Lemon juice and garlic have significant impact on cholesterol and blood pressure levels

Lemon juice and garlic have significant impact on cholesterol and blood pressure levels
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(NaturalHealth365) Although the pharmaceutical industry publicly downplays the validity of natural remedies, honest (scientific) research continues to prove that the intake of certain foods offers significant health benefits. For example, the health benefits of lemon juice and garlic – confirmed by recent studies – can not be ignored.

In fact, one study found that taking a simple combination of lemon juice and garlic can help to reduce cholesterol levels while improving blood pressure readings.  The International Journal of Preventive Medicine published a study done by researchers at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.  These findings remind the world that turning to food as medicine works – even if this interest in food-based logic threatens the trillion dollar pharmaceutical business.

Garlic and lemon juice lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels

The study was done over eight weeks and involved 112 people who had been diagnosed with moderate hyperlipidemia – a condition in which individuals have high levels of triglycerides, cholesterol, and other lipids.  But, here’s the big surprise: the group that experienced the best results took only 20 g of garlic daily, plus 1 tablespoon lemon juice. (isn’t that amazing?!)

Conventionally speaking, cholesterol is often thought to be a risk factor for heart disease.  But, we now know that – what Western medicine deems as “high” – cholesterol (or triglycerides) is not the primary cause of heart disease.

In truth, cardiovascular disease is a direct result of nutritional deficiencies – like low levels of vitamin C – which make it easier for free radicals to damage the arteries.  As a result of this damage, plaque is formed to help “patch things up.”  But, we all know: too much plaque is bad for our health.

Simply put, statins are not the answer.  We must do everything we can to protect our cardiovascular system from harm by avoiding environmental toxins and increasing our intake of antioxidants.

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The results of this randomized clinical controlled trial showed that the group of participants who received garlic and lemon juice saw a significant reduction in total cholesterol.  It also resulted in blood pressure improvements, and a reduced body mass index, additional benefits of the lemon juice and garlic combination.

Truth be told: “Let food be thy medicine”

Despite the pharmaceutical industry’s attempts to suppress information about food as medicine, science has clearly proven that vegetables and fruits contain essential micronutrients.   While this particular study demonstrated some of the benefits of lemons and garlic, other valuable sources of micronutrients include ginger, beetroot, onions and olives.

Quick reminder: always choose organic varieties of any food item – to minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals used in conventional farming.

With global drug sales exceeding one trillion dollars per year, it’s obvious that big pharma has a vested interest in making sure that the therapeutic and preventative properties of natural foods are ridiculed and discounted.

Unfortunately, this means that people around the world are largely unaware that consuming fewer vegetables and fruits results in a lower intake of micronutrients.  This obviously results in poorer health, a greater dependency on medications, and an unnaturally shorter lifespan.

This recent study – showing the significant impact of lemon juice and garlic on cholesterol and blood pressure – reminds us that we can’t allow big pharma to keep us in the dark about the benefits of food as medicine.  The local drug store doesn’t hold the keys to better health – but what you put on your plate and into your body does.

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