Hemp oil effectively kills cancer cells

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(NaturalHealth365) Hemp oil may be considered a miracle substance on many levels; it seems to have cured many people of terminal cancer, diabetes, pain, depression, anxiety, and many other conditions. However, the real mystery is – why has hemp oil been banned as an illegal substance.

Perhaps the real reason is simple; conventional medicine and big pharmaceutical companies do NOT want to lose profits to a natural cure. You see, treatments like chemotherapy have huge profit margins and big pharma does not want any competition. Simply put, profits are being protected – at the expense of quality, patient care and (more) positive results.

Once again – good science proves that nature can provide a cure for serious disease

A Harvard study, released in April of 2007, shows that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half, while at the same time significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread. You think we’ll hear about this in the mainstream media today?

This is the first set of experiments to show that the compound, THC activates naturally produced receptors to fight off lung cancer. A British pilot study showed that when researchers injected standard doses of THC into mice that had been implanted with human lung cancer cells – the tumors were reduced in size and weight by about 50 percent in treated animals compared to a control group.

There was also a 60 percent reduction in cancer lesions on the lungs in these mice as well as a significant reduction in protein markers associated with cancer progression.

THC has been shown to promote cancer cell death

In 1998, a research team at Madrid’s Complutense University discovered that THC can selectively induce programmed cell suicide in brain tumor cells without negatively impacting surrounding healthy cells. They reported, in the journal Natural Medicine, that injections of synthetic THC eradicated the malignant brain tumors in one-third of the treated rats, and prolonged the life of another third.

The synthetic version destroyed the incurable brain tumors, while the non-synthetic THC is even more powerful. The first experiment documenting pot’s anti-tumor effect took place in 1974 at the Medical College of Virginia. The outcome was that the active component, THC slowed the growth of lung cancer, breast cancer, and a virus induce leukemia in animal models.

By the way, this study was funded by the National Institute of Health to find evidence that marijuana damages the immune system. Instead, scientists found that THC slowed the growth of the three kind of cancers mentioned above. Naturally, what did the DEA do? They quickly shut down the Virginia study.

The power of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has long been recognized as one of the most beneficial substances known. Medicinal hemp oil is derived from hemp buds, it is regarded as a treatment for many ailments. Keep in mind, the hemp oil mentioned (in this article) is NOT the hemp oil found in health food stores.

Every cancer patient should learn about Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is a pioneer in the use of hemp oil as medicine. He has been helping people recover from many conditions including terminal cancer. His results have been nothing short of amazing. But, the reason why (most) people never hear about Rick – is because it’s illegal for this to take place in the United States.

Government agencies simply view his plants as “bad” for society and wish to charge him with a crime – even though he does NOT sell pot, he just helped desperate people by giving away hemp oil – free of charge. He has saved many lives and the testimonials are easy to find online.

So far, the powers that be have maligned everything healthy for us including sunlight, and promoted every thing that holds great dangers for us, such as pharmaceutical drugs, stomach wrenching chemotherapy, and toxic amounts of radiation.

They have sabotaged our food, air, and water and made it a wasteland of chemicals, and yet they have the nerve to deny us a natural substance that may be able to save us from the carnage they brought to this land.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • Lorine

    Is this remedy any help for someone with advanced mesothelioma . I’m sure it can help with pain relief but can hemp or any other natural substance reverse tumours

  • Manjit Malia

    Information on Natural treatment of cancer with various fruits, vegetable, spices, oils, is MOST EDUCATIVE & HELPFULL,.
    Please do give links to websites where details, and sources are made available.

  • James Rospopo

    Yup – there are so many physical conditions that The Active Constituent in THC can address – but more importantly than all – the real reason Marijuana (CS) is illegal is because it “shifts consciousness” and that scares the ruling elite more than anything. Go figure. . .

  • Patty Teufel

    This is wonderful information and it’s such a shame that it’s not more widely known and able to get approval. So many people are dying needlessly! I’m coming back in the next life as a Health Guru and hope by then it won’t ba as difficult to get wise infotmation out to the public without being charged as a criminal!
    THank you for all the marvelous work you do for the world!

  • Nancy Glynn

    So sad all this information about these very remarkable natural cures has to come out after the death of my sister who had ovarian cancer.
    My son is my new Doctor though he is studying engineering has the most information about living a healthy life. He introduced me to Hemp oil and and Kelp powder along with many other organic herbs, also to David Wolfe who everyone should look up on the web. Thank you for this article and God Bless.

  • Lars K

    Reply to Lorine

    Yes it can, and will!

    Copy and paste this link and see the proof: youtu.be/_nm7nqUigFA

  • Sandy

    I understand that marijuana has many, many incredible healing abilities. What confuses me is that you lump all hemp together. Since there are approximately 2000 cannabis plants varieties, it would be beneficial to differentiate between the different varieties.

    Lumping marijuana in with all the other hemp species is a bit confusing.

    My question is, are there health benefits from some of the other hemp plants or is it just marijuana the kills cancer?

