Liposomal Vitamin C targets cancer cells

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(NaturalHealth365) We know vitamin C is used intravenously in alternative clinics to help eradicate cancer. The fact that oral vitamin C doesn’t offer the same results is also known. But, what is not well known is a specially designed vitamin C delivery system that you can buy or prepare at home – which offers similar benefits to intravenous, vitamin C therapy.

Vitamin C offers a safe alternative to toxic cancer treatments

The dismissal of vitamin C as a cancer therapy was based upon oral-dose vitamin C; studies are now showing that intravenous vitamin C has great potential as a cancer therapy. Now, it is possible to get the same results of intravenous vitamin C using “liposomal” vitamin C.

In this case, the vitamin is encapsulated in sub-microscopic bubbles called liposomes. This makes it a size and composition for the liposomes to slip through the GI tract unharmed and unchanged, so they can be readily absorbed by the small intestines, and transported to the liver through the lymphatic system. In the liver, the liposomes are metabolized and the vitamin C is releases into the bloodstream to circulate through out the body.

The beauty of liposomal vitamin C therapy

The encapsulating liposomes are made of “essential phospholipids” which the body needs, recognizes and sends straight to the liver along with the vitamin C. This substance has health benefits in and of itself. It is what cell membranes are made of and the benefits include lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol, improving coronary circulation, liver protection and regeneration.

There is no digestive activity prior to assimilation so there is no gastric distress, increased urination or flushing. This makes it possible to take a high concentration of liposomal vitamin C without harming the body.

Conventional medicine wants to “cover up” the benefits of vitamin C

In a study first published in 2008, for the first time, using a special liposomal form of oral-dose vitamin C, researchers in Britain demonstrated it is possible to achieve cancer-killing concentrations of this vitamin without undesirable side effects. This study was completely overlooked by the cancer community. The study was published in a journal cataloged by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), but articles from that journal can NOT be accessed at the NLM website.

The report was submitted for publication, then the publisher of the journal changed editors and the new editor tried to scratch the report from its publication schedule. When the report finally got published, the journal itself was discontinued and its articles were no longer indexed by NLM.

This is how good science is hidden from the public! It appears to be an intentional effort to hide the benefits of vitamin C for cancer patients. By the way, an (online) abstract is provided at the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine website.

A valuable lesson in life – always take responsibility for your own health

Remember, making your own decisions about what’s best for you – is always your best choice. The reluctance of modern medical doctors to offer vitamin C therapy to cancer patients means we have to find our own resources.

Researchers Stephen Hickey and Hilary J. Roberts, long-time advocates of vitamin C therapy and authors of the book “Asorbate: The Science of Vitamin C”, believe the use of repeated doses, and the special liposomal form of vitamin C that is absorbed in the gut and then into the liver before it is releases are key to making oral vitamin C therapy effective.

At the very least, this information should be public knowledge, and not tucked away – like a secret. Nothing seems to beat the healing power of nature and what’s needed is a medical community that supports it.

Liposomal vitamin C can be bought on the web and so can the items needed to make some. There are books, and videos posted online with the instructions on how to make liposomal vitamins. When the medical community refuses to come to their senses – nothing beats some applied ingenuity.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  1. Serge Clement DIVAHE

    Absolutely fanatstic.
    This is a breakthrough in cancer treatment.How can i purchase or as you say manufacture this liposomal Vitamin C?
    Kind Regards
    Serge @ Greenlife

  2. I believe high doses of vitamin C helped with my recovery from mercury poisoning. However, I stopped using Lypo Sheric Vitamin C since I became aware that soy lecithin is used in the production. As many of you know, soy is a endocrine disruptor. I realize now that the many phytoestrogens I was ingesting zapped my endocrine system. Personally, now I’m totally soy-free and am I may look into making my own liposomal Vitamin C with a non-phytoestrogenic lecithin. Or I may just continue taking high doses of “regular” vitamin C. Be sure to keep your soy intake as low as possible. Your thyroid, adrenals, pineal, etc. will love you.

  3. Diagnosed with endometrial cancer late 1999, it had gotten into the lymph system and was treated with radiation and chemotherapy without much hope for a good outcome by my surgeon (now retired while I’m still here). I had been taking megavitamin supplements since my late 20’s (just turned 66 & today is my birthday!) In recent years I listened to my instincts and decided to stop taking vitamins. This decision was confirmed by an MD who concurred with my instincts, telling me of the several detrimental aspects of high-dose vitamins. I do take one baby-aspirin daily and ibuprofen for the occasional aches and pains and stiff neck that life dishes out.

    My choice was simply to eat better and ride a bicycle. I no longer own a car and will not be replacing the broken Chinese made motorscooter I was gifted with almost 4 years ago that contributed to maintaining the weight gain I experienced with chemo a dozen years ago. (gained about 40 lbs and only managed to drop about half that.) Riding the bike has helped with a chronic knee pain issue (resulting from a repeated twisting motion) My GP suggested PT but I will be telling her about the bike-therapy now that I can see her on a maintenance basis thanks to medicare and medicaid.

    Also from instinct: No longer am I using toothpaste that contains flouride. (I have read that there are poisonous aspects to flouride and that it contributes to pacifying and “dumbing down” the public. Well, in addition to television, something is stupifying people!) Instead I brush twice daily with baking soda. I keep the working end of my (electric) toothbrush soaking in water with some hydrogen peroxide which I shake off before dipping the brush into the box of baking soda. Having read of the importance of alkalizing I do NOT spit. I swallow. This too was confirmed just last week when reading online the recommendation of taking a half tsp of baking soda dissolved in H20 twice daily since an excessively acidic ph is conducive to disease generation.

