Radiation roulette: Big Telecom’s covert deals pose health risks for students

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big-telecom(NaturalHealth365)  Ever felt like a lab rat when you press your smartphone to your ear?  That eerie sensation is more justified than you might think.  As technology advances, the potential risks to our health grow more alarming.

Recent reports indicate that Big Telecom is recklessly endangering public health by positioning cell phone towers perilously close to our most vulnerable population: children and adolescents.  Imagine the implications, as the telecommunications industry succeeds in placing potentially harmful 5G towers on or near school properties and tall buildings in densely populated urban areas.

Tragically, this isn’t science fiction; it’s our reality.  The push for ubiquitous 5G coverage means more towers in more places, often right where our kids live, learn, and play.  The long-term health effects of such exposure remain unclear, yet the rollout proceeds with little regard for potential health consequences.

A dangerous cell tower might soon be placed on your child’s school grounds

Rational and sane minds justifiably question the logic and safety of placing cell towers on school property.  Some attorneys familiar with 5G technology argue the placement of those towers in the vicinity of growing kids constitutes a form of negligence, meaning the failure to provide due care.

School principals, administrators, and school boards are permitting the placement of 5G cell towers on-site without revealing the plans for construction until the contract is signed.  In return, schools receive financial compensation.

Obviously, these ‘business deals’ come with a tragic cost: the long-term health of students, teachers, and nearby residents.

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In addition to cell towers, Big Telecom is also placing additional wireless infrastructure, including antennas, on school property and other public spaces.  The little-known truth is that hundreds of school boards throughout the nation have inked lengthy property leases with Big Telecom, permitting the construction of such towers on-site.  Often, the towers are placed directly on school roofs.

Living, learning, and working in close proximity to cell towers threatens short and long-term health

Recent studies have proven that one’s proximity to cell towers shapes health outcomes.  Data from a 2015 study shows that those in proximity to such towers suffer from type 2 diabetes at higher rates.

A 2018 study’s findings reveal that adolescents subjected to elevated levels of wireless radiation were less likely to develop their motor skills at the same rate as peers who did not live or learn near cell towers.  The proximity to the towers also affected attention span length and spatial working memory.

Moreover, a study conducted in 2017 revealed those residing near cell towers were more likely to suffer blood changes.  By the way, these changes – within the blood – typically predict the development of cancer.

Parents beware: The hidden dangers lurking in public schools

If you are a parent or considering becoming one, it’s crucial to do your due diligence before sending your child to a public school.  In a desperate attempt to balance district budgets, some schools have signed multi-decade contracts with telecom companies, often at below-market rates.  This has led to the placement of cell phone towers on school properties, with terrible consequences.

These towers will (no doubt) irradiate both students and teachers, posing a significant health risk.  And it’s not just the people within the school walls who are affected – those living near these schools are also exposed to constant radiation.

For example, a school district in Wyandotte, Michigan, signed a contract with T-Mobile for merely $1,000 per month to place and operate several wireless antennas at a local elementary school.  The antennas were positioned along the school’s roof and chimney, jeopardizing the health of everyone below.  The parents of the district’s students took legal action to prevent the activation of the antennas only for the suit to be dismissed.

Parents in a Virginia school district were also shocked to learn that Milestone Towers, a wireless communications developer, had built more than 100 towers on the roofs of public schools in the preceding two decades.

Consider the invisible dangers that could impact your child’s health.  Demand transparency, safety standards, and stop the placement of more cell towers to ensure that our educational environments remain safe and healthy.

If you spot a wireless antenna at a local school or hear about such plans, do not let your child attend the institution.  Instead, as a best case scenario, opt for homeschooling or private school, if you can afford the costs.  Obviously, we know this is not an easy decision.

But, parents are looking – more and more – at the growing trend of homeschooling, in which students learn in the comfort of their own homes, far away from school bullies and Big Telecom tower radiation.  Bottom line: these cell towers are a health risk and we must get more people to become aware of the problem.

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