Whistleblower nurse exposes the hidden medical horror of COVID-19 “protocols”

Whistleblower nurse exposes the hidden medical horror of COVID-19 “protocols”
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(NaturalHealth365) Erin Marie Olszewski is a Floridian nurse who served for our country in Iraq. She served our country again, this time, on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis in New York during the mass “outbreak” through April and May. After witnessing the atrocities of the government health system and how the virus was handled in public hospitals – she exposes what actually happened in New York.

In the investigative videos, she donned a hidden camera, shared concrete proof that non-COVID patients were forced alongside COVID positive patients, and a lack of access to vital testing for certain socio-economic groups.  Olszewski has become the voice of all the nurses who are too afraid to share the disturbing truth publicly.

Watch her incredible story in this revealing video below:

The disproportionate spread of infection in New York: What happened in Elmhurst hospital?

An important question – to say the least: Why was the spike of cases in deaths and cases so extortionate in New York?  In particular, why was Elmhurst Hospital such a horrible situation?

Olszewski reveals what happened behind closed hospital doors.  In hospitals like Elmhurst, where many patients were on government programs like Medicaid, the spread of the virus was carelessly managed.

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Firstly, patients were not correctly diagnosed and separated. Olszewski shows us her patient records that clearly state her patients – who had been tested and labels “COVID undetected” were still treated as a COVID-19 patient. This meant that COVID and non-COVID patients were mixed during the height of the virus, no doubt facilitating the spread and accounting for countless innocent lives lost.

A major problem with testing procedures

In addition to this irresponsible mixing of patients, the government never provided rapid testing for vulnerable hospitals. Although 45-minute rapid testing technology was available in America, they used standard testing instead.

This resulted in potentially non-COVID-19 affected people mixing with COVID-19 infected patients for 5 to 10 days while they were waiting for their results.  In many cases, these patients were COVID-19 positive the second time around for obvious reasons. When Olszewski questioned a doctor about this, he said, “If you have deep pockets, you get it first.”

Olszewski says, “they’re banking on the fact that they’ll get it because they’re immunocompromised … they don’t care.”  This intermingling of patients contributed to patients with other medical issues such as stroke contracting COVID-19 during their hospitalization.

Over-whelmed with patients, student residents, and even dentists, were responsible for the lives of many on the ICU floors with no actual ICU experience.  The residents were practicing their newly learned skills on the patients in this hospital, and “no one was held accountable for anything,” according to the military veteran nurse.

With hospitals gaining financial incentives for more cases of COVID-19 patients, could this intermingling and irresponsible testing have placed finances above human life? It certainly appears to be the only logical explanation for this carelessness.

Nurses and doctors arguing, and the inhumane orders from “higher-up”

Olszewski describes an event she was particularly traumatized by. Under normal circumstances, a nurse doesn’t act upon a DNR (do not resuscitate) order unless the family has advised a physician. In these cases, a DNR will be placed on their file, and the assisting medical teams will not resuscitate if a patient becomes unconscious.

As we can hear in the banned recordings, doctors sheepishly explain the “new COVID policies.” They now had the authority to place a DNR on a patient without family consent only weeks into the pandemics’ inception.

Olszewski questions, “Are you guys really trying to kill everybody like everyone thinks?”  Many nurses fought back at these new inhumane ruling. They exclaimed although there may be higher orders, their nursing licenses do not allow them to fail to resuscitate a patient with a DNR not sourced from the family’s instruction.

In one instance, three nurses argued with a smirking doctor over a patients’ dying body over these controversial new COVID policies. The 37-year-old patient died!

Extremely emotional after this futile medical care, Olszewski shared her opinion with the doctor. The inexperienced doctors shrugged the comments off, explaining that they’re just following orders, and anything that they do comes from “the top.”

The same people in charge of providing proper testing kits that could have saved lives.

Countless innocent lives could have been spared during this COVID-19 crisis

It’s clear that during the midst of this crisis, not all human lives were created equally. The patients at Elmhurst were disproportionately minority populations, and this hospital was one of the places that accepted those on Medicaid.

Elmhurst became the epicenter of this newly revealed COVID-19 pandemic.  Now the careless attitude of the unnamed orders from “the top” leading to the deaths of many is exposed.

Furthermore, “alternative” therapies that were working in other states such as zinc and hydroxychloroquine ingestion were banned.  Instead, they baselessly ordered more and more ventilators that were not solving the rapidly steepening death trajectory.

Currently, as of June 16, 2020, the New York death toll sits at over 17,000 “confirmed COVID19 deaths,” with nearly 118,000 deaths America-wide.  COVID-19 model projections estimate the toll will rise to 200,000 by October.

We need those unnamed “higher-ups” to value all human life, not just the financially advantaged. This includes providing rapid testing for hospitals like Elmhurst, the change of these new “DNR policies,” and competent separation of COVID and non-COVID patients.

With a “second-wave” on the horizon, the U.S. healthcare system needs to do a much better job at protecting the families who need it the most.

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