into an even more potent strain or gradually weaken to the point that it is on par with the common cold.

Governments ignore sharp rise in excess deaths, continue pushing COVID boosters

Much has been made of the supposed need for successive mRNA injections to combat new COVID variants emerging seemingly every few months.  However, look closely at countries with the highest COVID injection rates.  You’ll find they suffer significant side effects from the injections and terrible overarching health outcomes resulting from the spread of the virus.  Such declines in human health run contrary to the publicly accepted narrative that sequential booster shots hinder the virus’s spread while mitigating its impact on the human body.

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The scientists who conducted the above-referenced study also highlight the health outcomes in countries with high and low levels of injections.  The countries within the Pacific Rim and continental Africa did not experience high death rates from COVID infection.  However, Japan suffered a significant number of early deaths in otherwise healthy individuals following its mass jab program.

Japan, an island nation that promotes widespread masking and sequential COVID shots, has endured a sharp death curve incline in the aftermath of widespread boosting programs.  The nation’s rising death curve surprised epidemiologists as the Omicron variant of the virus isn’t nearly as pathogenic as preceding strains.  Japan is now the global leader in COVID virus cases per capita despite its high jab rate.

Isn’t it time for Big Pharma to acknowledge COVID shots do not work as promised?

The moral of the story is Big Government and Big Pharma have brainwashed the masses across the globe into believing sequential booster shots successfully combat the virus’s impact and spread.  In reality, booster shots do not generate the all-important IgA antibody defense necessary to halt the spread and mutation of the virus.

Let’s face it, the promotion of the shots as the “way out” of the pandemic was nothing more than a propaganda campaign spread by mainstream media talking heads to coerce billions around the world into lining up for the injection.  Sadly, the mission was partially accomplished.  As for the future, we hope people will learn from their mistakes – or from the mistakes of others – and place faith in their immune systems instead of gene-altering pharmaceutical products.

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