Prevent kidney disease with these delicious foods

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kidney(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control, one in ten American adults has some level of chronic kidney disease?  These numbers are truly staggering: about 26 million Americans suffer from some type of kidney disease.  Yet, all of this pain and suffering is completely avoidable – by eating the right foods.

With this health condition on the rise, it’s essential to evaluate diet and determine which foods can help prevent this disease from growing any more than it already is. The truth is that foods play a much larger role in overall health than many may know, and kidney disease is no exception. With a change in diet, you can avoid becoming a medical statistic.

Avoid kidney disease by improving your diet

What if I told you that consuming a healthy diet can prevent your chances of developing this disease?  Would you change your diet?  Research is pointing in the direction of solidifying that fact that diet plays a major role in the development of kidney disease.

Alex Chang, MD, of Johns Hopkins University found that people who had regular functioning kidneys but whose diet was full of processed foods, toxic red meats, sodium, and sugary foods while being low in nutrient-rich foods like nuts, legumes, and other whole (minimally-processed) foods were much more likely to develop this disease!

Support better kidney health with these foods

Cabbage: Cabbage is part of the cruciferous vegetable family. Cruciferous vegetables are known to help reduce free radicals in the body and are rich in phytonutrients to help promote overall health. Cabbage is especially great for a kidney diet due to its phytonutrient properties and is rich in fiber, and vitamin C.

Garlic: Here is another kidney friendly food that serves as an excellent substitution to salt. If you commonly over salt your food, garlic may be a great way to get away from the salt shaker while adding in a boost of flavor.

Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties helping to prevent overall disease in the body. If you suffer from high blood pressure, garlic is an intelligent choice. Remember, high blood pressure can damage the small blood vessels in the kidneys resulting in kidney damage.

So, try adding garlic into your diet as a natural way to help reduce inflammation and the risk of hypertension.

Asparagus: This amazing green vegetable has been known to help support healthy kidney function. Asparagus has the ability to act as a natural kidney cleanser and may even be able to break up uric acid which is excellent news for those who suffer from kidney stones.

The best part about asparagus is that this vegetable is not only great in supporting overall kidney health, but is excellent for total body health as well.

Cucumber: Who doesn’t love a delicious and refreshing cucumber?

Cucumbers are nearly 90% water, but don’t let that fool you from thinking that cucumbers aren’t rich in health promoting benefits. Cucumbers are rich in Vitamins A, C, minerals, and are even a good source of fiber; they are also excellent for any kidney diet since they help to promote hydration.

Cucumbers have also been known to help rid the body of excess uric acid – which is known to cause kidney stones, and gout, and can help to wash away debris from the kidneys. Try a deliciously refreshing homemade cucumber juice for a great way to get this kidney boosting food into your diet.

A word of caution

Keep in mind, if you’re suffering with kidney disease, seek the advice of a trusted, integrative healthcare professional before introducing new foods. For example, potassium intake needs to be closely monitored when dealing with severe kidney disease patients.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your overall health, while also supporting your kidneys to prevent kidney disease try adding these delicious foods into your diet!

Looking for a healthy recipe? Try this phytonutrient rich cucumber juice recipe for a healthy way to start your day, and keep your kidneys running smoothly.

Cucumber Detox Juice – (Serves 1)


1 organic cucumber
2 sticks of organic celery
2 carrots
½ apple


Run these veggies through your juicer, and enjoy right away!
Add in a few ice cubes for a more refreshing juice.


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  • Jolie Watts

    Good timely article. Kidney disease just like all other chronic conditions is on the rise. This is one condition it is important to avoid. The treatment options are limited and quite toxic.

  • Katie Imes

    i have a friend on dialysis and have first hand knowledge about how horrible that is. It is not only time consuming, but offers limited help.

  • Jane Lauren

    A good diet is the first defense against this. The juicing you suggest is one of the best ways to clean the kidneys. What has to be remembered they are a filtration system. Juicing keeps everything flowing.

    Juicing helps avoid bladder infections, which can be a contributor to kidney problems. It is important not to take bladder infections lightly.

  • Noreen Edison

    I juice asparagus and they work well with most vegetables and fruits. Asparagus with carrots and apples are delicious.

    I even juice string beans. Blending and juicing doesn’t have to be limited to just a few choices.

  • Dan Carlson

    This article points to a very important fact-it is easy to prevent kidney disease with some very easy to do lifestyle changes. Over 40,000,000 Americans have kidney and bladder infections and impairments. The shame is most of it is preventable.

  • Eddie Holder

    High blood pressure is tied to kidney disease. Diabetes is another risk factor for kidney disease. Again, you have to address the whole to fix any problem in the body.

    What you need to avoid kidney problems is a healthy diet and exercise routine, which can include just about any activity to ensure overall health.

  • Gail F

    If anyone ever had kidney stones you will value the above information. My uncle was in such pain from them that he changed his lifestyle to avoid ever having them again.

    I will not want anyone to wait until they have a problem to change. Modern medicine can’t prevent any type of kidney problem only the individual can.

