HPV vaccine linked to debilitating illness in teenage girls

HPV vaccine linked to debilitating illness in teenage girls
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(NaturalHealth365) It is a story that is becoming all-too-common: parents provide permission for their daughters to receive HPV vaccines, believing it to be the “right” thing to do to keep their children healthy. But instead, the previously healthy girls suffer a serious illness after receiving the immunization.

This is the scenario that is increasingly playing out around the world. Girls are suffering a broad range of HPV vaccine side effects. Yet, government health officials seem dismissive of the evidence, insisting there is not enough scientific evidence to link the vaccine and documented illnesses in patients after immunization.

’Mysterious’ health symptoms connected to the HPV vaccine

The serious side effects observed in girls receiving HPV vaccinations is not confined to a single geographical area. In Denmark, the case of three girls who suffered serious medical conditions after receiving HPV vaccines was widely publicized. In a documentary in that country about the girls’ plight, it was noted that the three girls had one thing in common with thousands of girls around the world: all were healthy prior to receiving HPV vaccines.

In the case of the children featured in the Danish documentary, the girls suffered a number of serious, new medical conditions. While the girls received a comprehensive physical examination, no clear diagnosis was made. Unfortunately, similar cases in other countries also remain undiagnosed.

Most often, girls suffering symptoms after receiving the HPV vaccine reported feeling dizzy and often pass out. The vast majority report suffering from severe headache, which becomes chronic in some. They also report abdominal pain and nausea, along with odd muscle movements that cannot be controlled. Patients also report feeling overly tired.

No surprise: Government health officials ignore the problem

Warnings to governmental health officials continue to go unheeded, around the world. In Denmark, for example, several physicians had contacted the country’s health agency to warn of possible serious side effects from the vaccinations. Yet, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority did not admit having received any such notification during creation of the documentary featuring the three girls and their symptoms.

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It is reported that in the UK, adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine far outnumber complications from other immunizations. In the past 10 years, there were over 8,000 reports of adverse reactions with over one-fourth documented as “serious.”

Health statistics reveal only a fraction of the problem

Sadly, the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency states that such numbers are almost certainly lower than reality, due to the strong likelihood of under reporting. In fact, the agency believes it receives reports from only about 10 percent of those actually suffering adverse effects from the HPV vaccine.

Meanwhile, the HPV continues to be a recommended immunization for girls in the United States and other countries around the world. Recently, Japan withdrew its governmental recommendation for the HPV vaccine due to reported serious side effects. However, the vaccine is still widely available and the Japanese Pediatric Society still recommends its use.

The entire Danish documentary is available – at no cost – on YouTube with English subtitles: (video below)


HPV Vaccines: A Danish Documentary


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