“Papers Please:” WHO expresses its strong desire to control the “movement” of all human beings

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who-paves-way-to-total-control(NaturalHealth365) “Papers, please” has a new meaning in 2023.  The World Health Organization (WHO) demands the implementation of a landmark digital health initiative.  And, the implications of such a “system” would be horrible for your freedom.

If the WHO has its way, people worldwide will be required to obtain and present an international certificate of COVID injection along with routine immunization cards to live, work and travel freely.

Inside the WHO’s plan for a worldwide jab passport initiative

The WHO’s desired digital health initiative is a step toward authoritarian control, requiring that travelers present proof of COVID-19 injection upon command.  Those who fail to present their “papers,” this time in the form of a jab certificate or immunization card, will be sent back to their domicile.  The EU is teaming up with the WHO to implement a digital passport system to restrain freedom of movement for those who refuse totalitarian jab dictates.  In other words, the clock on your personal freedom is ticking.

Fail to push back against the WHO and EU, and you’ll soon find yourself living in a dystopian state-dominated society akin to that portrayed in the movie Equilibrium starring Christian Bale.  Only those who receive regular jabs and sequential booster shots will be allowed to participate in life, similar to how the bot-like citizens in Equilibrium were forced to take emotion-leveling pills that some have compared to today’s popular Adderall and Ritalin medications.

The landmark digital health alliance that will change the world

The EU’s executive branch, dubbed the European Commission, launched the aforementioned partnership with the WHO to kick off the start of the Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN).  The purpose of GDHCN is to push a worldwide interoperable injection passport to prove one’s jab status.

The argument in favor of such a system is that it facilitates worldwide travel mobility while safeguarding citizens from the threat of COVID and other potential health threats that are likely to emerge in the years ahead.  WHO officials are adamant that it will not gather personal data when the planned digital passports are put into use.  Rather, the WHO leaders insist national governments will have domain over data gathered from digital passports.

The EU is Orwell’s “Big Brother” becoming a reality

Though few Americans are aware of it, the truth is the EU touted a digital jab passport system dating all the way back to 2020.  The government’s member states were forced to use digital passports in combination with virus jabs through the Green Pass program.  The supposed logic in Green Pass was to promote safe travel across the EU, yet the system is akin to the civilian monitoring portrayed in George Orwell’s 1984 novel.

Moreover, the Czech Republic’s autocrats have gone as far as insisting on Passenger Location Forms that contain information pertaining to traveler destinations with the underlying purpose of contact tracing.  There was even a proposal for the adoption of health document requirements in cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), recognized as an official WHO stakeholder.

If the EU and the WHO have their way, we’ll end up living in a full-blown dystopia, limiting individual freedom and subjecting hardworking people to harmful jab nanoparticles.

You have the power to fight back against government and corporate tyranny

Readers like you are empowered with the means necessary to build momentum for positive social change.  Forward this content to those in your social, professional, and family circles.  Cast your vote for freedom-loving patriots who honor the Constitution and prioritize individual liberty over the supposed greater good touted by autocrats as utilitarian.

Continue to spread the word about the cabal’s plans to restrict freedom of movement, and you’ll plant the seed that sprouts in the form of meaningful social change that benefits generations to come.

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