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simple-strategies(NaturalHealth365)  A sad statistic: nearly half of all Americans have at least one chronic health problem, according to empirical data shared in a 2018 study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 

This study defines a chronic health condition as “a physical or mental health condition that lasts more than one year and causes functional restrictions or requires ongoing monitoring or treatment.”  It certainly sounds like something you want to avoid for yourself and your family, yes?  If so, there are several things you can do without having to become a loyal customer of the conventional and heavily medicalized healthcare system (which seems to lack a lot of “health” when you think about it).

Discover two simple strategies to improve your health

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a holistic health and alternative medicine advocate.  (He is also frequently demonized by mainstream media, MD influencers, and Big Pharma shills – perhaps because he shares information that can help people improve their health and avoid prescription drugs and costly co-pays.)

Dr. Mercola recently released an informative newsletter to his community about strategies people can use to protect their health.  First and foremost on his suggested list of strategies: avoid seed oils.  Found in things like fast food, restaurant foods, and processed goods, seed oils (e.g., sunflower and corn oil) contain high amounts of linoleic acid (LA), which can have a toxic, inflammatory effect on the body when consumed in excess.

Dr. Mercola also recommends time-restricted eating (TRE), saying that TRE can boost your metabolic flexibility and help your body burn body fat for fuel more efficiently.  The classic TRE prescription is to consume all your calories within a six- to eight-hour window, then drink only water during your “fasting” window.

Five more strategies that can promote long-term wellness, according to Mercola (some may surprise you)

It’s a well-observed phenomenon that trying to make too many changes in your health and lifestyle at once can lead to a lack of any meaningful change at all. So, readers shouldn’t feel like they need to adopt all the strategies that Dr. Mercola recommends – at least not all at once.

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That said, check out these five other health strategies Dr. Mercola supports, and think about which ones may be the easiest for you to implement into your own life:

  1. Donate blood: this can help reduce the amount of stored iron in your body, which promotes oxidative stress (cellular aging)
  2. Strength train regularly (at least twice per week, according to the American College of Sports Medicine): building lean muscle mass is a HUGE component of healthy aging and can help you avoid common diseases and problems associated with getting older (including falls)
  3. Exercise in a fasted state: this can boost your body’s fat-burning power, helping you reach a healthy weight
  4. Get regular sun exposure: the human body exposed to sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D, vitamin A, and melatonin.  Sun exposure can also help to balance out the body’s natural circadian rhythm (internal clock), all of which are essential for whole-body health
  5. Protect your sleep at all costs: in addition to getting early morning sunlight exposure, sleep in a cool dark room, avoid big late-night meals and excessive alcohol and caffeine intake, and stay active

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