  • wendy

    Your term ‘hemp oil’ is confusing to me. In one paragraph you talk about the THC in marijuana and then jump to the value of hemp oil. To me, these are different things and the article didn’t clearly specify which plant the oil comes from – since there is the other hemp plant that looks identical to the marijuana plant but, has no THC. The hemp plant that we get ‘hemp hearts’ for nutrition (I sprinkle it on my cereal. It’s the hemp we get ‘hemp oil’ from that is great in salad dressings. It’s the hemp that can be made into extremely strong fibres for things like hemp ropes, clothing, paper, building materials etc. The fact that the two plants are easily confused is why the U.S. prohibits both. In Canada, we are fortunate the have the other ‘hemp oil’ easily and legally available. Please, let’s start being clear as to which plant/oil – and show the government that it can be done!

  • Lars K

    Reply to Lorine

    THC does have amazing healing powers, and will shrink cancer tumours.
    The underlying cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. THC cannot rid the body from the asbestos particles, so it would be preposterous to claim that THC would provide a clean-cut cure. But THC would be a far better bet than any conventional drug because it would help the body to fight inflammation and shrink the tumours. No conventional drug will do that.

  • Wendy

    ALL amounts of radiation are toxic. The effects are cumulative so they build up in the tissues and eventually cause cancer. Also, THC is a PSYCHOTROPIC drug! Does not matter whether it is synthetic or natural (arsenic is natural too but it is STILL a poison!). Don’t be fooled. THC has all the side effects of other psychotropic drugs including psychotic episodes, memory loss and brain damage. Yech and double yech! Don’t just say no to drugs, say Oh, Hell no!

  • TomJ

    Here’s Rick’s facebook page: facebook.com/pages/Rick-Simpson-Phoenix-Tears/171647872940185

  • Sandy

    I agree with you Wendy but really it’s totally disgusting that any of the hemp varieties are illegal.

    But then again, anything that is healthy and cheap is made illegal by the powers that want to make us all sick and tired. It’s much easier to control a population this is ill rather than strong and healthy, not to mention the monetary value of us useless eaters as main stream medical victims.

    Almost a century of prohibiting this amazingly beneficial plant. If you want to see just how ridiculous the propaganda is that started this madness, check out the movie ‘Reefer Madness’

    Wikipedia says….

    Reefer Madness (originally released as Tell Your Children and sometimes titled as The Burning Question, Dope Addict, Doped Youth and Love Madness) is a 1936 American propaganda exploitation film revolving around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana — from a hit and run accident, to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, and descent into madness.

  • Barbara

    ‘They’, have managed to disable Rick’s website again which was called simply Phoenix Tears. You can view his movie at phoenixtearsmovie.com/ which he encourages us all to spread around to everyone-for free. The movie explains a lot. He had to leave Canada to avoid arrest. Bless him for his courage, honesty, and service to humanity.

  • Blanche

    Hemp Oil sold in the store is completely different from the hemp Oil talked about in the article.

    Rick Simpsom’s hemp oil comes from the hemp plant buds, not the seeds,and is a cannabis extract.

    The strain of hemp that is used by Rick Simpson is called Indica, it is low in THC, but high in cannabinoids.

    Cannabis has at least 65 different cannabinoids and each has a restorative effect on cellular regulation. The THC in marijuana is also in the buds used to make this medicinal oil.

  • Teriann

    Good morning. This is actuallky the second time I have read this article. While I know the FDA (in the USA), does not allow us to give “curative” information on things they have not “approved”…I still would like to know what the doseage for stage 4 metastatic cancer would be…and the actual type of hemp oil used.
    Thank you for good articles, such as these.

  • Dave

    The hemp oil that Rick Simpson produces is in fact Marijuana oil.
    Flowers (called buds) of the female cannabis/Marijuana plant, thus not the hemp plant, are used to make the oil. Only female cannabis plants produce THC and many other important cannabinoids.

    I made the oil myself by following to the Rick Simpson method. My girlfriend uses it for her migraine. She tried many medicine but only cannabis oil helps for her. 2 tot 3 drops and her migraine vanishes in 15 to 20 minutes!

    Here’s a very interesting link to what prof. Robert Melamede has to say about the healing properties of cannabis…youtube.com/watch?v=n31Nuj_AvTg

    There are many other interviews with dr Melamede on youtube, just search for Robert Melamede.

    My suggestion to Natural News is, invite this wonderful doctor for a nice interview!

    ps: sorry if i wrote some spelling mistakes cause i am not american, my homeland is Belgium!


  • Barry

    I have stage 4 colon cancer that has metasticized in my lungs…is there somewhere I can get this hemp oil

  • George M. Thorpe

    How much is it, & where do we get it?

  • pm

    So is the hemp seed oil bought from the store worth taking then?

  • norma

    where can you obtain the female cannibus plant which contains THC? Also, where can I purchase hemp oil?

  • Pat Porter

    Has anyone given ‘real’ hemp oil to their dog therapeutically?

