New research: Vitamin C benefits patients with heart disease and diabetes

New research: Vitamin C benefits patients with heart disease and diabetes
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(NaturalHealth365) The exciting benefits of vitamin C continue to be uncovered. Recent research suggests this super vitamin could slow the effects of two of the most common diseases to crop up during the aging process today: heart disease and diabetes.

Daniel Chong, a licensed naturopathic physician, recently shed light on the combined results of trials looking at the effects of vitamin C supplementation on endothelial function and whether this super vitamin could have a positive impact on those at risk of heart disease and diabetes. His conclusion brings new hope to patients suffering from these debilitating diseases.

The science is clear: Vitamin C can help heart disease patients

Writing recently in Natural Medicine Journal, Dr. Chong described his systematic review of several studies looking at the effects on patients where vitamin C was administered alone and not in combination with other supplements or treatments that could be variables. Studies he reviewed also were similar in that all quantified endothelial function using commonly applied methods.

In his review, data was pulled from 44 randomized controlled trials of various sizes. All studies were focused on determining vitamin’s C’s effect on endothelial function in healthy volunteers and in atherosclerotic, diabetic and heart failure patients.

When pooling data from all studies, there was clearly a significant and positive benefit of vitamin C supplementation in amounts over 500 mg per day. Patients who were suffering from heart failure were found to derive the greatest benefit, while those with diabetes and atherosclerosis also showed promising improvements in endothelial function. There was no difference detected with vitamin C supplementation among those study subjects considered to be ‘healthy volunteers.’

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Why should heart patients care about endothelial function?

Endothelial function has been identified as critical to maintaining the proper balance that enables healthy blood vessels and the healthy condition of the tissues associated with them. Endothelial function can be compromised by such situations as exposure to heavy metals as well as risk factors, such as smoking.

Because of this, a supplement that could trigger a positive impact on endothelial function would be very advantageous. Naturally, vitamin C appears to fit the bill.

Even after all variables in study design and duration, vitamin C concentration, means of administration and other variables were taken into account, improvements in endothelial function remained constant. According to Dr. Chong, it appears as if the improvements in endothelial function were dependent only on dosage.

The future of medicine for open-minded healthcare providers

So what does this mean to the medical community, and more importantly, to patients? According to Dr. Chong, reviews of the identified studies show vitamin C should be a critical part of protocols for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. He believes more open mindedness by the medical community and an eye toward looking at causal factors, a number of potential therapies will be developed.

This is good news not only for those suffering from heart disease, but those with diabetes and atherosclerosis as well. As therapies are developed, the critical point is that vitamin C has a positive, measurable impact on improving the health status of heart disease and diabetic patients.


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