The secret behind the mind body connection and longevity

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Breathing(NaturalHealth365) What exactly is behind the “mind body connection”? Today, we’ll explore how to develop a stronger mind (and body) by appreciating the power of breathing. In fact, you’ll discover that breath holds the key to a long, healthy life.

Have you ever had an experience that “took your breath away”?

Whether it was a frightful event or a pleasant surprise, it involved a sudden, massive release of the smallest units of energy. These units of energy are contained in the breath and are what connect the body and mind. In the East, this energy is called prana or chi. Here in the West, it’s been referred to as Orgone energy, vital force, or, as researchers at Yale University called it, an L-field or electrodynamic field.

It matters little what we call this life force energy. One thing is certain: without it we die. Interestingly, many sages, saints, and mystics who have become extremely sensitive to the ebb and flow of the energy (which has been described as “spirit”) noticed that the human body is like a vessel that can be filled with it.

How important is this mysterious substance – we call “breath”?

The breath is how the mind and body make a connection, and it is in the breath that this mysterious something is found. Think of it as the effervescent bubbles in a carbonated beverage. When the drink goes stale, no bubbles are left. In the human body, when the effervescent life force can no longer be detected, the body is dying.

Spiritually advanced beings have learned to become very sensitive to this ebb and flow of life force. Many thousands of years ago, secret teachings were passed down on how to preserve the life and vitality of the body. These included certain breathing exercises. After becoming adept at such practices, sages, saints, and mystics realized that when the subtle change in this life force reversed direction and began escaping from the body instead of accumulating within the body, the physical form had only about six months to live.

Thus, they were able to predict the days and times of their own deaths.

Additionally, they knew how to keep the physical body alive for extended lengths of time. As an example, in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, we are given a special technique for preserving the flesh body. This requires a very advanced teacher to impart the exact way of practice. The ancient sutra states, “By contracting the anus upward and forcing prana [the life force found in the breath] down the throat, the yogi becomes a youth of sixteen years and is forever free from old age.”

How well does energy flow throughout your body?

In harmony with the secrets of qigong and yoga, the nadis or the meridians must be free from electromagnetic blockages. Acupuncture is one effective way to clean out such blockages, especially when the longevity points are stimulated. Of course, there are several other ways as well.

Yogic pranayama or breathing exercises and qigong breathing exercises have the same goal in mind: preserving the physical body long enough to accomplish real spiritual cultivation, at which point it is said that keeping the body becomes optional.

The energizing of the flesh can be detected like the flow of an electrical current. When electrons move in a circuit unimpeded, the result is increased power and current. Within the body, as we work with the breath, we soon discover that it takes certain pathways that have been scientifically evidenced as energy highways.

As we become acquainted with this internal map, we make exciting discoveries about the human form. A new sense of confidence arises; we have more control of our lives than we at first suspected or were led to believe.

Activate self-healing with improved breathing techniques

With our inhalations, we’re able to lead chi deep inside the body so that it reaches the internal organs and the bone marrow. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the twelve major energy pathways switch the energy flow every two hours to make certain all are nourished and none become stagnant. When we lose that energy effervescence, the skin begins to wrinkle, the bone marrow produces fewer new cells, the hair turns grey or falls out, vitality wanes, and aging accelerates.

However, change the flow of the energy matrix and the physical body will change.

One of the challenges that we have is that the breath and emotions are so closely linked. All negative emotions alter the breath patterns, affecting the channels that influence the glands and organs of the entire body. We tend to breathe more from one side than the other for half the time and then switch over to the opposite side. As long as this rhythm isn’t disrupted, we remain healthy, but as soon as it is interfered with, the energy disruption brings on serious illness. Of course, most people are unaware of this process.

Conscious breathing may eliminate the need for anxiety drugs

Being conscious of the breath is the primary way of calming both mind and body. Consider, whenever you’re concentrating on a task, like threading a needle, you’ll unconsciously hold your breath and thought will be absent. When you hold your breath, no thought is at play, only intention.

In other words, your conscious awareness is at its high. This is why the ancients gave us the meditation of paying attention to the gap between the incoming and outgoing breath. As you pay close attention, you’ll begin to notice a subtle current within the breath. This is the life force, prana, or chi that we’ve been speaking about.

Focus on your breath for a life-changing experience

Simply noticing your breath can dramatically change your entire life. Just a mere glimpse into your pure nature will change you to such a degree that the world will become completely changed.

So why not give this simple, time-honored technique a try? You’ll be rewarded beyond all measure by doing so. You’ll do far more than add a few years to your life and improve your health. You may just discover the real you!

About the author: Pre-baby boomer Peter Ragnar has written over twenty-eights books and published courses on every aspect of personal development. He feeds the thirst for those special individuals who are on the quest for human excellence around the world. His fascinating and unique line of products, including “Magnetic Qi Gong,” can be found at:

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