  • basia

    HI I use the indica or low THC hempcookies make with the bud and get it in a special store on prescription. Here in VIctoria Canada. I use it for arthritis nd bulging discs and spinal stenosis . Works kike magic. I can get around with 90 or 80 percent of pain gone within 2 hours.
    The cookies are a healthy combo of nuts and seeds with infusion of the healing Cannabinoid oil. I can not take regular pain killers because of other complications of diabetes so I am so grateful to nature for growing this plant on this earth. Nything in excess will create problems for the mind or body or both, Take overdose of aspirin or tylenol and see what happens . Teach kids how to use it responsibly. ITs too good for many tings and will not be stopped no matter how hard you try to prohibit its use.

  • june cochrane

    It is not surprising that the “powers that be” have banned these natural cures. The FDA has banned a natural cure that controlled my COPD. For two years, I was totally free of all symptoms. FDA agents burst into doctors’ offices and removed it from their shelves. They invaded the lab of the bio-chemist who formulated it and treated him like a criminal, robbing him of lab records and stealing his formula. My life has gone downhill without it. Is this the way our government departments help us?? I heard that the FDA is basically made up of former pharmaceutical employees.
    Is this true!! Will that formula be turned over to the pharmaceuticals who will get a patent by adding one of their unnatural chemicals? Will they then sell it for 10 times more?? It is a miracle cure. So many could have benefitted from it.

  • kim

    Those with cancer should consider thr Gershon Therapy it has helped many, mostly raw vegan juices (14lbs per day) along with coffee enemas for full detox value. Cancer is systemic failure due to poor dietary choices along with a plethora of toxins either industrial or viral in nature. The juices provide nutrition that many fail to receive on a daily basis and the enemas provide a means for thr liver to purge the toxins.No sugars until cancer free for period of two years.This is no easy for many but given the choices i think it will be easy to do the right thing. The oils can not hurt but remember you need whole foods to bring your body back to status quo.Good luck to those suffering with terminal cancer and may God be with you!

  • AmyH

    I was wondering what are the benefits of the hemp oil that you can buy in the Health Food Stores?

  • Michael Khoury

    This natural healing of cancer is a miracle. It should be made available to those who are suffering from cancer. It would be helpful if Hemp oil source can be available for those who need it. Can you advise me where to get Hemp Oil. Because I have a friend who suffer from cancer. Your help will be appreciated. Regards and best wishes./ Michael

  • Gerry

    Google MMS Jim Humble,find out for yourself.

  • Hendog

    Ok people here is the scoop..there are 3 different strains of Cannabis Hemp..you have your Sative Strain your Indica strain and your Ruderalis strain. The strains that CURE disease..(yes CURE disease) come from the Indica and Sativa strains..Rick Simpsons loveas the Indica plant for his Hemp Oil..(highest THC he can get) the Sativa strain works too but if there is any amount of Pain involved the Indica strain works best. The Hemp OIl they sell in the Natural Food stores has ZERO THC in them they are produced using the Ruderalis strain..still a wonderful plant for Food Fiber & Fuel but not for Medicine. And to those who say this all natural God Send is a dangerous DRUG and we should say Hell No to…EDUCATE YOURSELF! You know NOTHING about this wonderful God Send! Nobody in the history of mankind has EVER died from Cannabis! YOU CANT! You want to know why??? BECAUSE IT IS NOT LIVER TOXIC!! It is a NON TOXIC vegetable that is awesome for our immune system! Research your “Endocannabinoid System” our own bodies produce a cannabinoid that is MIRRORED by the Cannabis Hemp Plant! Without these “Cannabinoids” our immnune system DIES and we DIE right along side of it..the cannabinoids in this plant are a GIFT FROM GOD! Not a DRUG we should be saying HELL NO TO! Cannabis Hemp Oil is the CURE FOR DISEASE!! Juicing the RAW plant is AWESOME as well..the ONLY reason that this God Send has been kept illegal is because of GREED! Big Oil/Big Pharma have done everything possible to keep these lies going because it is going to cost these greedy devils BILLIONS! Why allow you to grow a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE in your backyard for healty food awesome fiber, Clean burning FUELS and most importantly..MEDICINE. I have THOUSANDS of hours of research into this plant..just google THC for Cancer..PROOF POSITIVE that this IS THE CURE FOR NOT ONLY CANCER..but every disease!!! These liars we have in our Government should be HUNG for their greed and deceit! HUNG WITH A HEMP ROPE! RESEARCH THIS WONDERFUL PLANT and then come back to me to prove me wrong..you will not be able to do it. WAKE UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! May God Bless Rick Simpson and may God Damn those who have made this man a criminal for saving human lifes with a NON TOXIC OIL.

  • Gwen Gilchrist

    I loved this article and would like to know where and how to obtain this product for I know sevral people with Cancer that this may help in a great way.

    Keep putting the natural things out here we need to know!

    Gwen Gilchrist

  • Jeff Harper

    I have cancer, where can I find this product?

  • Blanche

    This isn’t an easy product to find, since it’s illegal. The hemp seed oil in the stores is not the same as hemp bud extract.

    There is so much information on how to beat cancer naturally, from juicing testimonials to information on whey protein and low sugar diets.

    However, we need all the tools to keep us healthy and hemp extract has shown it can target cancer cells. The public’s commitment to getting this life-enhancing plant for medical reasons has got to get more support.