The danger of mercury-based fillings

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Dental Amalgam Warning(NaturalHealth365) Conventional dentistry refuses to acknowledge the undeniable truth about the dangers of mercury-based fillings – otherwise called ‘dental amalgams’. Dr. Hal Huggins – a pioneer in the field of non-toxic dentistry – clearly states that, ‘dental toxicity due to mercury in amalgam fillings is the cause of many unexplained diseases and symptoms.’ If you suffer from autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, digestive problems or any other chronic health issue and don’t know why it’s happening to you – keep reading.

My personal dentist, Leonard Fazio, D.D.S. frequently talks about the dangers of mercury used in dental materials. If you or someone you love has dental amalgams – I urge you to watch this video which details the real reason why mercury fillings can be so dangerous for human health.

The true danger of mercury fillings revealed

A peer-review study, published in 2005, by the Freiburg University Institute for Environmental Medicine found that, “mercury from dental amalgam may lead to nephrotoxicity [kidney poisoning], neurobehavioural changes, autoimmunity [autoimmune disease], oxidative stress, autism, skin and mucosa alterations or non-specific symptoms and complaints,” plus Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis (MS) have “also been linked to low-dose mercury exposure.” The authors of the study go on to say, “removal of dental amalgam leads to permanent improvement of various chronic complaints in a relevant number of patients in various trials.”

So, you may be wondering, how could such a toxic substance be legally approved for use? Well, simply put, the Food and Drug Administration views dental amalgams as a ‘device’, not a ‘substance’. In other words, the FDA does not have to strictly test (for safety) a device – as much as a substance. Does that make you feel safer?

Once mercury gets inserted into the mouth, this highly-toxic heavy metal prevents enzymes from working properly – thereby damaging our ability to detoxify the body. And, of course, if you can’t detoxify the body of toxic debris – you increase your risk for DNA (cellular) damage and serious health problems like, cancer.

Mercury and many other heavy metals can damage arteries, nerves, organ and muscle tissue. When the body is poisoned with heavy metals – the ability to think clearly and memory are deeply affected.

Just one word of caution – if you should decide to remove your dental amalgams – be sure to seek the advice of a qualified, holistic dentist trained in the proper removal process of mercury-based fillings.

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  • Healing Bookstore

    Thank you. I’d like to reiterate the importance of seeking a dentist who is properly trained in the removal of mercury based fillings because I know people who developed kidney problems as a result of the wrong technique being used.

  • Jennifer Symonds

    a) I’m living in UK; b) I’m on uber low income & entitled to freebies on NHS & alternatives to mercury amalgam fillings are not free; c) there’s absolutely no way I have the spare dosh to get this muck removed from my mouth. If it wasn’t for some unscrupulous dentist filled all my perfectly healthy teeth (& left the one that actually did need filling) back in mid-sixties I wouldn’t have this lot in my teeth anyway; my Ma actually did a passing imitation of She-Hulk when she found out & then wrote a letter of complaint; (not sure but I think he got suspended for a year then had to practice under supervision). I’d love to get this ghastly stuff out of my teeth, I’ve already lost 2 teeth to mercury-amalgam fillings having weakened them so much , they were both cracked when they were removed, as I don’t really want to lose any more & have to suck my food through a straw for the rest of my life

  • Walter Chacon

    Thank you and God bless you! 🙂 This should be on front news headlines on every paper of the world!

  • tinz

    where can one find a holistic dentist?
    I’ve never been able to, least not in my area, Virgina….