    Recently I conveyed this to my GP and I plan on forwarding your material to my oncologist.

  4. This article is really useful. So, thank you!!!
    I believe, however, that it would have been improved 200% with a direct link to the research abstract, which I only found via the first URL provided below in the “Sources” section.
    I believe that placing this link directly in the text of the article would be all the more empowering for the average reader.
    Thanks for posting the article. I have been recommending and using liposomal Vit C for some time now & have found it far more effective at combating chronic lingering colds & infections than other forms of Vit C [- at doses well below those mentioned that would be needed to address cancer].

  5. It would have been nice if you had of given instructions on how to make this stuff, wouldn’t it?

  6. Vaughn and Lynda Robison

    Ascorbic acid for Vit.C is still man-made, synthetic vitamin. We prefer Peru’s naturally organic superfood fruit Camu Camu, which is used by NASA for their space shuttles after they discovered Peru’s quinoa (scientifically a fruit but looks like and cooks like rice) and camu camu were the best on the planet for their astronauts’ nutrition in space where medical assistance is limited. That being said, how do we make our own liposomal Vitamin C using Camu Camu powder? We use both quinoa and camu camu in our green veggie drinks and also mix 1-2 tsp. camu camu in water, and have not had flu/colds, etc. since we started in Jan. 2004.

  7. Vaughn and Lynda Robison

    Using Dr. Mercola’s highly recommended thermography instead of mammogram, discovered extra blood vessels starting for form, precursor to feeding cancer cells. Want to use the above liposomal Vitamin C to get rid of those extra blood vessels.

  8. High dose infusion of vitamin c cures cancer (veinously).

  9. I make my own liposomal C . I got the instructions from a site by PDazzler (Paul Dazzler) He posted several wonderful cancer fighting articles and info by the people researching the stuff. There are 2 recipes, the second one being an up dated version using baking soda. That’s the one you want. Links are there to get what you need, including non-gmo, very pure pharmaceutical grade Vit. C and the ultrasonic cleaner you need for the encapsulating process. It works great. I am alive due to alternative cancer fighting, when my triple negative, extremely fast growing breast cancer should have killed me within 3 months. I got it 2 years ago and am currently cancer free.

  10. Please tell me how I can access this vitamin C ….

  11. More potent than Vitamin C as an alternative cancer treatment is high dose selenium. Vitamin C is excreted to rapidly to be effective. Sodium selenite is administered at doses in the milligram range and selectively triggers apoptosis. It is not excreted rapidly and there is a preferential uptake by tumors and malignant cells. This therapy is very well supported by abundant scientific evidence. It is safe, simple, low-cost and is becoming more widely available as more doctors are trained on the protocol. The complete protocol is combined with a potent metabolic treatment which simply involves starving the cancer cells of methionine. For more info visit:

    Nutritional Oncology Research Institute is an independent organization highly focused on developing non-toxic cancer treatments based on nutrition and natural compounds. High dose selenium and a methionine restricted diet are demonstrating great potential in recent clinical studies.
    For early stage cancers, diet alone has the potential to shrink tumors if implemented correctly. Megadoses of mixtures of supplements is not the answer. Using only one or two supplements at therapeutic doses is best as
    there are many potential interactions that cancel the benefit.

  12. “In a study first published in 2008, for the first time, using a special liposomal form of oral-dose vitamin C, researchers in Britain demonstrated it is possible to achieve cancer-killing concentrations of this vitamin without undesirable side effects. This study was completely overlooked by the cancer community. The study was published in a journal cataloged by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), but articles from that journal can NOT be accessed at the NLM website.”
    Please provide the names of the british researchers and complete name of the article.
    Thank you,

  13. Please consider using Vit.C in a liposome cream, abaorbed directly into the skin & bloodstream without gong thru the digestive system acid.
    K.I.S.S.=(keep it simple stupid)

  14. I tried making my own liposomal vit C. I made 2 batches – one with an ultrasonic cleaner machine and the second batch with a “bamix” blender.
    I used the NOW brand of non-GMO soy-lecithin. I did the baking soda test with a small amount of each mixture to roughly ascertain the percentage of “encapsulation” of the Vit C. The outcomes were exactly the same, in that it appears that roughly both mixtures should be 90% absorbable.

    Just to be sure with the ultrasonic cleaner, as it was my first use of it, I set it for about 13 minutes, the hand blender for only 4 minutes.

    I have just finished taking about 4 oz a day for the last week and my mild tinnitus in one ear, that I’ve had for over 17 years has disappeared!

    If you live in Australia, there is a company at in Ballina NSW, who sell stainless steel ultrasonic cleaners for commercial use. I bought the smallest one as opposed to others on the market which are plastic – just personal choice, and they do ship internationally – but after making my batch with a “bamix” blender, if you don’t mind standing there for 4 minutes blending, it is just as good. The ultrasonic cleaner lets you set and forget, though.

  15. Im over making soy based liposomal Vit C due to the health problems soy can cause. Has any body made it with sunflower lecithin? If so where can you find non gmo sunflower lecithin?

  16. This is wonderful news. I know several people with cancer at this time. Going to let everyone know about these treatments and this site.

    the link to the scientific study which someone asked for..

  18. Wow I like this I will try it to make it at home. How much of these ingredients o you use. Thanks

  19. I think I was trying to ask how do you dose it rather to make the liposomal vit. C

  20. liposomal vitamin where do you get this.