Reduce your cancer risk by eating more organic food

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organic-produce(NaturalHealth365)  Organic produce sales are booming around the world.  Of course, by tuning into the mainstream media, most people would never hear about this reality.

People opt for organic foods because they know it’s healthier, has more nutrients, and taste better than produce grown with chemicals.  In fact, despite the twisted (deceitful) propaganda created by the chemical industry, several studies prove that organic food is superior by nature.

Conventional produce is grown with toxic fertilizers, insecticides, and preservatives – which make the foods look ‘more appealing’ but, in reality, these foods are sickening.  For example, those shiny (conventional) apples have synthetic wax applied to them; doesn’t that sound yummy?  With organic foods, you’ll reduce your exposure to unwanted hormones, antibiotics, and contaminated sewer sludge – typically used on conventional produce.

Strawberries represent a sweet reason to buy organic foods

A September 2010 study, published in the PLoS One journal, focused on the differences between conventionally and organically grown strawberries.  Three different varieties of strawberries were studied over a two-year period.  Organic and conventional versions of these strawberry varieties were compared, and it was discovered – during the random sampling of the strawberries – that organic varieties lasted longer on the shelf, had higher antioxidant content, and higher levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

In addition, the organic strawberries tasted sweeter than the conventional ones, plus the soil in which they were grown was healthier for growing additional produce.  This clearly shows the benefits of organic food.

But wait, there is even more scientific proof that organic foods are better for you

An October 2001 study in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture looked at five different green vegetables grown organically.  These vegetables were:

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  • Chinese cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Welsh onion
  • Qing-gen-cai
  • Green pepper

Once again, organic varieties of these vegetables were compared to conventionally grown varieties.  The organic varieties showed a 120 percent greater antioxidant content than conventionally grown varieties.  Vitamin C content was also higher in the organic produce, and the organic samples contained more amino acids and – generally speaking – a greater number of nutrients than the conventional versions.

You can be sure companies like Monsanto and DuPont would like you to ignore these studies and continue to trust in their dangerous food production techniques – including genetically modified organisms and toxic seed creations.

Organic produce outperforms conventionally-grown food in every way

In the green vegetable study, the taste of organically grown veggies and the soil they were grown in were of better quality.  This evidence, combined with anecdotal reports from the many consumers who buy and use organic foods, shows definite reasons to buy only organic foods.  When you buy organic food, you’ll enjoy better taste and nutrition, ensuring a healthy future for you and your family.  If the cost is a concern, look to purchase locally from a farmer you can trust or grow your own.

Remember, many of the chemicals used on conventional produce are linked to a greater risk of chronic health issues like food allergies, digestive problems, and immune-related conditions.  So, get started today, join a community-supported agriculture (CSA), support local organic growers, and shop at a farmers market for the best quality food.  The rewards are worth the effort.

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