12-year-old paralyzed after HPV vaccine, doctors say it’s psychological

12-year-old paralyzed after HPV vaccine, doctors say it’s psychological
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(NaturalHealth365) A 12-year-old aspiring pop star from the UK is now bed ridden with paralysis from the neck down after receiving the HPV vaccine called, Gardasil. However, instead of acknowledging a vaccine injury, doctors want to have her committed.

Mia Blesky received the Gardasil shot at her school in September. The next day she experienced a burning sensation in her spine and a heaviness in her legs. These symptoms quickly progressed to a full loss of feeling in all of her arms and legs. (and the doctors think, ‘it’s all in her head?!’)

Family of HPV vaccine recipient told she is causing her own paralysis

The 12-year-old has a gift for singing and an aspiration of becoming a pop star. However, now that she is paralyzed from the neck down, her prospects have become much more limited. At this time, Mia can only talk and blink her eyes. She must now be home-schooled from her bed; however, she continues to receive singing lessons.

Mia’s family believes she experienced a reaction to the HPV vaccine, which has been linked with vaccine injury. However, when they took Mia to the hospital, they were in for a shock. Incredibly, the doctors told the family that Mia was causing her own paralysis herself in an effort of self-harm!

Despite vaccine injury, girl still aspires to career in music

The hospital offered no physical treatment and discharged her after a few days. The only option suggested was that the girl be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Can you imagine the total disregard for a serious medical condition?

In addition to being paralyzed, Mia also suffers from involuntary spasms, is incontinent and has trouble keeping food down. She also has trouble singing the way she used to because she runs out of breath very easily.

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However, Mia still retains her dream of singing on the West End in London as well as to a wider audience via the Internet. She still holds hope that someone can help her find a way to have a music career despite her health challenges.

Nearly 12,000 cases of reported vaccine injury on record from HPV vaccine

The Gardasil shot is routinely given to girls at around the age of 12 or 13. Its intent is to help protect against cervical cancer, which they say is caused by the human papilloma virus. However, the HPV vaccine has been linked with disturbing side effects and vaccine injury. These include headaches, dizziness and chronic fatigue as well as paralysis and in some cases, death.

At this time, health organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) consider the HPV vaccine to be safe. However, as of February of 2017, nearly 12,000 negative reactions related to the Gardasil shot have been recorded.

Attributing total paralysis after a vaccine to a psychological condition is beyond appalling. Clearly, additional testing of the HPV vaccine is urgently needed.

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