Retired neurosurgeon explains how COVID jab-induced spike proteins harm brain and cause cancer

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covid-jabs-damage-brain(NaturalHealth365)  When the pharmaceutical industry first rolled out the COVID jabs, they were marketed as a 100% “safe and effective” means of stopping the spread of coronavirus.  The narrative quickly shifted from stopping the spread to minimizing its impact and reducing the stress placed on hospital staff.

Fast forward nearly three years later, and here we sit, analyzing the true impact of mRNA shots.  Many courageous doctors are now coming forward, sounding the alarm about the dangers of COVID shots.  In a recently posted video presentation, Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that COVID jabs are an infusion of potentially harmful exosomes and that spike proteins from the vax cause cancer and compromise the brain.

The retired neurosurgeon insists the medical community hasn’t developed a comprehensive understanding of the injection, leaving most of the population utterly uninformed about the potential for jab-related harm.

Retired neurosurgeon warns: COVID shots cause cardiac arrest, cancer and brain damage

Dr. Blaylock and other medical professionals committed to the truth are getting the word out about the coronavirus shot in terms of its actual impact on human biology.  Medical professionals with integrity insist the clot shot might be altering the spinal cord and brain though no one is completely certain as to what, exactly, the injection does to the body.

In a recent interview, Dr. Blaylock revealed startling information about cardiac arrest, cancer rates, and even brain damage caused by the shot.  The overarching theme of his analysis was that COVID jabs cause multiple severe health problems and worsen existing issues.  And he is not the only doctor warning people.  Yet, most doctors remain silent about the injections.

One must wonder if most healthcare professionals are simply unaware of the dangers or intentionally hide the truth.  We can only hope that as time progresses, more members of the medical and scientific community will be willing to learn about the impact of artificial exosomes on the human nervous system and warn about the dangers of mRNA injections.

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COVID injections create massive inflammation in the brain

Those who have researched the potential impact of the COVID jab on the human body understand the shot stimulates the human immune system.  As Dr. Blaylock explains, the injections activate microglia – a specialized population of macrophage-like cells in the central nervous system.  The microglia are important as they function as the brain’s main immune cell.

As a result of this activation, the brain partially malfunctions due to trauma spurred by inflammation.  Ultimately, the immune system is triggered, transmitting a signal to the brain within seconds, catalyzing microglia and upregulating the production of chemicals that cause additional immune responses without sufficient release.

Such chemical reactions draw in white blood cells directly to brain matter.  The subsequent activation of primed microglia spurs the release of toxicity that results in high levels of inflammation.

Multiple injections, boosters seem to exacerbate shot-related damage, doctor warns

Additional COVID jabs vastly exaggerate the phenomenon described above.  Exposing the microglia to sequential stimulation through booster shots or even the second dose of the first round of injections is a bad idea.  The result is severe damage to the DNA, mitochondria, cell membranes, and dendrites.

Interestingly, these harmful effects do not appear to impact everyone in the same way.  The cellular production spike of inflammatory cytokines seems worse in elderly individuals than in younger ones.  Elderly individuals’ cells generate elevated amounts of inflammatory cytokines, emit fewer neuro compounds for repair and ultimately fail to bounce back from the neurological harm caused by the injection.

Stay vigilant, do your research and say no to gene-altering medical products.

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