    • John

      Modern medicine should be labeled “deterioration” medicine. It uses acute medications to treat chronic problems. That is dumb. Treating symptoms is what our medicine has become and not a single DEGENERATIVE DISEASE has been cured in over 150 years of drug company creations. All the money received by drug companies to “cure” a degenerative disease is spent on improving the bottom line and creating more symptom treatments. Curing a degenerative disease with their drugs is corporate suicide. The tremendous markups on drugs is horrendous and borders on criminality. Lipitor (top selling drug in America) for example, 20 mg. has a consumer price (100 tablets) $272.37 with a cost of $5.80 active ingredients giving the drug company a 4,696% markup. But that is nothing compared to many other drugs such as:

      Prevacid 30 mg – 34,136% markup
      Prilosec 20 mg -: 69,417% markup
      Prozac 20 mg – 224,973% markup

      Or how about “Xanax” 1 mg with a 569,958% markup:
      How can ANY business justify this kind of markup on anything they are selling? One of the primary reasons for the high cost is the marketing cost and the high cost of lawsuits being brought against them for damaging and killing people at a rate far higher than all other reasons for death in America today! 100’s of thousands of lawsuits are settled out of court with large sums of money going to the victims or their families. The drug companies look at this as a “cost of doing business.” We hear complaints about GUN VIOLENCE, but who’s talking about the “DRUG VIOLENCE?”

  • Ruthie Hudson

    My neighbor just got back from having her kidney stones broken up by a sound wave blaster. A large fragment got stuck on the way out. She said it was quite painful and vowed to never have this occur again.

    I gave her this article to read. She is now going to buy a juicer and start using it immediately.

    • John

      There are many things that cause kidney stones and foods that contain oxylates are a big factor. Spinach and Almonds are at the top of the list for oxylates and should be avoided. Many of the bottled waters and foods now contain high concentrations of ASBESTOS in its “nano” form. Chrysolite and Tremolite are the two most common. It is very difficult to isolate these nano forms of asbestos in a lab that requires an electron microscope to see it in a laboratory setting. Arrowhead water, for example is loaded with asbestos. It is almost impossible to find a good bottled water due to this problem now. Almonds, especially from California, are loaded with this asbestos.
      America is really under attack from many directions now and when you look at the huge number of older people dying younger and younger due to some major disease and also realizing many have undetected cancer and other illnesses that exacerbate these problems with an identified disease when trying to treat them with acute medications while the chronic disease is not cured, but managed as symptom treatment, it is obvious why we Americans are so unhealthy.
      When juicing, it is imperative that you dose the amount of concentrated anything, very carefully. Too much of a good thing can and does give the opposite effect causing “side effects” along with some good.

  • Doc Silverman

    It costs about $75,000 a year per person to use a dialysis machine. With the number of people using it the centers are quite profitable. After 5 years only about 1/4 of the people survive and after 10 years it is less than 8%.

    Knowing these statistics should make everyone reading this take notice. This is where prevention is worth its weight in gold.

    • John

      Much of the problem with any kidney issue is that the kidney is far more than a filter. It has functions that regulate many things in the body. It is very important too take good care of those kidneys. One of the key functions is to process Chromium. Chromium is not only an important factor in diabetes, fat management, but is the primary mineral for the PANCREAS. Antacids and calcium carbonate stop the ability of the kidney to process Chromium and consequently we see lots of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer happening due to all this antacid products.

  • John

    The reason is that when you eat excess protein, as the amino acids are broken down by hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the excess of undigested or incomplete protein are sent to the liver where the nitrogen is removed and sent to the kidney for excretion and the balance is converted to saturated fat that is deposited on the hips, stomach, and thighs. This distresses the kidney and is why many older people get fat build up on these areas due to the lack of hydrochloric acid being made as we age creating poor protein digestion.

  • John

    It is true that if you have a kidney problem, you want to avoid calcium products, especially calcium supplements with concentrated forms of calcium. However, the REAL problem is the lack of hydrochloric acid being made in the stomach and people thinking that a high alkaline food or drink content is good for them. In chemistry, it is a know fact that you get the salt of the base and water when mixing an alkaline product with acid. Hydrochloric acid is made in the parietal cells lining the stomach in carnivores & omnivores, but not in herbivores. This is why herbivores cannot eat meat. The primary function of HCL is breaking down proteins and sanitizing, but it also is a participant in fat digestion. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron are absorbed in the jejunum (upper part of the small intestine) when the acidic chime enters that part of the intestine where cells are triggered due to that chyme having a pH between 1.5 and 3.0 signaling the absorption to take place where the body decides what and how much to absorb. If the pH is too high, that absorption will not take place and those minerals can and do become toxic to the body creating cataracts, bone spurs, and KIDNEY STONES! The body has to store toxins somewhere & attempt to eliminate them as best they can, or store them somewhere.

  • Abc

    What about the heavy metal issue with kidneys in conjunction with diet. It’s not just diet that causes kidney issues. Also, full spectrum salt like Himalayan salt is not just sodium but has 84+ minerals and is not in the same category as processed toxic table salt. Essential oils can help with kidney issues also. I am mercury toxic and am a non-excreeter of the metals and my kidneys have benefited from using EO’s. I eat organically, raw dairy, clean fatty meats and drink lots of water and whole food supplements.

  • Rick

    On Asparagus, what does uric acid have to do with kidney stones? I’ve had kidney stones off & on since 1995 and was NEVER told that uric acid had anything to do with them. I also am prone to gout which has a direct relation to a build up uric acid which is related to a build up of pyrines in the body. And asparagus adds pyrines to the system so explain how asparagus can break up uric acid. If it does it would be a great contributor to helping gout suffers.

  • Julez

    huh.. I have never ever heard of this. Very cool… I just threw some of that amazing silk away last night. Poop. Cool tip, thank you. What is in the silk strands that helps your kidneys?