Maker of Children’s Tylenol pleads guilty for selling contaminated drugs

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childrens tylenol(NaturalHealth365) U.S News reports that children’s and infant’s liquid Tylenol was knowingly sold containing heavy metals for over a year. McNeil Consumer Healthcare, which is a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson company, was given a federal criminal charge over the issue – to which the company plead guilty. The contaminated medicine that was sold was over-the-counter, so an unknown number of people purchased it and gave it to their children, thinking it was a safe product.

Nickel, chromium, and iron particles were integrated into the liquid medicine during the manufacturing process and the company knew about this for at least a year – yet, did nothing to prevent or correct the contamination. To resolve the case and get the Justice Department to back off, Reuter’s reports the company agreed to pay a $25 million fine. It continues to make infant and children’s liquid Tylenol.

Heavy metal contamination can take years to become noticeable

While no reports of injuries have come in, it often takes years for heavy metal contamination to become apparent. The children who were given the contaminated medicine may have health problems later in life because of it. Chelation therapy or other protocols may be required for many of them to detox from the metals, while others may never know the cause of any related illnesses they develop when they are older.

This is not the first time Tylenol has had ‘quality control’ problems.

Beginning in 2009, infant’s liquid Tylenol made by the company was found to have metal fragments in it. The company investigated, but nothing was done, and the product continued to be sold, though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised consumers to stop using the product. In spite of this recommendation, the product was not recalled. If this was a vitamin company – the FDA would shut it done.

The pharmaceutical industry is loaded with ‘quality control’ issues

This is a problem in the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, but such problems rarely come to light in such a spectacular fashion as it has with this particular case. The Department of Justice has vowed to seek out and punish companies in the pharmaceutical industry that release contaminated medicines, especially over-the-counter ones that are designed for children and infants.

So, what are the alternatives to Children’s Tylenol?

In light of the problems discovered with the quality of children’s Tylenol products, and with the seriousness of the known Tylenol side effects, it is a good idea for parents to look into alternatives.  Fortunately, there are many natural pain relieving alternatives that do not have the Tylenol side effects (such as liver toxicity), and are pleasing to infants and children.

Herbs such as turmeric, ginger and valerian root plus fruit like cherries can help to relieve pain – without the negative Tylenol side effects – and can easily be given to children and infants. These are much better choices for parents and children, and will assure the safety of the kids who need pain relief.

The safety of manufactured drugs obviously cannot be trusted, and their side effects make natural alternatives the smart, obvious choice.  If you suffer with chronic pain, you may want to look into the health benefits of willow bark, kava kava and skullcap – which is particularly good for anxiety, nervous tension and convulsions.

Obviously, when dealing with serious health issues, it’s always best to find a trusted (well-trained) physician to help guide you through the healing process. If your doctor is unaware of the value of herbal medicine or natural remedies – find another doctor.


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  • Diane Maupin

    Thank you for the warning and information. I appreciate the truth about Big Pharma, over the counter drugs, how Monsanto is disrupting our food supply and many other topics of serious concern. I have already sent this article to many of my relatives. I hope they pay attention!

  • Bob

    When will the punishment fit the crime? They have knowingly attacked one of the most venerable of society and all they get is a pocket change fine of $25 million. There should also be criminal charges against the leadership of the firm and an investigation if Johnson also knew about this.

  • beamansurchit

    Overall an informative article. However, to conclude with …
    “Obviously, when dealing with serious health issues, it’s always best to find a trusted (well-trained) physician to help guide you through the healing process. If your doctor is unaware of the value of herbal medicine or natural remedies – find another doctor.”
    … is way off the mark. In my experience doctors know precious little of how to deal with health problems. And as far as “find(ing) another doctor” who values natural remedies; I tried. It is an impossibility, at least where I live.
    Go to a Naturopath or other natural healer.

  • technicallysane

    It’s called Fascism when corporations and government collude with each other, so you know there’s an awful lot of money changes hands. Many people who work in our government agencies would sell their mother’s soul to the devil if it meant making a profit.

  • David Hunt

    The product is already contaminated without the metal. This is a product that isn’t fit to be sold.

  • Travis Niles

    The rise of liver disease can be traced to Tylenol. On top of it being a danger to our health, now we have to worry about it being contamination.

  • Mike Cebhoo

    And what is our recourse? Personally burning the homes of the executives and their “scientists” may seem reasonable . . . An eye for an eye so to speak? Of course that is your decision but Elite Privilege must end. They must be held accountable.