Microwave radiation illness: Child testifies about the dangers of WiFi in schools

Microwave radiation illness: Child testifies about the dangers of WiFi in schools
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(NaturalHealth365) These days, many parents choose to provide their children with cell phones.  It’s not necessarily a bad idea, because when used properly cell phones can provide essential communication and keep children safe.  But, a question still remains: is WiFi (wireless) radiation harmful?

From cell phones and WiFi routers at home to free WiFi at schools, children are exposed to a significant amount of wireless radiation every day.  Unfortunately, many parents, schoolteachers, and guardians don’t realize the potential dangers of microwaves and wireless internet connections.

For example, just take one girl’s testimony about her experience with “microwave sickness,” aka electromagnetic sensitivity.  It will certainly make you think twice about the technology.

Child affected by WiFi radiation gives stunning testimony about her illness

These days, humans are exposed to an unprecedented amount of electromagnetic radiation. Excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation – which is hard to avoid these days thanks to free WiFi in schools, cell phones, and the ever-growing threat of 5G small cell towers – is believed to interact with the human body and lead to illnesses or disability in many cases.

Of course, more research would be helpful, but the reported symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity include headaches, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, nausea and fatigue.  And, yes, many health experts warn that children are even more at risk for these symptoms.

Lucia, a minor enrolled in a school that used WiFi – began experiencing nausea and rashes for over a year before her condition was diagnosed.  Watch Lucia tell her story – below.

According to the Environmental Health Trust, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) “recommends that the U.S. government tighten wireless exposure limits and that the public reduce children’s exposure to cell phones and other devices that emit wireless radiation.”

What to do about WiFi?  Public health officials and parents are calling for greater Ethernet usage at schools, among other tech-smart strategies

Parents, pediatricians, and other experts who are concerned about the increased use of WiFi in schools have a right to be concerned, and their call to get rid of WiFi in lieu of wired internet connections can help children – already more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation – avoid excessive exposure to this potentially harmful modern day technology.

If you want some other tips for keeping you and your family safe from wireless radiation, try these from the AAP:

  • Teach your children not to carry their phones in pockets or other anywhere else directly against their bodies.  Cell phones should be kept in purses or backpacks.
  • When possible, text instead of call, since this allows kids to use their cell phones without having to hold it close to their bodies.  Just remember: it can wait.  Never text and drive – parents, set a good example!
  • When making a call, teach your child to hold their phone at least an inch or more away from their ear.  Use speaker mode if possible, and make the calls short and essential only.
  • Teach your child how and when to turn on airplane mode on their phones. Also, teach your child to avoid using their cell phone when the device has to “work hard” to get a signal, such as in an elevator or vehicle, or anywhere with a weak signal.
  • Download movies or podcasts and then switch your device to airplane mode. This way, you can avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Ultimately, the cell phone manufacturers can not guarantee the amount of radiation you’re absorbing will be safe.  Establish some “cell phone safety” ground rules in your family, consider “unplugging” more often in your own home, and talk to your school administrators about the dangers of WiFi (microwave) radiation.

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