Calorie restriction can slash your risk of disease by half

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salad on plate(NaturalHealth365) Most people are aware of the benefits of calorie restriction and an anti-aging diet, but did you know that taking these steps can actually stimulate and activate your longevity gene?

A startling number of Americans are eating too many calories, and it isn’t just visibly overweight persons. Even people who look lean and otherwise healthy may be eating more than their bodies can handle, and the results can be catastrophic to health and longevity. Current estimates are that up to 30 million people in the United States simply consume too much food, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.

Avoid this deadly mistake and enjoy a long (healthy) life

When ingesting more calories than the body can process, the consequences can be deadly. Higher cardiovascular disease risk, blood lipid abnormalities, hypertension in men, cardiac issues, and four times higher metabolic syndrome rates later in later life are all risks. Literally all age-related illnesses, from cancer to arthritis to dementia, are exacerbated by eating too much.

Calorie restriction and an anti-aging diet have numerous health benefits, including the activation of the longevity gene and slashing your risk of many chronic disease conditions by 50 percent. Calorie restriction combined with optimal nutrition offers extraordinary health and anti-aging benefits, literally switching on the genes that keep us vital and youthful while reducing pathology associated with the aging process. Cognitive function, glucose levels, cardiac health and cancer risk are all positively affected.

A simple ‘trick’ to get the benefits of calorie restriction without any troubles

Unfortunately, because it seems so difficult, most people have trouble restricting their intake enough to experience the healing benefits. But, researchers have discovered some unique nutrients that mimic some of these positive effects.

They are called calorie restriction mimetics, and they include resveratrol, pterostilbene, quercetin, grape seed extract, black tea extract and fisetin. These compounds have many of the same benefits and favorable genetic impact as a nutritious, low calorie anti-aging diet.

Whey protein in particular has shown promise as a calorie restriction mimetic. Whey protein is truly a superfood, providing all 18 amino acids as well as other naturally occurring bioactive components. It is concentrated, highly absorbable and one of the best foods for the anti-aging glutathione – the ‘master’ antioxidant.

By the way, in the NaturalHealth365 ‘Special Report’ on whey protein, you’ll discover the compounds in whey protein which are able to reduce muscle wasting related to aging, inhibit cancer cell growth, reduce the risk of diabetes and helps to combat cognitive decline associated with aging.

How does whey protein activate the ‘longevity gene?’

Consuming whey protein is one of the best ways to receive the benefits of caloric restriction without deprivation. It can add up to around 10 years to the average life span, and whey protein also increases that full, satisfied feeling so you’ll eat less naturally.

While ideal doses can vary depending upon body weight and lifestyle, 30 g of whey protein per day has been shown to yield a range of health benefits. Just be sure to source a quality brand – because, like anything else, there are lots of inexpensive (low quality) products on the market with GMOs and other unwanted ingredients.

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To sum up, calorie restriction can induce profound anti-aging effects and favorable gene expression, regulating aging, DNA repair, metabolism and apoptosis (cell death). Best of all, one of the easiest and easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of a calorie restriction diet is by adding whey protein to your daily routine.


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  • Charlene Williams

    Whey protein has done wonders for me. It has stopped my sugar and carb cravings.

  • Charles Watts

    By using whey protein I have not only reduced my pant size, but have in the process eliminated an endless list of ailments. This included backaches, abdominal discomfort, food cravings, indigestion and fatigue.

    Since having been overweight most of my life this has been the only thing that has worked. The reason may be the profound effect it has on my appetite.

  • Douglas Greene

    Living in a retirement community I can tell you many people here are overweight. No one seems to want or have the ability to give up eating processed food, in fact eating seems to be a past time. Every social comes with refreshments such as cake, cookies, chips, soda and hot dogs.

    It is scary if you know you can’t control what you eat. I will be passing this article along and hope it makes a difference. I am now ordering the whey protein and I am sure I will love it since goat milk and goat cheeses are my favorites.