The inside story about vaccine dangers

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Vaccine Warnings(NaturalHealth365) Has your doctor ever been told to ‘shut up’ about the health risks associated with vaccinations? In all likelihood, if you’re being treated by a conventionally-trained medical doctor, you have never been told the truth about vaccine ingredients or its threat to human health. In truth, vaccines have been linked to immune system damage, kidney failure, seizures and even death!

One medical doctor says ‘enough’! Modern medicine would have you believe that vaccines reduce your risk of illness and death by ‘triggering’ an immune response to synthetically-produced (highly toxic) materials. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Suzanne Humphries, M.D. reveals the shocking truth about vaccine production, statistics plus much more. Join us for an amazing show!

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The ‘forgotten history’ of vaccines and disease

Generally accepted as ‘true’, without much thought, healthcare professionals (and the general public) believe that vaccinations are one of the most important medical innovations of the 20th century. Vaccine advocates point to the decline in death rates, throughout the 20th century, as proof of vaccine ‘value’ without taking into account improved social conditions – including basic hygiene habits.

Take, for example the polio vaccine – which is widely-regarded as one of the most ‘successful’ vaccines ever created. From 1923 – 1953, before the Salk vaccine for polio, death from polio – in the United States and England – was down 47 and 55 percent, respectively. In addition, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, typhus, typhoid, cholera, plus many other illnesses – for which there were no vaccines at the time – saw a reduction in occurrence and death rates, all due to better living conditions.

By the way, the ‘wonderful’ polio vaccine carried the deadly (cancer-causing) Simian Virus #40. Yet, vaccine advocates will shamelessly advise us not to look at the facts. To add insult to injury, most people have been kept ‘in the dark’ about the incredible work of Frederick Klenner, M.D. – who cured 60 out of 60 cases of polio with high-dose vitamin C therapy.

You don’t need vaccines to protect your health! On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Suzanne Humphries, M.D. talk about the hidden dangers of vaccines and provide a comprehensive way to avoid disease without the need for toxic chemicals. Join us for a great show!

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How vaccines actually cause disease

Keep in mind, every medical procedure has its risks – including vaccines. As the vaccine schedule continues to rise – so does the consumption of unwanted toxins such as, aborted fetal tissue, diseased animal cells, dead (and active) viruses, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), thimerosal (mercury), aluminum plus many other neurotoxic agents. These dangerous materials can cause life-threatening allergic reactions, pneumonia, encephalitis, meningitis and hepatitis (to name a few) – especially within immune-compromised children and adults.

Naturally, instead of taking these toxic chemicals off the market – the United States government had other plans. By 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was created to protect vaccine manufactures from all liability. In 1988, a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was developed (and funded) by issuing a .75 cent tax on every vaccine. Since 1989, nearly 2 billion dollars has been awarded in vaccine-related injury or death lawsuits.

Don’t become a statistic – educate yourself.

This week’s guest: Suzanne Humphries, M.D., author and holistic medical consultant

Learn how to naturally boost immunity, avoid vaccine injury and prevent disease – Sun. Oct. 27

Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a conventionally educated medical doctor who fully and successfully participated in the conventional system from 1989 until 2011. During those years she witnessed first-hand how often that approach fails patients and creates new disease.

She left conventional medicine to research the many problems in mainstream medical practice, to write, and to conduct a holistic medical practice. Dr. Humphries has co-authored a book, Dissolving Illusions about the history of vaccination; vaccine dangers; disease facts and myths. Her book is available at or

Suzanne Humphries, M.D. speaks out! On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, you’ll discover the true history of vaccines – like you’ve never heard before. In addition, Dr. Humphries talks about 9 ways to eliminate the need for vaccines and prevent disease – naturally. Don’t miss a great show – Sunday, Oct. 27th.

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  • Obiwan

    My Mom went to see her Doctor in Wexford, Ireland for a Medical Check up. When we got home my Mom said to me that her Doctor asked her if she wanted the Flu Vaccine. This is a member of the medical mafia. This Doctor has not got the back bone to tell the people the Truth about Vaccines. Fortunately I have given my Mom the Real Truth about the dangers of Vaccines. Fortunately she told this Doctor that she has read about the Dangers of Vaccines.

    This is the same Chemical Doctor that prescribed useless Chemical Medicines to my Step Dad. He eventually died from these Dirty Chemical Medicines.+ Chemotherapy (Another useless toxic brew)

    These useless main Stream Doctors refuse to tell people about Natural Remedies
    and Nutrition that can help fight and prevent disease.

    Example. Vitamin D at +- 5000 Mg ( Not useless Synthetic Vitamin D ) will help the Immune System to fight the Flu.
    Oh no… they wont tell you this because it will affect the Profits of Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia