HUGE VICTORY: New York State Supreme Court strikes down COVID-19 vax mandate for NYC public employees

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covid-19-vax-mandate(NaturalHealth365)  It wasn’t long ago when politically blue states such as the nanny state of New York required public employees to receive multiple Covid shots as a “solution” to the so-called pandemic to remain employed.  Those with a strong moral compass and passion for liberty justifiably resisted Big Brother’s mandated injections.

Fast forward to the fall of 2022, and it is abundantly clear that the anti-vaxxers were in the right.  The Supreme Court of New York State recently struck down the COVID-19 vax mandate for public employees in New York City.  The ruling is a significant victory for civil libertarians and medical freedom fighters who stood firm in their beliefs despite rampant groupthink.

NY State Supreme Court sides with city employees, deems COVID vax mandate unconstitutional

Judge Porzio explained his ruling in favor of city employees by highlighting the vax mandate’s unconstitutionality.  First, Porzio highlighted how the vax mandate violated the legal requirement of due process, meaning employees were not provided with the opportunity to contest the repeated injections in a court of law.  Furthermore, the judge pointed to how different types of employees were subjected to nuanced vax requirements (or lack thereof), ultimately making it unfair to force these shots on public sector employees.

The bottom line is it is unfair for private sector employees to continue working while unvaccinated when public sector employees are subjected to authoritarian vax mandates.  For example, NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ Emergency Executive Order 62 exempted certain private sector employees, such as performers, from the vax mandate while unfairly subjecting public sector employees to the mandate.

Has New York’s ruling just set a legal precedent?

The NY Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of medical freedom advocates has the potential to serve as a precursor to similar rulings outside of the nanny state, paving a path toward a future in which individual freedom reigns supreme over authoritarianism.  The court sided with more than a dozen NYC laborers who refused multiple injections of Operation Warp Speed and then sued after termination.  Interestingly, NY Supreme Court Justice Ralph J. Porzio described the vax mandate as capricious, volatile, temperamental, and unaccountable.

The 16 NYC employees originally filed the lawsuit in late July after losing their jobs for failing to comply with the vax mandate.  The judge’s ruling applies to the 16 laborers as well as the remainder of public employees throughout the city, extending from the litigious sanitation workers who took the initial legal action all the way to the fire department and police department employees.

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The ruling sets a legal precedent that has the potential to pave a similar path toward justice in favor of hardworking Americans in other blue states and even some purple and red states across posterity.  It is quite possible another pandemic will arise in the years or decades ahead, setting the stage for judges in other municipalities to reference the NYC Supreme Court decision when ruling in favor of those who favor civil liberties as opposed to draconian totalitarian top-down control.  Furthermore, the ruling also serves as a precedent for future decisions made at the federal level.

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