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Miso is a superfood that can transform your health


(NaturalHealth365) Miso, that fermented soybean paste that is famously used in soups in Japanese restaurants, has many other culinary applications that you can enjoy – on a daily basis. In addition, with its many health benefits, this fermented food is best known to improve gut health and supply the body with a healthy source of easy-to-absorb protein. It’s ‘salty’: Should ... Read More »

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Music therapy can help heal neurological diseases


(NaturalHealth365) They say music soothes the soul. It also soothes the brain, according to recent scientific studies. People with all kinds of neurological disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are responding well to music therapy. In fact, some of the results doctors and music therapists are seeing are quite remarkable. What is music therapy? It is the simple act ... Read More »

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Glyphosate could be the largest risk factor for celiac disease


(NaturalHealth365) Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is increasing in prevalence in the United States and Europe. A study by Interdisciplinary Toxicology estimates that about five percent of the population of the western world now has it. Gluten intolerance can cause a variety of symptoms in those who have it, including diarrhea, anemia, nausea, and even depression. When allowed ... Read More »

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How to beat depression and improve brain function


(NaturalHealth365) Did you know food can help you beat depression and improve your brain function? In fact, some foods do this better than any medication. The key is to eat foods that are high in polyphenols. These compounds are found in plant foods and they reduce oxidative stress while improving ‘synaptic plasticity’ – which makes you mentally sharper and promotes ... Read More »

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Food dyes damage DNA structure and cause cancer


(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that 15 million pounds of food colorings are sold annually in the United States? This is both unnecessary and harmful to human health. So, why are so many dyes used, and why are they dangerous? Simply put, these dyes are used to make food look ‘prettier’ to consumers. In other words, it’s purely a cosmetic thing ... Read More »

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Fight cancer and reduce inflammation with ginger


(NaturalHealth365) A February 2012 article in the British Journal of Nutrition recognizes the many benefits of ginger. It is consumed as a spice around the world, but also has clear and proven medicinal benefits. It includes beneficial and healthy compounds such as bioactive phenolics, gingerols, paradols, shogaols, and gingerones. These compounds display anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties. The health benefits ... Read More »

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Store bought almond milk is mostly sugar water

almond milk

(NaturalHealth365) Do you drink almond milk instead of cow’s milk because you think it’s healthier? Well, that may be true, but only if you’re making your own fresh (organic) almond milk. Almond milk’s popularity can be seen due to its presence in most mainstream grocery stores – but there is a serious problem with those commercially-produced brands. Store bought almond ... Read More »

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Half of all medical literature may be false, says medical journal editor

fraud science

(NaturalHealth365) Can we trust scientific literature? A recent report by The Lancet says we can’t, with the report stating “a lot” of scientific studies that are published are incorrect. This is just confirming what can already be seen happening in scientific circles. More and more scientists are coming forward to reveal their research or that of their colleagues has been ... Read More »

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Consumer alert: GMO apples and potatoes are a public health risk

apples and potatoes

(NaturalHealth365) It’s long been known that GMO produce can have unpredictable and often very undesirable side effects when consumed by living creatures. Now newly developed GMO apples and potatoes that do not brown are a new threat to the health of humans and animals everywhere. These apples and potatoes use double stranded RNA (dsRNA) to disable the browning genes inside ... Read More »

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Research says: Organic produce has higher cancer fighting nutrients than conventional

organic produce

(NaturalHealth365) Organic produce sales are booming around the world. People opt for organic foods because they know it’s healthier, has more nutrients, and tastes better than produce grown with chemicals. In fact, despite the twisted (deceitful) propaganda created by the chemical industry, several recent studies prove that organic food is superior by nature. Conventional produce is grown with toxic fertilizers, ... Read More »

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Prevent liver damage: One third of Americans have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease


(NaturalHealth365) Not all liver damage is caused by alcohol or hepatitis. In fact, these are not even the most common causes of liver disease in the United States anymore. The Life Extension Foundation states that the main cause of liver disease in Americans of all ages is excess weight, which leads to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease ... Read More »

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3 essential lifesaving nutrients for heart health

healthy heart

(NaturalHealth365) Heart disease is one of the most prevalent problems of health facing the western world. Yet, there is much that you can do to avoid it and protect your heart, and you can do it naturally. Eating a heart healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise plus natural sunshine are the foundations of good heart health. But, let’s not ... Read More »

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