Pro vaccine publicity stunts exposed

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child-gets-vaccinated(NaturalHealth365) The pro vaccine movement is behind two recent publicity stunts that have been exposed as fraudulent and misleading. These efforts illustrate the lengths to which big pharma is willing to go to try and brainwash the masses to accept their pro vaccine agenda.

In the first stunt, Canadian mother Jennifer Hibben-White went on a big, emotional rant on Facebook February 9, 2015. She claimed that her newborn son had been exposed to the measles due to the efforts of so-called “anti-vaxxers” – people who are concerned and vigilant about the harmful side of vaccines. Hundreds of thousands of people shared the post, and it was picked up by the mainstream media.

Time to expose conflicts of interest and ulterior motives

However, it has been revealed that Ms. Hibben-White has major ties to big pharma and the vaccine industry. In a recent video, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposed the fact that her viral Facebook post was a misleading marketing stunt designed to stir up public outcry against “anti-vaxxers”.

Hicks reveals that Jennifer Hibben-White is, conveniently, the president of a social media marketing company. She lists Alan Hibben as a “friend” on Facebook, but a little digging reveals that Alan Hibben is actually her father In fact, Mr. Hibben is currently a principal at Shakerhill Partners, Ltd. as well as the principal stockholder for Corus Pharma – which serves the vaccine market.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid vaccines – you just won’t hear about it from the mainstream media.

So, what’s the ‘hidden agenda’?

Edward Stow was one of the early sharers of Jennifer’s Facebook rant, spreading it to his entire network of pharmaceutical industry employees. This helped the post to go viral among healthcare workers, causing frightened people who did not do their due diligence to start sharing the story as well. Soon afterward, network news picked it up, reporting this publicity stunt as “fact.”

We can see now that the real virus was the pro vaccine campaign itself. The majority of the people who started this “viral” response were people connected with big pharma and the vaccine industry.

Furthermore, the person Hibben-White claimed “exposed her son” in that waiting room was an infected male under the age of 30 who had actually been fully vaccinated. Plus, Jennifer Hibben-White’s child did not end up contracting the measles.

Using our youngest and most vulnerable children to increase vaccine sales

Publicity stunt number two: seven year old Rhett Krawitt is recovering from leukemia, and his image is being exploited in an effort to manipulate support for restriction of choice when it comes to vaccines. It’s been revealed that Rhett Krawitt is actually the grandchild of a GlaxoSmithKline consultant, Carl Krawitt.

Rhett’s father is calling public attention to his young son as a key reason why unvaccinated children shouldn’t be allowed in schools; however, the truth is that it’s the vaccinated children – anyone who’s recently had a live vaccine – that recovering kids like Rhett need to stay away from. Even hospitals warn patients about recently vaccinated people.

Legislation in dozens of states as well as at the federal level is being pushed in an effort to deny consumer rights to vaccine exemption and make them mandatory. If the mainstream media isn’t going to expose publicity stunts like these and question the motives behind them, then it’s up to consumers to be even more focused and vigilant.

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  • M.

    Just smile and realize the dumb people will be the first to be killed off.

    • Lee

      Hi M.
      Did you notice this sub-heading in the article?
      “Using our youngest and most vulnerable children to increase vaccine sales.”

      When it comes to innocent children, I’m afraid I can’t crack a smile over your light-hearted efforts to have fun with this (although I’m sure you meant well).
      I can’t laugh about anything that hurts children, because every child counts.

      If you ever choose to become a parent, you’ll come to know this in your bones. You’ll joyously find yourself flooded with love for your precious and vulnerable baby–over & over & over again, which is great! That makes you notice other little babies, too. Eventually it cannot help but dawn on you that every other child is precious and vulnerable, too–and with that, your heart (which is already open for your baby) opens to the larger truth that every child matters just as much as yours does.

      As for the medical predators exploiting our children, the documentary “Bought”–regarding the unholy co-mingling between Big Pharma and the FDA–reveals appalling correlations between vaccinations and childhood illness rates. Hmm..might the following stat’s (from “Bought”), showing the dose rate has tripled, point to corporate greed? Back in the 1970’s, children were given a total of 23 doses of seven vaccines. However, today the Big Pharma…er, I mean, the CDC recommends 69 doses of 16 vaccines. But hey, greed aside, the most important question here is: are our children healthier as a consequence? NO, THEY ARE NOT. They are sicker.

      Vaccines ARE drugs, and under this schedule, babies’ little immune systems are persistently attacked before they have even had a chance to develop organically. Shockingly, infants get their first vaccine drugging at age 12 hours. In their first six years, a child is subjected to 49 shots! (The remaining 20 happen by age 18.)

      Correlated to this vaccine schedule are skyrocketing child illness rates (many of which involve brain damage: autism, learning disabilities. strokes, vision impairment, behavioral issues, motor skills damage & others). In science, correlation is not causation, but SOMETHING is making our children alarmingly sick more often than less-vaccinated children of earlier years had experienced.

      The CDC is charged to protect the people (and children ARE people). But it has yet to mandate or secure an epidemiological study to document the cumulative effects of vaccines on our children’s health.

      • technicallysane

        Unless and until the people rise up against the big Pharma Goliath, things will not change. We can’t depend on legislators passing laws banning lobbyists….even though Obama promised years ago that he would have the most transparent government and he’d eliminate all the lobbyists. Ha…..the joke / lie of a lifetime!!!
        It’s going to take a massive movement to overthrow the tentacles of big government and the prostitute drug companies who cause thousands of innocent children from reaching a normal adulthood.
        You can bet those same people make sure their own children are not vaccinated with the poison they inject into others.

      • Lou

        “Vaccines ARE drugs, and under this schedule, babies’ little immune
        systems are persistently attacked before they have even had a chance to develop organically.”

        Yes but “vaccines” are drugs INJECTED into babies with NO IMMUNE SYSTEM. No good way to fight off all the poisons INJECTED into their blood streams; ONCE a MONTH on average.

        There may be larger crimes ongoing but off hand I cannot think of one..

    • G Clay

      Unless they attack the opposition first knowing that if you chop the head off the snake the rest will die.

  • pam r

    Everything in the mainstream news is fake – They just read their script off the teleprompter – the reporters probably believe a lot of it to.